What Episode Does Zoro Ask Mihawk To Train Him?

zoro ask mihawk to train him
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Zoro is already overpowered. What blew our minds was that something happened that made Zoro ask Mihawk to train him. The real question is what exactly happened that made Zoro beg Mihawk to train him? Zoro’s dream is to become the number one swordsman. Then what made him get on his knees in front of the current number one swordsman, Mihawk Dracule, and ask for training? When did this happen? Where was Luffy at that time? Where was the entire straw hat crew? That’s a lot of questions.

Good thing is, that we have all the answers for you. We are here to solve the mystery behind Zoro asking Mihawk to train him and his feelings behind it. Zoro is a swordsman with pride, and until and unless there is a valid reason, there is no way he can get on his knees to beg someone.

We are here to enlighten you about who is Zoro and what is his relationship with Mihawk Dracule. What made him do what he did and when did this all happen, we are going to know all about it, right here, right now. So, let’s just get started without any further delay.

Who Is Roronoa Zoro?

“Pirate Hunter” Zoro is the first one to join Luffy’s Straw Hat Crew and also the right-hand man of Luffy. He is so loyal to Luffy that he can take more than a bullet for him, or slash it in pieces. He is the creator of a unique sword style, i.e the Three Sword Style that he created in Shimotsuki Village during his childhood training. And his dream is to become the number one swordsman in the world as he made a promise to Kuina, his late childhood friend. It was their promise that either of the two will become the world’s greatest swordsman. But, now that Kuina is no longer alive, Zoro wants to honor their promise by becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. And we all know this much, Zoro is a man of his words.

zoro ask mihawk to train him
Roronoa Zoro

The only weakness of Zoro is that he is not so good with directions. He can get lost in a straight path if left alone. That’s why he never questions where Luffy goes even without a plan. He just follows him blindly. But, other than that he made quite a name for himself. Zoro is considered one of the twelve pirates of the “Worst Generation”. And currently, he has a bounty of 320 million Berries on his head.

What Is The History Behind Zoro And Mihawk Dracule?

Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s greatest swordsman and Mihawk Dracule is the greatest swordsman. It is quite obvious now what kind of relationship they will have and the kind of history that went down between them. In order to become the world’s greatest swordsman, Zoro needs to defeat Mihawk Dracule, one of the strongest Warlords and the greatest swordsman. Zoro faced Mihawk for the first time in Episode 24.

Mihawk was chasing Krieg’s crew from Grand Line and ended up facing Zoro at the Baratie. In order to fulfill his promise to Kuina, Zoro challenges Mihawk. But, life is not a piece of cake. The journey of greatness just began for  Zorro. There was no way he could defeat the World’s Greatest Swordsman on his first try.

zoro ask mihawk to train him
Zoro’s First Encounter Against Mihawk

Hence, the Three Sword Style Ogi: Sanzen Sekai of Zoro was of no use against the Kogatana, the Knife pendant of Mihawk. That little knife was enough to keep reminding Zoro every day that he still has a long way to go. But, now he is down on his knees in front of the one he wishes to defeat. Why did Zoro ask Mihawk to train him? We are going to know all about it in the next section.

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Why Did Zoro Ask Mihawk To Train Him?

After getting separated from everyone, none of the Straw Hats had any idea about what was going on with their captain Luffy. But, once they all came to know what Luffy lost,  they all were equally devastated. After knowing that Luffy lost his big brother Ace, Zoro along with every other crew member felt useless. They all felt that they should have been there for  Luffy. But,  they all were weak.

That’s when Zoro felt the need to get better and stronger. He wanted to become stronger for his captain. And for that, even if he has to beg the one who he wished to defeat all along to train him, he was willing to do it.  And he did it. At that moment, becoming the world’s greatest swordsman became secondary for  Zoro. His primary role became to get stronger for his captain.

That’s why Zoro swallowed his pride and begged Mihawk to train him.  This was what made Zoro ask Mihawk to train him. That’s the kind of friend Zoro is to Luffy.

zoro ask mihawk to train him
Zoro Asks Mihawk To Train Him

What Episode Does Zoro Ask Mihawk To Train Him?

A person with pride can never beg anyone even if it kills him. But, if that person is down on his knees that means he has the courage to accept his flaws and is willing to learn in order to protect his loved ones. And that’s exactly why Zoro asked Mihawk to train him. What episode did this happen?

Zoro asked Mihawk to train him in the 515th Episode of One Piece “I Will Be Stronger! Zoro’s Vow  To The Captain”.

zoro ask mihawk to train him
Zoro’s Resolve

We hope we answered all the questions you had before. But, do let us know what you want to know next. For further One Piece updates, stay connected with OtakuKart.

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