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How Old Is Tyler From Wednesday?

How Old Is Tyler From wednesday?
(Credits: Netflix)

The show Wednesday has been the buzz lately, and people have wanted to know more about the characters and their real lives outside the screen. Tyler Galpin, one of the main focuses of the series, seems to be having all eyes on him, especially after people know about his role in the show. This article does have spoilers for Wednesday, so read with caution.  

Since this is the only adaptation where Jericho and Nevermore academy is seen, Tyler’s presence was not seen in any other movies or series. In the show, he is shown to be a calm yet confused barista who ends up befriending Wednesday while he is at the Weathervane Café. As the plot moves forward, Tyler’s true identity slowly comes to light.

Tyler is the only child of Sheriff Donovan Galpin, and their relationship seems to be complicated and messy. The reason could be the fact that Donovan always hid the truth of how Francoise Galpin (Tyler’s mom) died. It traumatizes Tyler, and he is later shown to be taking therapy sessions.

How Old Is Tyler From wednesday?

(Credits: Netflix)

Wednesday was first seen on Netflix on November 23, 2022. Although many were excited to see The Addams Family being brought back to life, the actual story of the first season remained fairly hidden and was only revealed after its release. That’s when viewers were greeted by characters like Enid, Tyler, and Xavier, who all played vital and interesting roles in the show.

Hunter Doohan: The Actor Behind Tyler

This Arkansas Born actor is the face behind Tyler Galpin. In real life, Tyler is 28 years old and just got married earlier this year in June. His husband is Fielder Jewett, a producer. Hunter had always wanted to be an actor, and when he was finally old enough, he took up a job at a casting company in Los Angeles. 

His breakthrough was after he started starring in TV series. This includes roles on the show Truth Be Told and Your Honor. Wednesday’s Tyler Galpin is the third major role he received. Doohan has talked about The Addams Family being one of his favorite shows growing up. 

How Old Is Tyler From wednesday?

Tyler Galpin, Portrayed by Hunter Doohan (Credits: Netflix)

Hunter’s role and acting have been appreciated by many, but people also feel he was too old to be cast alongside Jenna, who is almost a decade younger than him. Nonetheless, his youthful features hid the fact, and most viewers would assume he was about 21 or 22. 

How Old Is Tyler From Wednesday?

Although the series never talks about his age, we can easily guess the range by using clues the show provides throughout the episodes. We see that Tyler works at a café named Weathervane. He is only able to work there as a part-time employee. He also can drive but is old enough to be grounded by his father.

In a particular scene, we see Xavier mentioning Tyler, implying that both of them could be around the same age. Based on the clues, we can assume his age to be about 17-19 years old. His father prevents him from meeting Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), which could mean his actual age could be at the farther end of the range.

Wednesday: Tyler’s Significance

Tyler plays a major role in the show but cannot be tagged as the main antagonist. Before Wednesday even knew about him, He was taking therapy sessions to get over the sadness from his mother’s death. This was also the reason he had a terrible relationship with his father, Donovan.

How Old Is Tyler From wednesday?

Donovan Galpin, Tyler’s Father (Credits: Netflix)

Somewhere along the way, Tyler gets involved with Marilyn Thornhill. Marilyn had been feeding Tyler all sorts of cocktails to bring out Tyler’s hidden form, which was that of a Hyde. She makes him kill various people to further her plans, and though he doesn’t like it at first, his monster instinct kicks in, and he starts enjoying the job.

Over the 8 episodes, Tyler kills approximately 6 people and injures a few others. He also frames Xavier to hide his true identity. Wednesday and Tyler develop a romantic relationship, but it doesn’t last for long and remains only as a kiss, as Wednesday finds out that he was Hyde all along. 

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