What Episode Does Rock Lee Take Off His Weights?

rock lee take off his weights
What Episode Does Rock Lee Take Off His Weights? Cr: OtakuKart

There are rare side characters who have their main character moments. Such was the moment when Gaara made Rock Lee take off his weights. Rock Lee is the perfect example of “Looks can be deceiving” and “Hard work pays off”. Not going to lie, by looks, we all thought Rock Lee was a normal character that no one would remember in the future. But, he proved us all wrong by making a place in our hearts that none of us can ever forget him.

The moment Rock Lee took off his weights was the moment those weights fell right on our chests. None of us imagined what kind of weight he was carrying all this time. But, the moment those weights hit the ground, it made our hearts go crazy. That moment was the result of Rock Lee’s hard work, and his hard work indeed paid off.

But, Rock Lee was never meant to take off his weights until and unless his loved ones are in danger. That was his sensei, Might  Guy’s condition. Then what made Rock Lee take off his weights when no one was in danger? And what was the episode when Rock Lee took off his weights?

Who Is Rock Lee?

Rock Lee is the “Handsome Devil of the Leaf” and “Konoha’s Beautiful Green Beast”. He might not have the natural talent to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but he mastered Taijutsu and made it his natural talent. Under the guidance of Guy Sensei, Rock Lee mastered Taijutsu at an early age. People think Taijutsu is nothing as compared to Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

But, Rock Lee showed us what Taijutsu could do when Sasuke underestimated him. Rock Lee showed us what hard work could do. He might be a side character in the Naruto series, but he is the main character enough for us. Rock Lee taught us that hard work could overcome any natural talent if we believe in ourselves.

rock lee take off his weights
Rock Lee

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Difference In Powers Of Rock Lee And Gaara

Gaara was born with powers so scary that people of his own Sand Village feared him. Not just the villagers but also his own family members feared him. His powers were a gift from his mother and the curse of the village. Gaara was the Jinjuriki of the One-Tailed Beast Tanuki, Shukaku. Whereas Rock Lee was born without a single power. He had no talent for Ninjutsu as well as Genjutsu. The only thing Rock Lee made his own was his Taijutsu. He owned it in a way no Ninjutsu or Genjutsu user could ever do.

rock lee take off his weights
Gaara Vs. Rock Lee

Gaara may have overpowered powers and abilities, but the one thing Rock Lee had that was more useful than any power was the support of his Guy Sensei. Gaara never had anyone to support or guide him. But, without any powers, Rock Lee overcame everything with the help of his Guy Sensei.

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Why Did Rock Lee Take Off His Weights?

The weights were a part of Rock Lee’s never-ending training. And Guy Sensei forbade him to remove it under any circumstances. But, the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee looked unfair, as Rock Lee was holding himself back because of the weights. He was called a failure his entire life, but this was the moment where he could show the fruits of his hard work. To defeat Gaara with extreme and scary sand powers, Rock Lee needed to use his Ace “Primary Lotus” which he was supposed to use only when he was to protect his loved ones. But, this time, it was to prove his worth. And for that, he needed to lose his ankle weights. As soon as  Guy Sensei gave him the “Thumbs Up”, Rock  Lee took off his weights.

rock lee take off his weights
Guy Sensei’s Permission To Remove Weights

And after that, we saw what this Beautiful Green Beast was capable of. He made Gaara’s absolute defense look slow. Even though, in the end, Rock Lee could not win against Gaara, he did win all our hearts and acknowledgment. He made us wonder, that only with mere Taijutsu he made Gaara struggle, imagine what he would have done if he had either Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

What Episode Does Rock Lee Take Off His Weights?

We already got a glimpse of  Rock Lee’s capability when he made Sasuke question his Sharingan. But, we all got to see the true capability of Rock Lee when he fought against Gaara. More specifically, the moment when Rock Lee took off his weights. And if you are wondering in which episode did he take his weights off, then here’s the answer you seek. Rock Lee took off his weights in Episode 48 of the Naruto series “Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The  Power Of  Youth Explodes!”. Or you can watch the legendary moment in Episode 22 of Season 2 of the Original Naruto series from Netflix.

rock lee take off his weights
Rock Lee Takes Off His Weights

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