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Who is Casey White Dating? What is the Relation With the Dead Prison Guard?

Casey White and Vicky White
Who was Casey Dating and how he is related to Vicky White?

What do we know about Casey White’s dating life? Was Casey White dating ex-prison guard Vicky White? Casey White is a criminal who has a huge criminal record. Since 2012, he got arrested so many times because of his illegal actions. He is known for murdering so many innocent people, trafficking drugs, and robbery as well. His first arrest warrant was in 2012 when he was caught up beating his brother in the face and head with an ax-sledgehammer handle. He spent at least three years behind the bars.

After he got released from jail in 2015, he again did the same crime. This time he threatened his ex-girlfriend and her sister as well. Before he killed them police again put him in jail and since then he is in jail and will be in jail for 75 years.

On the other hand, Vicky White is a former assistant director of corrections at Lauderdale County Jail who recently died at the age of 56. According to her co-workers, she was a very dedicated and a very genuine lady who was always ready to help others. And she was about to retire after serving 17 years in jail. But unfortunately, this great woman died before her retirement, and her death came out as a total shock for her co-workers and her family members.

Now the question here arises if they are not related to each other biologically then why Casey is affected by the death of Vicky.

Was Casey White dating a Prison guard?

Right before the death of Vicky White, according to the CCTV footage, Casey White was seen escaping from Lauderdale County, Alabama along with Vicky. Since then sheriffs were trying to find out where they go. But they couldn’t till the 11th day. While searching for them Sherriff and co-prisoners started doubting that there was some love angle between them otherwise why would Vicky help a criminal like Casey to escape. Everyone is assuming that Casey White was dating his prison guard.

Casey White and Vicky White

How is Casey White related to Vicky White?

And when we look out for more evidence of Casey White and Vicky White’s relationship with each other, we found that when Vicky died Casey placed a call to 911, he asked for help. Over the phone call with 911 Casey confessed that Vicky was his wife. He called 911 for help to save his wife. According to the call, we believe that Casey and Vicky got secretly married and they were dating for a long time.

But When the police reached the destination and asked about what happened and whether Vicky was his wife or not. Casey denied it by saying he was trying to save her that’s why he call Vicky his wife. But we can’t make sure that they were married to each other until we find more valid proof. So there are 50-50 chances that Casey White was dating Vicky White. Now moving further let’s flash some light on Vicky’s death, and the know-how she died.

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How did Vicky White passed away?

Everyone by now knows that Vicky White helped Casey White in escaping from the jail. And we believe that they were planning to escape for so long. And when they were finally ready with everything, car, money, guns and all, on 29 April 2022 they finally escaped.

Casey White

Casey White’s CCTV footage of escaping from prison.

Almost after 11 days on 9 May, Police received a call from Casey asking for help as his wife Vicky was dying. When police reached the destination where Vicky died, they found that Vicky killed herself with a gunshot.

But no one is ready to believe that Vicky can kill herself. Moreover, according to the police, it looks more like murder than suicide. And according to Casey’s criminal record, we have full doubt Casey killed Vicky, after receiving everything such as a car, cash, guns, and drugs, and he is trying to portray this crime scene as a suicide. But the truth has to be revealed, and we are hoping that Vicky will get justice.

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