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One Piece

Grade Swords From One Piece Explained

Grade Swords
Grade Swords

The world of One Piece is so vast that we have almost any kind of fighting style and powers you can imagine. Even though Haki is the most common thing in Pirates, Devil Fruits also ranks on the same level of popularity. Then we have things like Ninja arts and also swordsmen. Speaking of which, the greatest of swordsmen wield Grade Swords.

Also known as Meito, they are swords or blades of high quality such that they can endure almost anything. Grade Swords have immense cutting powers, and this makes them far superior to your ordinary sword. They are considered very precious amongst the swordsmen, while some of them are heirlooms, and some are recognized as a country’s prized national treasure. As we saw with Shusui that Zoro ended up returning to Wano.

We cannot speak of grade swords and leave out Zoro and the likes of Mihawk. So we will also look at all characters in One Piece that wield a supreme grade sword. We will also look at how does one converts a grade sword into a black sword, as we have heard from Mihawk. Then we will later get to find out what makes a supreme-grade sword.

Some great lines of the Kitetsu swords are known as the number 1 supreme grade swords. Meaning that they rank at the very top of the grade swords. And its creator is not yet revealed in the anime. There are a lot of facts about grade swords that we are yet to find out. So let us look into a detailed interpretation of what grade swords are.

So we should know how many grade swords are there and how many classes of the grade swords we have.

Grade Swords Explained

Grade Sword

Grade Swords Explained

At the moment, there are only four known grades or ranks of Meito or grade swords. The grade swords are ranked in the following manner:

  • Supreme Grade Swords
  • Great Grade Swords
  • Skillful Grade Swords
  • Grade Swords.

So if you were wondering how many Supreme grade swords there are, then we have some details for you. The numbers, as officially revealed, stand in the following manner.

To date, there are only 12 Supreme Grade Swords, 21 Great Grade Swords, 50 Skillful Grade Swords, and an unknown number of Grade Swords. Amongst these Swords, some of them can move up a rank or Grade due to their usage. This happens when a certain sword is turned into a permanent black sword, just like what happened with Shusui years ago. So let’s look at how does one turns a sword into a permanent black sword.

There is a certain circumstance that happens to a sword’s blade after countless battles where a sword will turn black and become to be known as a Black Blade. This makes it stronger than any ordinary sword. And for a grade sword, it becomes even stronger, and it moves up in a rank. Black swords are resilient and could cut almost anything depending on the skill of a wielder.

Another interesting thing about swords in One Piece is that they come in all sorts of sizes, types, and abilities. We have the ordinary swords, and then there are cursed swords. And from what we have seen in Zoro and Enma’s relationship. Some swords have souls and wills of their own. So they can decide who gets to wield them or not.

This means that ordinary people with weak Haki would not be able to wield swords like Enma and Ame no Habakiri that Oden used to wield in his glory days. But as it stands, it looks like there is a lot more that we are yet to find out about swords and the true meaning behind them.

Grade Swords In One Piece

This could be a bit confusing for those who are not yet familiar with swords and their rankings. Because some would wonder what are all the grades of swords in One Piece. Actually, a Grade Sword is one of the rankings that is used in anime and manga. It is the lowest class of the graded swords. And then below that, we have the ordinary swords that have no grades at all. So they are just a piece of metal carved into a blade.

Grade Swords Explained

Tashigi and Shigure

For now, there is an unknown number of Grade Swords, and a select few of them have appeared in the anime and the manga. So for those who are swords enthusiasts, this will be an interesting item for you to check out. Let’s look at all the grade swords names in One Piece anime and manga.


This is one of the grade swords we saw earlier in the series. It is currently owned by Tashigi of the marines. It has a blue handle and a guard with a four-petaled design. The sword’s blade is normal with an elaborated sheath with a circular design all over the sheath.

Sandai Kitetsu

Created by Tenguyama Hitetsu, this is a cursed sword like all of its predecessors. It was found by Zoro from a barrel of cheap swords in Logue Town after he sensed its quality. And when Tashigi later identified it, the owner did not want to sell it to anyone. So he decided to test his luck against it, only to end up with Zoro’s luck winning, and he took it as one of his three swords to date.

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All Characters Who Wield Grade Swords

Tashigi currently owns the Grade Sword Shigure. As a marine, she has proved to be an exceptional sword user and pursued Zoro for a while the last time we saw her. But we haven’t seen her for a while in the anime, so she sure will have improved a lot the next time she appears.

Zoro also owns one of the Grade Swords Sandai Kitetetsu. This is the weakest of the Kitetsu swords, and besides being a Grade Sword, it is also cursed. One might wonder what are the cursed swords in One Piece. So it also answers the question, “Does Zoro have a cursed sword?” and also how many cursed swords does Zoro have because currently, he has Sandai Kitetsu and Enma, which are both cursed swords. So Zoro has only two cursed swords alongside Wado Ichimonji, thus completing his three swords style.

Unknown Grade Swords

Unknown Grade Swords

Unknown Grade Swords

These are the Grade Swords whose true Grade is not yet known, but they have appeared in the anime and the manga. So this means that Shigure and Sandai Kitetsu are the only known Grade Swords in the series. The rest either belong to a different grade class, or their class is not yet revealed. Unknown grade swords that have appeared in the anime Include:

Raiu, Oto and Kogarashi, Durandal, Shirauo, Pretzel, Kmpira, and an unknown grade sword that has appeared in Wano and Tenguyama Hitetsu carries it around with him. Going into further details, we should look into all known Unknown Grade Swords and also all One Piece characters that wield Unknown Grade Swords.

All Characters Who Wield Unknown Grade Swords

At the moment, we already know that there are only six Unknown Grade Swords revealed in the anime and manga. So this means that there are six One Piece Characters that wield Unknown Grade Swords alongside the six Grade Swords. The following are the only revealed Grade Swords in the anime.

  • Oto and Kogorashi wielded by Shiki
  • Raiu, owned by Shiryu
  • Durandal wielded by Cavendish
  • Shirauo belonging to Amande
  • Pretzel owned by Cracker
  • Hitetsu’s unnamed sword

Unknown Grade Swords Wielders

Shiki owns a pair of double-edged swords, Oto and Kogorashi. These swords are strange in appearance and have regular tsuba protruding on four sides with a red hilt wrapping. Their blade is large, and it grows thinner near the tip, and Shiki also uses them as his prosthetic legs. Shiki regards his swords as very famous, which would explain why their Grade is still unknown.

Grade Swords Explained

Shiki The Golden Lion

Shiryu of the Black Beard Pirates owns Raiu, whose Grade is still unknown. All of Black Beard Pirates’ powers are a mystery as we do not know much about them. This is because whenever they appear, it is for a brief moment of time, and we have not yet seen them in prolonged battles. Raiu is a very long Nodachi sword with a quadrangular guard. Its handle is red with a diamond pattern. It has a white and red sheath with a flowery pattern on the base of the blade. It also has a slightly curved white and black blade that measures up to 3 meters in size.

Cavendish also wields Durandal, which is a rapier sword and is made of a very flexible iron. This allows the sword to withstand impacts that would usually break normal swords. Durandal is long and is almost equal to Cavendish’s height when he is sitting. It has a dark light-colored sheath and hilt adorned with several rings and graven flowers. When it is unsheathed, it has a steady shine about it.

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Charlotte Amande from the Big Mom Pirates also wields an unknown-grade sword known as Shirauo. It is a long Nodachi sword about the same height as Amande, who is taller than average-sized people. Shirauo has a pure white fish-shaped tsuba guard, and its grip has scale patterns.

Charlotte Cracker wields Pretzel, which is one of the Grade Swords, and its ranking is currently unknown. It is also one of the long swords and is double-edged that stands longer than Cracker’s height.

