Sunbreak: Premiere Confirmed & Everything To Expect

Sunbreak Release Date
Sunbreak Release Date

Do you want to know the Sunbreak Release Date? Are you interested in knowing the details surrounding the upcoming expansion to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series? After you read our piece, you will fully understand this upcoming title and what it encompasses. Also, this game was announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2021, and it brings a whole new level and region to the game. But is it a new game?

Consider Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to be an expansion like Monster Hunter World Iceborne, bringing a new territory, story, and monsters, allowing players to jump from the previous adventure into this one. Here’s all we know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including when it’ll be released, which platforms it’ll be available on, etc.

Sunbreak Release Date
Still from Sunbreak’s cinematics

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Firstly, it is not a new game. It’s an expansion to Monster Hunter Rise that has many features and improvements to the current franchise. Secondly, players need to have the original Monster Hunter Rise to play Sunbreak. If you think about it, it’s an overblown DLC with additional storytelling. But no, it’s not a new game. The base content is still the same.

What Is The Story Behind Sunbreak?

After peace was restored in Kamura Village, people were left wondering just for how long. When a horrendous wolf monster figure named Lungaron started wandering around the Shrine Ruins, you’re called upon to check that out. When you get to the ruins, you meet Fiorayne, a Knight of the Royal Order who also seeks to taper the menace of the monsters in the region. Once you mingle with Fiorayne, you both embark on Elgado.

What New Gameplay Features Does Sunbreak Have?

The devs claim that Sunbreak will bring new content to every facet of the game. Players will have to slay new monsters, explore new maps, and interact with allies like Fiorayne, a Knight of the Royal Order who’s also setting out to kill monsters. In the GUI, you can have new options to customize your fighting styles. Firstly, you can swap your switch skill, and there’s this new thing called evasion that goes along with those swaps.

Hunters can discover different exotic life in the Citadel to aid them to combat the new creatures. For example, transformed Wirebugs grant your hunter boosts to mounted combat or a boost to monster part drop rates depending on their color. Meanwhile, Marionette Spiders let you entrap creatures in a silken trap and drag them in a specific direction, potentially smashing them into walls.

Sunbreak Trailer

Sunbreak Trailer Breakdown

Let’s break apart this trailer, shall we? Though we’ve seen a few gameplay trailers in the past, this one was initially screened at the game’s digital event, and it’s your typical hype-up marketing tool. What does that mean: We see how some allies work in a very well-edited, doctored action scene without the graphic user interface. Capcom also shows us some big nasty dragon fighting our heroes. But that’s it.

What Are The System Requirements To Play This Game?

The developers recommend you have an Intel i5 or an AMD FX8300. Secondly, at least 8GB of RAM. The game runs on Windows 10. As for your GPU, it should be either an AMD Radeon RX570 or an NVIDIA GeForce 1060. You will require at least 23GB of free disk space and 3GB of dedicated video ram.

Sunbreak Release Date
The gameplay seems kind of cool!

Sunbreak Release Date

Sunbreak will release on June 30, 2022, worldwide on the PC —on Steam— and the Nintendo Switch. If you own the game, you must download the update available that same day before playing Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Secondly, the update will take up 13GB of your storage space to play that DLC expansion.

Lastly, the in-game requirement to play the expansion will be finishing a quest called “Serpent Goddess of Thunder.” We’re wrapping it up with our Capcom gaming coverage with this last piece of information. Thanks for your attention, and happy gaming. See you soon!

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