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Wednesday Netflix Season 2: Renewal, Plot & Cast

Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date & Cast
Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date

Are you done with season 1 of the coming-of-age Netflix Comedy series, and are you in search of Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date & Cast? We got you!! Follow us along till the very end, and we will fill your brain with every detail, Netflix has provided to date, related to its Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date & Cast. But first, let us take a close look at the recap of Season One of Wednesday.

A recently premiered, Wednesday, is another television series from Netflix, into the coming to age supernatural horror comedy shelf. The series is based on one of the main characters of another highly popular fantasy series, The Addams Family. The title character of the story, Wednesday Addams, is portrayed by Jenna Ortega, whom you might know from the 2014’s Cartoon Network comedy-drama series, Jane the Virgin. 

Long-running Superman’s prequel television series Smallville creator, Alfred Gough and his co-creator Miles Millar, are among the main producers and creators of the show. The series had eight episodes, among which four has been directed by Tim Burton, who is previously known for his work in the 1990’s Edward Scissorhands and  The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was released in 1993.  Tim is also the executive producer of Wednesday Season 1.

Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date

As the shoe has recently premiered, that is why there is not any answer to the question, Will There Be a Wednesday Netflix Season 2? at least for now. If the First Season of Wednesday does not get an enormous response from the audience, and unless Netflix receives a shocking view count on their site from their monthly subscribers within the two weeks of Wednesday’s release, Netflix may stay unspoken on the future plans of Wednesday, and we will not hear anything about the Wednesday Season 2, which Netflix always does with the series. 

But if The Addams Family Spin-off, Wednesday gets an outstanding response from the audience throughout the world, it is quite possible that Netflix will announce Wednesday Season 2, sooner than we expect. It might take a few months, just like we witnessed with The Sandman, Netflix recently announced the production news related to The Sandman Season 2, some months after the premiere of Season 1.

This is also possible that we could have to wait for a year to get any news from Netflix regarding Wednesday Season 2. But let us just hope that is not the case here.

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Who Would Be in the Cast of Wednesday Season 2?

The Second Season of the Netflix Comedy Drama Series, would of course have our young and beautiful Jenna Ortega who portrayed the title character of the show, Wednesday Addams. In addition to her, we also can assume that the other main characters from Season 1, will join us in the sequel, Wednesday Season 2.

Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date & Cast

A Still From Wednesday Netflix

We can assume seeing characters in Wednesday Season 2 like Enid portrayed by Emma Myers, Bianca portrayed by Joy Sunday, Xavier portrayed by Percy Hynes White, Sheriff Galpin portrayed by Jamie McShane, and the “Hand” of the magician, Thing portrayed by Victor Dorobantu.

Other than these, we can also expect to see the remaining family members of the Addams Family, including Morticia, portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gomez portrayed by Luis Guzmán, Uncle Fester portrayed by Fred Armisen, Pugsley portrayed by Isaac Ordonez and Lurch portrayed by George Burcea.

We can also expect a new big role in the Wednesday Season 2, yes you guessed it right, Xavier’s father. As we all noticed, the big-shot famous person could make his appearance in the next season.

Wednesday Netflix Season 2 Release Date & Cast

A Still From Wednesday Netflix

This was all about, who would be in the next sequel of the comedy-drama show, Wednesday, now let us take a look at the list of characters who will not be in the next plot.

We witnessed that, two characters were killed by Hyde and the real Laurel Gates, they were Principal Larissa Weems portrayed by Gwendoline Christie and Dr Valerie Kinbott portrayed by Riki Lindhome. In addition to that, after Wednesday was done with Marilyn Thornhill, we really did not know what had happened to her. So, the appearance of Marilyn in Wednesday Season 2, is in the air.

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