Tenguyama Hitesu wields an unnamed Grade Sword known. As a swordsmith and a descendant of the legendary wordsmith Kotetsu, this explains why there is a mystery behind his sword. His attire is rather strange as well since nothing much is known about him, and he only made his debut in the Wano Arc of both the anime and the manga.

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50 Skillful Grade Swords

One Grade above the Grade swords, we have the Skillful Grade Swords. Currently, there are fifty Skillful Grades swords that are of high quality. They are only outclassed by the twelve Supreme Grade Swords, which are followed by the Great Grade Swords. Thre are other important factors like what makes a sword supreme grade. This makes most fans wonder what is the highest grade sword in One Piece.

Grade Swords Explained


The higher we climb on this sword ranking, the fewer swords we will have to look at. Because the greater the sword quality, the rarer it becomes. In the anime and the manga, we only have three known Skillful grade swords. In total, there are 50 skillful grade swords, and it is likely that the series won’t pay much attention to them since they are not that high-ranking swords.

We might get to see some here and there. But knowing that there are swords that are way greater than them then, most people will be looking towards the Great Grade Swords and the Supreme Grade Swords. The skillful grade swords that have been revealed in the anime and the manga are as follows:

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After the Baroque Works, Mr 11 lost a duel to Tashigi from the marines. Tashigi claimed Kashu for herself. Nothing much is known about this sword and its capabilities except that it is one of the 50 skillful grade swords.


Zoro got Yubashiri for free from Ipponmatsu in Logue Town, and it was his family’s heirloom. It was the best sword in the shop at the time. Unfortunately, despite its quality and durability as a skillful grade sword,  it ended up being destroyed by Shu, and Zoro decided to leave its remains on Thriller Bark.

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As the common go-to weapon of Billy the Orca Killer, it was later seized by Tashigi when she defeated him and ended up claiming it for herself as well. So far, we have not seen Tashigi using this sword, and its capabilities are still unknown. When Billy wielded it, he boasted that he could cut through a killer whale with the sword.

All Characters Who Wield Skillful Grade Swords

To date, we have only seen three skillful grade swords. So this means that currently, there are three wielders who own these swords. Let’s look into their details and how powerful skillful grade swords are.

Tashigi also owns Kashu, another sword he collected through her duels. Roronoa Zoro used to wield Yubashiri, which ended up being destroyed, and Tashigi also owns Yamaoroshi as a collector of different swords.

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21 Great Grade Swords

Moving onto the next grade swords. We have the Great Grade swords, of which there are only 21 swords in existence. But so far from the anime and the manga, there are only 5 known Grade swords. If you were wondering how many great-grade swords there are, then you now have an idea. The five known Great Grade Swords are as follows:



Wado Ichimonji

As a sword of great importance to Zoro, it once belonged to Kuina and her family. And after Kuina’s death, Zoro asked for it from her father, who ended up giving it to Zoro. So this would explain why Zoro has had this sword for a long time. Because the other sword he used to keep alongside it usually ended up breaking or being destroyed by his opponents. He still carries it to date together with Enma and Sandai Kitetsu

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As one of the known five Great Grade swords, Shusui is only one rank below the strongest swords grade in the world. It used to be welded by the legendary Shimotsuji Ryuma, and it is also prized as the national treasure of Wano Country. When Ryuma died, Shusui was buried alongside him until it was retrieved by Moria through grave robbery.

When Zoro arrived in Wano, he was convinced to return Shusui to the land of Wano, and in return, Hiyori offered him Enma. So Zoro agreed to replace it with Enma, and he still keeps to date. Shusui is a black blade that Ryuma turned from his multiple battles and swords usage skills.

So this means that before, it became a black blade. It used to be a skillful sword. So if you were wondering if Shusui is one of the 12 supreme grade swords, then you did not miss it by much because Shusui is one of the 21 Great Grade swords.

