What Episode Does Goku Fight General Rilldo? Everything You Should Know

Dragon Ball GT - Goku and General Rilldo
What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo?

Rather than being a Heartless Monster, I would prefer to become a brainless Monkey. What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo? