When Can We Expect Star Trek Picard Season 3 To Release?

star trek picard
'Star Trek Picard'

All the drama and sci-fi fans gear up as the Season 3 of Star Trek Picard is on its way! The second season of this series wrapped up on 5th May 2022. This season followed up to save the galaxy in the year 2024, while all of Picard and his mates are stuck in the year 2401. The fans are wondering about what will happen in the next season of this super hit sci-fi series and are curious to know the release date of Star Trek Picard Season 3.

The sci-fi series ‘Star Trek Picard’ is rightly named as it is a star-loaded series. The star cast of the series includes Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, Alison Pill, Evan Evagora, as well as many other superstars in the supporting roles. Their commendable performance adds more brilliance to this series. The second season of Star Trek Picard premiered on 3rd March in 2022. This season revolved around transferring the consciousness of Jean Luc Picard into a synthetic body after his death. Without wasting another minute, let us dive right into the release date of Star Trek Picard Season 3.

star trek picard season 3 release date
‘Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Picard’

Star Trek Picard Season 2 Recap

The sci-fi TV series Star Trek Picard has been an all-time favorite of the fans since its release back in the year 2020. The second season of the series was full of zigzags and received immense appreciation from the fans. But some of the fans found season one of Star Trek Picard more worth watching. However, the season concluded with emotional devastation and a thud. Let us dive into the recap of the second season of Star Trek Picard!

Borg Queen Appears At A Distortion

The second season starts with a banging entry of a new Borg character. She appears in space-time. Signals are sent to Picard, and he takes the captain along with him on board. The Borg queen wants to rule the complete armada. At the same time, all of Picard’s mates beg him to destroy the Star Gazer before it harms them. A few milliseconds before the explosion, the crew comes back to the planet by the grace of Q.

Elnor Gets Killed

Jean Luc Picard wakes up to a horrible dream. The Alpha Quadrant is no longer independent. It is conquered by the Confederation. Also, they have trapped some aliens. Q tries to explain to Picard that humanity never vanished from the planet. La Sirena’s clan tries to evacuate the Borg queen as they see her as the only ray of light to get access to time travel so that they can fix their past. During this evacuation, Magistrate shoots down Elnor, and his last breaths are in the arms of Raffi.

star trek picard season 3 release date
Visual from Star Trek Picard

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The Battle Between The Borg Queen And Jurati

The season’s mid takes a huge bump when the clan splits to leap forward in time. Rios is injured and contacts a doctor named Teresa. On the other hand, things do not seem fine at the end of Jurati and the Borg Queen. A new addition comes into the picture, Adam Soong, along with his daughter Kore. Adam Soong’s daughter has a peculiar immune disease. She cannot leave their shielded house and step into the outside world. Q comes with a deal to Adam Soong that he will cure his daughter Kore only if he refrains from starting the space launch.

The Watcher Resembles Someone Familiar To Picard

The only hope to save the galaxy is the event Europa Mission. One of the ancestors of Picard, Renée Picard, discovers a microbe that can help to transform humanity. The Watcher was associated with her to keep her protected from other clans. Picard gets astonished on seeing The Watcher. Tallinn, The Watcher, resembles Laris, Picard’s Romulan housekeeper, so much that he cannot take his eyes off her.

The Farewell

The second season of Star Trek Picard ends at a pinnacle of emotions. The clan of La Sirena and The Watcher, Tallinn, convince them to stop Adam Soong from launching, but they do not see any positive signs. On the other end, Adam Soong is on his way to kill Picard’s ancestor, Renée Picard. And the most awestruck moment was that Picard’s doubt was true. Tallinn did not only have the resemblance of the housekeeper but was Romulan. She reveals her identity to Renée Picard and describes herself as her angel in disguise. But due to confusion, she does not meet the real Renée Picard as Soong had poisoned her. The space launch starts, and ‘The Watcher, Tallinn’ dies.

Tallinn from Star Trek Picard Season 2

At the end of the Season, Q expresses that Picard has always remained his favorite. Picard, Seven, and Raffi return to the Star Gazer, and Jurati becomes the new Queen and raises a toast for celebration.

The Star Trek Picard series has classic cinematography, phenomenal performances as well as great picturization. In case you dig out for the sci-fi genre and short-format series, then this one has to be your next watch!

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Star Trek Picard Season 3 Release Date

The fans are brimming with excitement because of the news that there will be a third season of the Star Trek Picard series. The release date of Star Trek Picard Season 3 is not yet confirmed. But it is most likely going to release at the beginning of the year 2023. According to the sources, the filming of season three was done simultaneously at the shooting time of the second season. Yes, you heard that right! The shooting of some scenes of the third season is already done by the filming crew and the makers. However, the team wants sufficient time between both seasons. The sad news for the fans is that they will bid goodbye to this series after its third season, as it is going to be the finale of the Star Trek Picard series.

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Star Trek Picard Season 3 Cast Members

The fans are expecting the star cast of the Star Trek Picard series to remain the same in the third season as well. However, we will see many familiar faces in the next season and can hope for some additions to the star cast in the third season of Star Trek Picard. Let us dig into the details of the cast members of Star Trek Picard Season 3, shall we?

Watching the finale of the second season of Star Trek Picard, we can assure that Patrick Stewart, the main man of the series, will be returning as Jean Luc Picard in the third season as well. His acting and expressions throughout the series are commendable. Patrick is the sailor of the ship of the series.

While apart from Patrick, Evan Evagora playing the role of Elnor, will also be seen back in action in the third season. Also, Patrick announced that many classic additions from the Star Trek: The Next Generation will be making an appearance in the finale series of the Star Trek Picard.

star cast of star trek picard series
Star Cast of Star Trek Picard series

Jeri Ryan will also be blessing us with the presence of Seven of Nine in the finale season of the sci-fi series ‘Star Trek Picard’. However, Alison Pill has confirmed in an interview that Agnes Jurati will not be coming in the last season. There is a doubt regarding the coming back of Santiago Cabrera as well. He was not seen much in the second season of Star Trek Patrick. The rest of the mysteries will only be revealed once the third season hits our TV screens!

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Watch Star Trek Picard Season 3 Online – Streaming Details

All the seasons of the TV series Star Trek Picard streamed on the CBS Network, exclusively available in the United States of America. However, the sci-fans in the rest of the world were happy with the series’ simultaneous release on Paramount+ as well as on Amazon Prime Video. In Canada, the seasons were also released on a TV Network named Bell Media. Season 1 and 2 of the sci-fi series had 10 episodes each, so the third season is expected to have 10 episodes, following the pattern of the other two seasons.

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