Park Bom’s Net Worth: What are the Earnings of Former 2NE1 Member?

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Park Bom's net worth
Park Bom

With the recent reunion stage of the former band 2NE1 in Coachella, the iconic girl group is trending again. With all the buzz around each member of the quartet, fans have been curious about a lot of things. Since the group was so popular in the 2010s, the group earned big bucks with their bestselling albums. You might be curious about how much the members might have accumulated over these years. We’ll discuss member Park Bom’s net worth and her earnings over the years.

Park Bom or Bom as she’s known by her stage name, was born in Seoul but attended middle school in the States. She came back to South Korea to join the K-Pop industry and was selected by YG Entertainment. The selection took her 3 long auditions for the company. She has done some sol0 work in the industry before becoming a part of 2NE1. She has also been embroiled in controversies, and we’ll come to that later. First, let’s look at how much money the idol has made over the span of 12 years as an idol and a soloist.

What is Park Bom’s Net Worth?

Park Bom’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. With this 8 figure worth of royalty, she’s one of the wealthiest female K-pop idol. A lot of this money amount from the physical and digital sales of her music. 2NE1 was the hot thing in their days, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say the girl group paved way for other female badass groups. The group has topped the Billboard charts many times, and that gave way to their global popularity. Their concerts had millions of audiences too, and concerts ain’t cheap, so a lot of earning come from that too.

Apart from music, since 2NE1 was so popular, they received a lot of endorsements deals too. Along with this, Bom has appeared in advertisements for Samsung in the early days of her career. They even released a song for its promotion, “Try to follow me”. Some other big names include Fila, Nikon, Intel Korea, and Adidas. It’s not shocking the girls had so many big companies wrapped around their fingers. Everyone wanted to have the girls as their brand ambassadors for obvious reasons.

Park Bom net worth
Park Bom

Park Bom’s career and life during and after 2NE1

The singer had earned a lot of love and fans during her time promoting as a member of 2NE1. The group had collaborated with big names like Big Bang even before their debut. She was the main vocalist of the group. Just after their debut, they became the first rookie group to have won the grand award. Bom also managed to have a solo career along with her group activities. Her first solo song, “You & I” was one of the best-selling singles in the K-Pop industry. Things were really good for the group and for Bom.

But in 2014, she got entangled in a controversy when she received a parcel from her relatives in the US. The parcel contained amphetamine tablets. Bom has had a diagnosis of ADHD, and these tablets were prescribed to her by a doctor in the States. Nevertheless, the drugs were illegal in South Korea and hence cause a lot of scandals. Bom had withdrawn herself from any further activities. Soon after in 2015, 2NE1 had their last performance as a group on MAMA in Hong Kong. The group officially disbanded in 2016.

Park Bom's net worth
2NE1 performs at MAMA 2015

After much inactivity, she announced in 2018 about signing a contract with D-Nation. In 2019, Bom released her first single album “Spring” and it charted as high as number two on Billboard in its entry week. Moreover, she has released songs for the 2019 K-Drama OST of Perfume. Park also participated in the very popular survival show Queendom in 2019. After a year-long break, Bom came back with more solo music like “Red Light”, “Do Re MI Fa Sol” and her recent release “Flower”.

All her accomplishments and the popularity Bom has even after 2NE1 disbanded proves her charisma. Even after all the controversies, she made a successful comeback, and truly her net worth might even go higher in the next few years.

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