How Old Is Wednesday Addams In Wednesday?

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How Old Is Wednesday Addams?
Jenna Ortega As Wednesday Addams

Being one of the most popular series at present, Wednesday has been attracting much more fans than any of the previous movies or series could. More people are becoming aware of the eccentric characters, and with an increase in fascination, curiosity soon follows.

Wednesday Addams is the strange monochrome daughter of the Addams Family, that’s made up of Morticia and Gomez Addams and their children, Wednesday and Pugsley. In another version, they also have a younger sibling that goes by the name of Pubert. 

In the recent adaptation of The Addams Family, seen in the Netflix show Wednesday, Jenna Ortega takes up the role of Wednesday. She’s portrayed as a gothic, fun-hating, and a sarcastic teenage girl with interest in everything morbid. 

This adaptation was also the product of the years-long attempts of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to finally be able to cast Tim Burton as one of the executive producers. Tim Burton had been asked previously to work on the family, but due to schedule incompatibility and differences in choices, he couldn’t be a part of them. This is why the current adaptation is special, although the previous ones have their charm.

How Old Is Wednesday Addams?
Wednesday Talking To The Thing (Credits: Netflix)

Wednesday Addams: History Behind The Character

This young little girl was first seen in the works of Charles Addam. He was responsible for creating short comics based on The Addams Family, although he hadn’t named them yet. It was around the time that the characters got adapted for a series that they finally got names of their own.

Wednesday had always been portrayed as a small, introverted, strange, and dark child who kept a spider as a pet. In the comics, she was designed to have two dark pigtails with dark clothes. In the 1964 series, she was played by the actress Lisa Loring who has similar traits to the comics.

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How Old Is Wednesday Addams?
Wednesday in The 1991 Film, The Addams Family

However, in the cartoon adaptations of the family, Wednesday and other characters were portrayed in a much more child-friendly way, but Wednesday’s spider never left her side. She was shown wearing pink clothes and often bullying her younger sibling, Pugsley.

In the 1991 and 1993 movies of The Addams Family, Christina Ricci was chosen as the actress behind Wednesday. She gave an iconic performance that depicted the true nature of Wednesday to a larger audience.

Netflix announced earlier this year about it would be making a show on Wednesday, and when it was finally released on November 23rd, 2022, it became one of the most talked about shows on social media. This was because the character was much more relevant now and was a part of a show themed on high school students. 

How Old Is Wednesday Addams?

How Old Is Wednesday Addams On Wednesday?

In the series, we see Wednesday starting her life in Nevermore Academy, meaning she was around the age most high Schoolers are. She is portrayed to be 16 years old in the show, along with many others from her class who are said to be in the same age group.

Jenna Ortega, the actress playing the role, is around 20 years old and was born in 2002. She admits the role was not something she expected and although she was reluctant to play it at first, her getting the role was meant to happen. She recalls often being compared to the morbid character while she was growing up.

How Old Is Wednesday Addams?
Wednesday and Morticia Addams (Credits: Netflix)

With the help of Colleen Atwood, the costume designer, the producers were able to give Jenna a perfect look that would stand out from the previous adaptations while also being similar in some ways. 

Wednesday: Quick Summary

Revolving around Wednesday Addams’ life, the series is based on the adventure she had when her school changed, and she ended up meeting all kinds of mysterious students. Nevermore Academy is home to all kinds of creatures and people with superpowers.

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The principal herself is a shapeshifter and enforces inclusive rules for the students of this academy. Her time at the academy turns out to be more interesting than she hoped, with her coming across a monster that seems to be killing people around the academy and its nearby town.

Along with her roommate Enid and other students at her school, she must uncover the secrets of the mortifying monster before she falls prey to it. The 8-episode show is available to watch through Netflix.

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