So some even go as far as to wonder which is stronger, Shusui or Enma? As we have looked at it, Shusui was originally a skillful grade sword, and it is already a black sword meaning that it cannot get any stronger than it is. As for Enma, it was created a Great Grade Sword, and should it be turned into a black sword.

Then it will go a rank higher and become a Supreme Grade sword. So this simply means that Enma is stronger than Shusui since Enma is yet to reach its potential while Shusui already has.

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Nidai Kitetsu

Nidai Kitetsu is one of the 21 Great Grade swords, and it is currently within the custody of Tenguyama Hitetsu. So if you were not sure what Grade is Nidai Kitetsu, then now you know. All Kitetsu swords are said to be cursed, and in the way they were made, each new sword was weaker than its predecessor. So if you were wondering what the strongest Kitetsu sword is, then you should know that Nidai Kitetsu is the strongest of the Kitetsu swords.

Grade Swords

Nidai Kitesu


Enma is also one of the Great Grade Swords, which is only the second most powerful class of swords. So some fans have asked if Enma is a Supreme Grade sword. And those who have no clue at all would ask what grade sword is Enma. Enma was wielded by Kozuki Oden 20 years ago with his other sword Ame no Habakiri. And after his death, it was inherited by Hiyoro, who would later gift it to Zoro in exchange for returning Shusui back to Wano’s custody.

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Ame no Habakiri

Ame no Habakiri is one of the Great Grade Swords, of which there are only 21 of them in existence. Some of the fans even wonder if Ame no Habakiri is a real sword and ask about the true meaning behind the sword. Ame no Habakiri means Blade of Heavenly Wings and would resemble its white color. It is now within the custody of Kozuki Momonosuke as it was bequeathed to him after his father’s death.

It is said to be the counterpart of Enma, and it yields tremendous powers and sharpness if its wielder would master it. Back during his days, Oden was able to use it to bisect a mountain-sized beast with just a single slash. It also managed to wound Kaidou and left behind a scar that is still visible on Kaidou’s chest to date.

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All Characters Who Wield Great Grade Swords

At the moment, we only have five Great Grade Swords that have been revealed in the anime and the manga. So until another one, it is revealed, this information will remain unchanged. There is a total of 21 great grade swords, so this means that there are still 16 more swords to be revealed, should that happen before the manga reaches an end.

Grade Swords Explained


The following characters are the current wielders of Great Grad Swords:

  • Tenguyama Hitesu owns Nidai Kitetsu, which is also a cursed sword.
  • Roronoa Zoro owns Wado Ichimonji and Enma.
  • Wano Country currently took Shusui’s ownership.
  • Momonosuke owns Ame no Habakiri, which he is yet to use in training or combat.

12 Supreme Grade Swords

In existence, there are 12 highest quality blades or swords in the world of One Piece. These blades have displayed the greatest of feats through those who have wielded them as they have been exposed to the harshest elements and still did not lose their edges and could still slash through enormous structures.

In One Piece manga and anime, there are only four known Supreme Grade Swords meaning that we are yet to find out about eight more of them. So this should bring us down to who has a supreme-grade sword? Mihawk, who is the current strongest swordsman in the anime and manga, possesses one of them. He seems to be like Zoro’s role model, so this would make one wonder if Zoro has one of the 12 Supreme grade swords in One Piece as well.

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And now, looking at what makes a sword a supreme grade. We already know that it has to be of the highest quality of swords there ever is. This means that a sword has to be forged as a Supreme Grade Sword. Or if one has a Great Grade Sword and turns it into a Black Blade, then it becomes a Supreme Grade sword since it will rise into a higher rank. The following are the only known Supreme Grade Swords in One Piece.

  • Yoru owned by Dracule Mihawk
  • Shodai kitetsu owned by Kitetsu
  • Murakumogiri used to be owned by White Beard
  • Ace used to be owned by Gol D Roger

If you look at some hidden meanings behind anime and manga scenes in One Piece, you will be able to see the foreshadowing that takes place. These are like the easter eggs you find in movies or series. Like when the Gorosei or the five elders appeared, we saw one of them who always carried a sword with him.

