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What Episode Does Zoro Get Shusui? All The Swords’ Powers

Episode Zoro Get Shusui

Zoro has been on the headlines lately now that he is proving to be the MVP on the rooftop fight, with Law serving a supporting role. This will reveal the Episode Zoro Get Shusui. For those who have been Zoro’s fans, things could not get any better than they are as his rival, Sanji, is still stuck with Black Maria. So this time, we will be looking at which episode does Zoro get Shusui as it seems to be amongst the most powerful swords he has wielded.

Zoro’s recent popularity is mainly because of the current plot that the anime is exploring. We know most fans have seen this in the manga. But the animation part thereof is on the next level because of sound effects and the colored version of the plot. We haven’t seen Kaidou scared so far in the anime. But his reaction when he sensed Oden’s presence in Zoro’s swords was something we never expected.

Shisui is one of the cursed swords, and on top of that, it is also a black grade sword. To understand more about swords and grade swords in One Piece, you can check them out on One Piece Grade Swords Explained. Currently, Zoro carries three swords as usual, but immediately when he gets to Wano, he loses Shussui, a sword he has managed to develop a strong connection with.

Some fans are excited about Zoro’s current involvement in the fight on the rooftop, and wonderful things like “Where did Zoro get Shusui,” “What episode does Zoro get Swords,” and many more. Unfortunately, Zoro no longer has Shusui with him as he has returned it to Wano as it is the country’s heirloom. But in return, he managed to get away stronger and wild sword that seemed to have its personality.

What One Piece Episode Does Zoro Get Shusui?

In One Piece episode 362, Ryma passes Shusui to Zoro after defeat. Let’s look back on the episode to see how Zoro managed to get this powerful sword. One Piece Episode 362 is the episode where Zoro has proved that he deserves to wield a sword as powerful as Shusui as he has surpassed his usual limits in battle. The episode is titled “Slashes Dancing on the Roof! Finale- Zoro vs. Ryuma.

Episode Zoro Get Shusui


This was when Zoro met one of the toughest opponents, and he decided to duel Ryuma in Hogback’s lab. Meanwhile, Franky was guarding Brook, who was injured, and Zoro and Shusui’s fight seemed evenly matched, and their attacks kept canceling each other out.

The lab is quickly destroyed due to the fierce battle they were having, and as a result, they decided to switch their battle to the roof. Brook watches their fight from a distance, and he seems to have realized that Ryuma is not taking the fight seriously. Their duel rages on, leading to the collapse of the roof. Zoro managed to defeat Ryuma using a new technique which set him on fire, and Zoro landed on the lip of the roof underneath.

With Ryuma landing on a higher ledge and staggering a bit, he accepted his defeat. Ryuma then sheath Shusui and throws it to Zoro, acknowledging his skill as a swordsman. Even though Zoro acknowledged Ryuma’s skill, he wished to have met him while still alive. In this episode, like most, where Zoro has to defeat a strong enemy. Left most of us looking forward to Zoro’s growth and improved skill.

What Episode Does Zoro Defeat Ryuma?

A lot of things happened in this episode. Because we know that whenever Zoro gets a new sword, many events also follow afterward or beforehand. One Piece Episode 362 is the episode where Zoro finally defeated Shusui, as we have summarised above. So as we have seen throughout the series. Zoro is an interesting character to follow.

Episode Zoro Get Shusui

Zoro vs. Ryuma

We had also seen this in Wano when he got Enma. Enma is the first word that we learned that it could consume its user’s Haki. When Zoro first handled Enma, it sucked most of his Haki and managed to shrink his arm to that of a skeleton size. But he then demonstrated a tug of war between him and Enma as he managed to get his Haki back and tame Enma.

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