‘Woori The Virgin Episode 4’: Who Killed Noh Man Cheol?

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Woori The Virgin Ep 4
Woori The Virgin

Woori The Virgin Episode 4 will soon be released, and fans cannot wait for it to answer all their questions. Will Woo Ri change her decision? will Lee Kang Jae and Raphel fight it out? What will happen when Woo Ri’s secret gets out? And most importantly, who killed Noh Man Cheol? Fans are waiting with hopeful eyes for Woori The Virgin Episode 4 to answer these questions. Furthermore, Woori The Virgin does not have a dull moment. Every second of the episode is either comedic, melodramatic, or romantic. And now with Noh Man Cheol dying, Woori The Virgin has added the interesting element of mystery to itself.

It seems like Noh Man Cheol’s death is related to Chairman Kim, and the amazing Lee Kang Jae is emotionally involved in this case. We have seen how Lee Kang Jae supports Oh Woo Ri no matter what she decides. It will be interesting to see how Oh Woo Ri consoles Lee Kang Jae In Woori The Virgin Episode 4. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about Woori The Virgin Ep 4.

Woori The Virgin Episode 4 Release Date

The hit kdrama series Woori The Virgin is all set to drop Ep 4 this week. Furthermore, Woori The Virgin consists of megastars such as Im Soo Hyang (When I Was The Most Beautiful, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty), Sung Hoon (Star With A Secret, I Picked Up A Star On The Road),  Shin Dong Wook (Dae Jang Geum Is Watching), and Hong Ji Yoon (My First First Love) in the lead roles. Fans cannot wait to see them again in Woori The Virgin Episode 4.

Luckily, Episode 4 of Woori The Virgin will be releasing on 17 May 2022. So far, Raphael had been very sensible during this bizarre situation of Woo Ri getting pregnant with his baby. After getting diagnosed with cancer, Raphael decides that he wants to start a family of his own and turn a new page. When he finds out that he had actually met Woo Ri a very long time ago, he thinks that this is definitely God signaling to him that Woo Ri is the woman he is meant to be with. Make sure to mark your calendars for the release date of Woori The Virgin Episode 4 if you do not want to miss out on this chaos!

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Woori The Virgin Episode 4 Release Date
Woori The Virgin cr: SBS

Watch Woori The Virgin Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

The original broadcasting network for Woori The Virgin is SBS. Additionally, the director behind Woori The Virgin is Jung Jung Hwa, who is well known for his work in My Absolute Boyfriend and Flower Boy Next Door. The screenwriter of Woori The Virgin is the brilliant Jang Ah Mi. Moreover, Woori The Virgin Episode 4 will be airing at 10 pm according to Korean Standard Time this Tuesday on SBS. For international viewers, the timings are  6:30 pm in India, 9:00 am in the US, 9:00 am in Canada, 2:00 pm in the United Kingdom, and 11:00 pm in Australia. If you wish to stream Ep 4 of Woori The Virgin online, then you can easily access it on Rakuten Viki, where it is available with subtitles in various languages.

Woori The Virgin Ep 4 Preview

Fans have very high expectations from Woori The Virgin Episode 4. The show has surprised fans by how quickly it got into the thick of things. Within the first two episodes, Woo Ri, the virgin, finds herself pregnant through artificial insemination. The baby belongs to none other than the dashing CEO of Diamond Cosmetics and Woori’s first kiss, Raphael. However, Raphael does not remember her and advises Woo Ri to take a decision that will make her happy. This calm facade, however, does not last very long when Raphael finds out that he and Woori had a thing in the past.

Woori The Virgin Episode 4 Streaming Details
Woori The Virgin cr: SBS

Will this cause a hindrance in Woori and Lee Kang Jae’s sweet relationship? This is not the only trouble awaiting Woori because it turns out that her father, who she thought was dead all along, is actually the famous actor Choi Seong Il. How will Woori overcome this shock? Find out in Woori The Virgin Ep 4!

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