So since the five elders are of high authority and all of them appear to be very strong and have greater skills. They are like the most powerful members of the world government, so it is likely that the one who always carries a sword around with him has a Supreme Grade Sword, but it is not yet confirmed in the anime or the manga.

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All Characters Who Wield Supreme Grade Swords

Looking at the highest quality swords you can come across in the One Piece world, we only have four Supreme Grade Swords revealed in the series. So this means that there are still six more Supreme Grade Sword yet to be revealed. Some of the Supreme Grade Swords are owned by:

Dracule Mihawk appeared as the strongest swordsman and owned Yoru. Yoru is one of the strongest swords in the series, and it is already a Black Blade. Yoru is a western-looking sword that is a cruciform and also a well-ornated weapon with a single-edged black blade that looks like an oversized Kreigsmesser. Its length is over 2 meters, and Mihawk would usually carry it upside down over his back, strapped on his coat.

One Piece

Mihawk One Piece

Kitetsu wiled the most powerful of the Kitetsu sword lineage known as Shodai Kitetsu, and it is a Supreme Grade sword that is also cursed. This makes it one of the highest quality swords ever created and is on the same level as the rest of the Supreme Grade Sword of the Black Blades. The Kitetsu swords were created, with each of the new swords becoming weaker. Thre are only three of them, and the weakest of them is already with Zoro.

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Edward Newgate wielded Murakumogiri, which is a naginata, and has used it for over 30 years until his death. Murakumogiri is a massive and a Tomoe type of Naginata and fits the size of Whitebeard as he is gigantic as well. It has a red and yellow striped pole, and its one end has a spherical pommel with a large curved blade attached to it.

Murakkumogiri has greater durability and stopped Akainu’s magma attack without taking any visible damage, and it still has not shown any signs of rusting after two years of inactivity. Currently, the blade sits on White Beard’s grave on an island within the New World together with his Jolly Roger and a coat hanging from it for over two years. So this should relive you in case you were wondering who owns White Beard’s Sword.

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Gol D Roger used to wield a cutlass type of sword as the Pirate King, and throughout his feats before, he would be known as the King of the pirates. Undoubtedly it is one of the Supreme Grade swords despite having a normal size but a slightly curved blade. It has a yellow hilt and a diamond-shaped pattern with a golden guard and thinner handguards running on the top of the hilt, and a black sheath.

Gol D Roger

Gol D Roger

Since Roger was executed, his sword is probably within the possession of the Marines of the world government because we have not yet heard about it after his death. In case you were wondering what they did with Rogers’s body or where is Rogers’s sword then his body is likely to be buried in Dawn Island, where Luffy met Shanks. And since Garp was a close friend of his in the Marines, he is likely the one who buried him there.

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How Many Cursed Swords Are There In One Piece?

In One Piece, there are currently five cursed swords that are confirmed. There could be more in the future. But at the moment, only five exist, and to sum them up. They are the three of the Kitetsu swords, Law’s Kikoku and Shichiseiken. The full details of the cursed swords in One Piece are as follows:

  • Shodai Kitetsu
  • Nidai Kitetsu
  • Sandai Kitetsu
  • Kikoku
  • Shichiseiken

The list is dominated by the Kitetsu swords, so we should also look at why Kitetsu Swords are cursed. All cursed swords are said to have bad luck and would always bring horrible deaths to their owners. So most people are terrified of them, and they seem to always come with a bad line of history.

During the Wano Arc in the manga, when Zoro was fighting King, we got to find out that some swords have their own souls. We did not get to see more details on this, but we have seen from the way that Zoro interacts with Shusui that there are still more things that we are yet to find out about Swords and their true nature. Because at the moment, a lot of the greatest swords grades still remain unknown. It might take a while, but since One Piece manga is currently at its peak, then it should not be that long.

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