Why is One Piece 1048 on a break? Golden Week Break Explained

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If you ask me about the best time to be a One Piece fan, I would say Now With each chapter, One Piece is moving towards the conclusion. In that, One Piece has gone for the Golden Week Break. The most awaited battle between Luffy and Kaidou and breaking all the existing records in terms of popularity and sales. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer for the next chapter of One Piece as there is a holiday this week in Japan due to a very special event, also known as Golden Week. In this article, we will know about the Golden Week Break that is affecting the One Piece Manga and its significance. Make sure to read this article till the end.

What is Golden Week?

Golden Week is a very special week in Japan which is celebrated from 29 April to early May and all the days of this week have a holiday due to special fests. This week is also known as Ogata Renkyu in the native language of Japan. If we talk about the list of Holidays, on 29th April, Showa day is celebrated, on 3 May, there’s the Constitution Memorial day, on 4th May, and finally, there is the Children’s Day on 5th May. Many of the manga and other production work remains suspended these days and the same thing happened with One Piece manga. The Golden Week Break has pushed One Piece Chapter 1048 further.

 Golden Week Break
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The History Behind The Golden Week?

Now, the question that will come to your mind is, Why is it named Golden Week? What’s Golden here? There is a whole lot of history behind this terminology. This trend started back in 1948 with a total of nine days of holidays. Many leisure industries like sports, cinema, etc. recorded a great spike in their growth and revenue. One such film, Jiyu Gakko gained a lot of viewership and revenue due to this Golden Week so the excited Managing Director of the production house declared this week as the Golden Week on a popular Japanese radio channel, Golden Time. Since then, this week is known as Golden Week.

 Golden Week Break
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Golden Week In Modern Time:

Japanese people celebrate this week with their family, friends, lover, etc. Most of the companies remain shut and hence, people usually hang out and chill this weekend. This week is also beneficial for the Hotels, Railways, Flights, and leisure industries. It is also seen that the flights, hotels, and trains remain fully booked these days so you can have a rough idea about the rush and hustle-bustle. You can enjoy the existing and upcoming chapters of One Piece Manga here on Mangaplus.

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