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When Is Tiktok Going To Roll Out Dark Mode For Android Phones?

Here, we shall discuss when Tiktok will roll out dark mode for android phones? Well, most of us nowadays do prefer to switch it to the dark mode, be it as many applications as possible. If your mobile phone is still appearing with a white background, then you are surely backdated. Dark Mode is always an eye-saver, especially if you spend most of your time scrolling your phone.

Similarly, there was once when people got to know that Tiktok was rolling out the dark mode. Especially for Android users, switching to new features are pretty easier than the ones using iPhones. But is it the same for Tiktok Dark Mode? Let’s dive in!

Tiktok Dark Mode


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Tiktok Dark Mode: Everything to Know

It was at the beginning of 2020 when this Tiktok Dark Mode feature aroused. With immense happiness, some of the users also shared the news on their respective Twitter accounts. Before that, it was just being tested for some time. But, now that it’s official, everything is going pretty fine, except for the Android users. Yes. The platform hasn’t yet rolled out the dark mode feature. Well, there is nothing to be disappointed in for a long time. Most of the time, when you use Tiktok, you use it for either watching the videos or creating the videos. These two have nothing to do with the dark mode. The only time when the Dark Mode appears to make a change on the platform is when you poke someone or spend your time on the comments. However, don’t lose hope! It may get available real soon.

Even though Tiktok hasn’t rolled out the dark mode for android phones, you can still make it happen. How? There is a very easy step. Go to the notification bar of your device, and tap on the ‘dark mode.’ Well, in many phones, it’s also named ‘night theme’ or ‘night mode’. Clicking this will automatically turn your device dark. Let us know which one you prefer more, light mode or dark mode?

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