Will There Be Doctor Strange 3? Expected Plot And Cast

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Will There Be Doctor Strange 3 Expected Release Date, Plot, And Casts
Will There Be Doctor Strange 3 Expected Release Date, Plot, And Casts

Will there be Doctor Strange 3? After receiving many responses worldwide, this question must be in your head. Therefore, today in this article, we will be taking our focus to one question, which is Will there be Doctor Strange 3? Apart from this, we will also be giving a brief description of the casts of Doctor Strange 3 and the related information.

Doctor Strange debuted on the screen as a superhero in the year 2016. Since then, it has become the favorite marvel superhero of many. Recently the second part of Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, was released. After which every superhero fan asks, will there be Doctor Strange 3? Continue your reading to get the answer to your question.

Will There Be Doctor Strange 3?

Although the second part of Doctor Strange suggests that there will be another part to it. The release of Doctor Strange has not been confirmed. But this does not mean that it will not arrive. There are a lot of comic stories in Marvel comics on which Doctor Strange 3 can base. And if we see logically, then there is no reason for ending the franchise.

Like all the Marvel superhero movies, Doctor Strange will also arrive with its part 3. Therefore, the answer to your question is, will there be Doctor Strange 3? Yes, you will get to see it sometime in the future.


Release Date of Doctor Strange 3

The first part of Doctor Strange was released in 2016, while the second episode was released in 2022. The reason for this much delay was COVID-19. But we don’t think that Doctor Strange 3 will consume this much time and release somewhere sooner than Doctor Strange 2 was released after Doctor Strange.

However, because there is no confirmed news on whether Doctor Strange will arrive or not, there is no official release date as of now. But don’t worry. We will keep updating you with the information related to Doctor Strange 3 right here on Otakukart.


Casts of Doctor Strange 3

Because there is no information on whether Doctor Strange 3 will arrive or not, we are not aware of the future casts. But with the help of some guesswork, we can provide you with some names.

The first is Benedict Cumberbatch. The reason why we think he will return next season is that he is Doctor Strange. This British actor gained a lot of popularity and recognition after doing Doctor Strange. Another reason is that he, too, confirmed that he would keep playing the character of Doctor Strange until interesting stories came to him. He has no intention to back up from the movie.

In an interview, he tells that he still got a lot of excitement about playing the character of Doctor Strange and is very much eager to continue the adventure with him.

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Other Casts

As you know, the release gap between Doctor Strange 1 and Doctor Strange 2 is quite big, but to make sure that Doctor Strange does not fade away from the memories of fans, Marvel gave him several roles in superhero movies, for instance, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

However, there were enough unanswered questions in the series. And for this reason, we think that almost all the casts of Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness will appear in Doctor Strange 3.

For instance, Charlize Theron, who was the love interest of Doctor Strange 2, will return in Doctor Strange 3. The story of Doctor Strange 2 was left unsaid in which she played an important role. To complete the story of part 2, she definitely will appear in Doctor Strange 3. The person who played the character of America Chavez is Xochitl Gomez. We think that she too will appear in Doctor Strange 3. In an interview, she said that she would love to work with Doctor Strange again and that she is excited about it.

Doctor Strange 3 Plot

The plot of Doctor Strange 3 is hidden in the plot of Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). There are many mysteries in Doctor Strange 2 which were solved at the end of the film, while there are some which were left unanswered. Even if we want to find the answer, we will be threading needles wearing boxing kits. For this reason, we think that there will be Doctor Strange 3.

The first thing that Doctor Strange 3 should base on is solving the mystery behind the changed appearance of Doctor Strange. As we have seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, to control his alternate self, Doctor Strange uses the Darkhold, after which he gains a third eye on his forehead. And because of this, we saw his changed behavior. Therefore, there are possibilities that Doctor Strange 3 would be based on answering the question regarding the changed appearance and behavior of Doctor Strange.

Apart from this one, in a mid-credit scene, Clea (Charlize Theron), a sorcerer, niece of Dormammu, and Doctor Strange’s wife-to-be, was seen fixing an incursion caused by him. It was not revealed what kind of incursion Doctor Strange had caused but it must be problematic enough that she alone could not handle it and had to call another sorcerer. Therefore, it is very likely that Doctor Strange 3 would again take place in a multiverse environment. 

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Director of Doctor Strange 3

Not just on the plot, there is also a curtain over the director’s name. It is expected that the director of Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, Sam Raimi, will once again be returning with another part. However, for some reason, if he backs up from directing Doctor Strange 3, then Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson expressed his interest in directing Doctor Strange. So, there’s a probability that he might direct the next Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Explained

Doctor Strange, accompanied by America Chavez, while traveling the space between the space, gets chased by a demon, and it kills Doctor Strange. After this, Chavez accidentally opens a portal to Earth – 616. After thinking for a while, she transported herself and the corpse of Doctor Strange there. There she met another version of Doctor Strange, and when asked, she told him that the demon is after her because she possessed the ability to travel to different universes.

Doctor Strange of Earth – 616 asks Wanda Maximoff if she knows the demon, but is amazed to know that Maximaff is the demon and wants to take all the powers of Chavez so that she could meet Billy and Tommy. She created Billy and Tommy while she was in Westview. To protect themselves from Maximoff, Chavez creates a portal to Earth – 838. With the help of Darkholds, Maximoff dream-walk to take control over her counterpart who lives on Earth – 838 with Billy and Tommy. But one powerful sorceress destroys the Darkhold, and the dream-walk of Maximoff stops in the middle. 

Doctor Strange in the Mutiverse of Madness
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

There is a secret society on Earth-838 called Illuminati. This society, after watching the harmful nature of triggered Doctor Strange, decided to kill him along with Earth-616’s Doctor Strange. But before the members of the Illuminati group could pass judgment, Maximoff took the body of her counterpart on Earth-838 and destroyed each member of the society, leaving Mordo. With the help of the counterpart of Christine Palmer, Doctor Strange and Chavez escape Earth-838. 

Doctor Strange’s Third Eye

Chavez, along with Doctor Strange and Palmer, starts finding the Book of Vishanti, which is the antidote to Darkhold. Before they can succeed in their motive, Maximoff arrives and takes control of Chavez’s mind. But Strange protected her and asked her to help Maximoff meet Billy and Tommy. She then destroys everything related to Darkhold. This process took her life as well. In the last scene, before the return of Palmer to Earth-838, Doctors Strange shares with her that he still is in love with Palmer. But he ain’t got no courage to tell her. 

While using the power of Darkhold, Doctor Strange gets one more eye on his forehead. One of the sorceresses tells him that his action resulted in the opening of an incursion, and he has to help her fix it. After this, the sorceress takes him into the Dark Dimension. This dimension was inhibited by Dormammu.

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