What is KPOP FLEX 2022? Europe’s First Ever K-Pop Mega Festival!

Europe First-Ever K-pop Mega Festival!

And here again, we’re back with the newest updates about the Korean wave. If you haven’t heard about this jaw-dropping news yet then you, our valuable audience have opened the gateway to the most astonishing yet thrilling news of the year. And for the fans who do have an idea of what we’re talking about keep scrolling down for all the detailed yet simpler versions of the details about “KPOP.FLEX”.

Lately, the K-pop industry simply does not exist as a music industry comprising of countless talented artists, it in fact has become an emotion for the fans globally. The way the fan following for all of the K-pop idols escalated in the past few years is quite remarkable. As Asians, we do know what a massive brand just the name K-pop is. But can you guys imagine it’s not only here, it exists like that in Europe as well? Amusing isn’t it?

Thus, to satisfy the piqued interest of the K-pop fans in Europe, first-time-ever a few companies knowing the huge profit it’ll amass are all set to present to you the biggest cultural festival of the year- “KPOP FLEX” that’ll be held in May. This mega-festival will also be home to some of the most captivating artworks by South Korean Boyband WINNER’s Ohnim and Yooyeon as well as solo artist Henry Lau. Not only can you take a tour through this mesmerizing gallery but also can buy the limited editions of these artworks from the main site. Continue reading for further intriguing details.

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What Is “KPOP.FLEX”?

Are you guys ready for the most spectacular and largest Korean Cultural Festival ever? Yes, you read it right not only KPOP FLEX offers you to see a live concert of your favorite Korean Idols. However, it is also an opportunity to take a tour of Asain’s many cuisines as well as European culture.

From offering street cuisine to riding through the traditional Korean games, from seeing their favorite stars perform live to actually participating in entertaining events.
“KPOP.FLEX” is destined to create in the realm of cultural events.


Following are the Important Details about KPOP FLEX!

  1. The event is going to be held for two days- the 14th and 15th of May at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany.
  2. K-Pop Europa (a collaboration between Live Company Group and Explorado Group) is organizing this first-ever K-pop multi-group concert to hit Europe in collaboration with PK Events and Korean broadcaster SBS Television Network.
  3. KPOP.FLEX will be an enthralling event that will provide fans with a wide range of options, including a “Festival Programme” that will include some amazing stage performances; an “Experience Zone” that will include K-Culture & Tourism, K-Pop, K-Plays, K-Food, and more; and, last but not least, “Fan Events” that will include contests, tournaments, and games.
  4. On Saturday (May 14th), some of the best K-pop artists and bands will play live. Kai(EXO), (G)I-DLE, IVE, Mamamoo, NCT Dream, ENHYPEN, and AB6IX will be the lineup followed by the artists.

    Final Lineup of the Live Performances
    Final Lineup of the Live Performances
  5. Whereas on Sunday, May 15th, the lineup will feature MONSTA X, AB6IX, IVE, (G)I-DLE, Oneus, Mamamoo, Dreamcatcher, and Kai (EXO).
  6. Amidst the charm of light and sound, you can also soulfully gaze at the awestruck artwork by the aforementioned k-pop artists.
  7. As of now, 80,000+ tickets for this jaw-dropping event have been sold.
  8. Given the conditions surrounding the spike in covid cases, the event will only accept fans who have been completely vaccinated.
  9. Although there seems no inconvenience as of now yet if the concert stands canceled due to increasing covid cases, the ticket holders are assured to get a refund. Whereas if it gets postponed for the same reason the tickets will be valid for the rescheduled dates.

For the native fans as well as the international ones who wouldn’t be able to make it to this once-in-a-lifetime iconic festival, don’t be disheartened as South Korea’s Original Network, SBS is all set to record the live concerts and present them to you later.

Stay tuned to Otakukart for further updates!

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