Who Is Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter? The Last Survivor of The Kurta Clan

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Who is Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter
Who is Kurapika?

Let’s talk about who Kurapika is from Hunter x Hunter. We’ll also talk about why he’s an important part of the story. Over the years, many anime became famous and were loved by fans for their content. The reason for those was most likely the engaging story and its badass characters. One of those anime was Hunter x Hunter also known as the best anime of all time. The way Hunter x Hunter portrayed its cast of characters on screen was truly exceptional. Might it be the Villains or Side characters, everyone stole the show. Here we’ll talk about one of those characters who was the heart of the anime, Kurapika. There can’t be any fans of Hunter x Hunter who don’t hold this character’s tragic past to heart. Let’s talk about all this detail.

Hunter x Hunter is created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story is set in a world where adventurers are set on a journey to become hunters, as it is known as one of the most highly acclaimed posts. To become a hunter, one must pass a hunter exam filled with many deadly opponents and obstacles. In the center of it all is Gon, a young boy who wants to become a Hunter so that he can meet his estranged father. During his Journey of Hunter Exam, Gon makes many new allies and Friends, one of them being Kurapika. How will his journey prevail? Will he ever be able to meet his father and become a full-fledged Hunter? Well, watch the Hunter x Hunter anime to find out. Here are all the details about who is Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter.

Who Is Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika is one of the main characters from Hunter x Hunter. In appearance, Kurapika has an average short height with Blonde hair and Brown Eyes. He normally likes to wear a Full Body Training Suit, and sometimes his appearance makes him look like a Girl. The First impression of Gon towards Kurapika was of an introverted person who doesn’t like to talk to others. But Gon’s personality and friendly behavior brought out the friend in Kurapika. Due to Kurapika’s heinous past, he normally keeps his distance as he has his own goal to achieve. He decides to help his friends when they are in danger and will crush anyone to death if they harm them.

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Who is Kurapika - Kurapika scarlet Eyes
Kurapika’s Scarlet Eyes

His life is filled with a Revenge Saga Journey that leads him to commit many villainous acts toward the culprits of his sufferings. Throughout his whole Journey, Kurapika has learned many things and has started to appreciate the meaning of life. It was all due to the love and support his friends gave him, even when he inevitably abandoned them. At one point in time, he even put his revenge on hold to fend off his friends and help them. His journey was filled with regret and loneliness, but what does it hold for him in the end? Well, watch Hunter x Hunter anime to find out.

What Was Kurapika’s Past In Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika was born in the Kurta Clan and resided in the forest where his Clan was secluded. Kurta Clan was a race of people who had Red Scarlet eyes and were mostly feared by other humans as the Red-Eyed Monster. Kurapika doesn’t know any knowledge about the Outside world and the Hunters. But one day, when he and his best friend Pairo saved a life of an outsider, she gave them a book about the adventures of the Hunters in the outside world. Reading about the Hunters fires something inside Kurapika, and he decides to become a Hunter himself. His desire to visit the outside world was rejected at first by the Head of the Clan. But later, seeing the determination in Kurapika’s eyes, he decides to let him go if he excels at a test that he has decided for him.

Who is Kurapika - Kurapika Past
Kurapika’s Past

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The test was to go shopping in the outside world for a day without letting anyone be suspicious of his identity and not reveal his red scarlet eyes. After successfully passing the test, he was permitted to go to the hunter Exams. Everyone gathered to wish him good luck on his journey, but little did he know that it was the last time that he would be meeting them all. Then, a week later, he gets the news that the entirety of the Kurta Clan has been wiped out by the bandits known as Phantom Troupe. They massacred all of the Kurta Clan’s Members and sold their eyes off on Black Market. Hearing this news, Kurapika vows to arrest every member of the Phantom Troupe.

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What Are Kurapika’s Abilities In Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika is known to equip many unique power abilities and immense strength. The world of Hunter x Hunter has many Nen (Manipulation technique of Inner Spirit) users and among them is Kurapika, who is famous for using all Six Nen techniques incorporated into one. His main technique is of a conjurer, which gives him the ability to create objects out of thin air.

Who is Kurapika - powers
Kurapika’s Power

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Aside from Nen abilities, his intellectual capability is also very unique when compared to other characters. He has outsmarted many of his deadly opponents, and his predictions never go wrong during a fight. His thrust for vengeance toward Phantom Troupers has given him the courage to push his abilities beyond his limit to gain immense powers.

What Are Kurapika’s Conjure Chain Abilities?

The Weapon he uses to defend himself and defeat his opponents is the Conjure Weapon of Five chains that incorporates from his Right hand on each finger.

  • Index Finger Chain

This Chain’s main ability is to steal the Nen Powers of the user it has attacked. Using this ability gives Kurapika full control of other Nen users’ power, and he can easily loan that power to someone else or use it for himself.

  • Middle Finger Chain

This Chain’s main ability is to restrain the user to which it has attached itself. By using this ability, Kurapika can easily restrain anyone in his web of chains and make them his prisoner. The only way to escape from these chains is if the user has immense strength, which in many cases doesn’t occur much, and many become the victim of the Kurapika Middle Finger Chain.

 Kurapika Chain Abilities
Kurapika’s Chain Abilities
  • Ring Finger Chain

This Chain’s main ability is to defend and strike under normal fighting circumstances. The chain has a small ball at the end, which gives Kurapika the power to determine if someone is lying or not and also the location of a missing person. Kurapika uses this chain very often due to his work as a Blacklist Hunter.

  • Little Finger Chain

This Chain ability is one of the deadliest chain abilities of Kurapika. He uses this chain very rarely. A small blade is incorporated at the end of this chain. When Kurapika uses this technique, the chain itself enters the targeted user’s body and wraps around their heart. Kurapika then gives the user an order, and if that particular order is violated, the user will inevitably die as the Chain will pierce through their heart.

  • Thumb Chain

This chain ability gives Kurapika the power to heal any wounds. He can even heal a fractured arm by using this chain. He often uses this chain on himself or his companions during a fight.

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Is Kurapika’s Character Inspired By Sasuke of Naruto Anime?

The one question that comes to every Hunter x Hunter and Naruto anime fan’s mind is about the character resemblance between Kurapika and Sasuke. Both characters’ drive for revenge and their sad past is what accumulate the similarities between them. And fans can’t seem to get out of the debate about whose character was copied from whom. Is Sasuke copied from Kurapika, or is it the opposite? Well, here is what we know.

 Kurapika Hunter x Hunter - Kurapika and Sasuke
Kurapika and Sasuke

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The creator of Naruto Manga, Masashi Kishimoto, said in one of his interviews that he is a big fan of Togashi’s work and respects him dearly. He also confirmed that one of the main characters, Sasuke, was inspired by the two main characters of the Hunter x Hunter manga Kurapika and Killua.

When Can We See Kurapika Again In Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika was last seen at the Succession Contest Arc, where his goal was to recover the last remnants of his clan’s eyes from the Fourth Prince Tserriednich, who is from the greatest Mafia Family in Kakin’s Underworld. Kurapika was also engaged in various hunter activities. Hunter x Hunter has become one of the longest-running Hiatus manga of all time.

Kurapika Hunter x Hunter

But now as the return of Hunter x Hunter manga has been announced by the creators, many fans are expecting their favorite character Kurapika to Return. What will be his journey ahead? Will Kurapika finally fulfill his goal or meet his demise? Well, let’s wait for the next chapters to drop.

Watch Hunter x Hunter Anime Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Hunter x Hunter anime (2011 version) on the Netflix Streaming site.

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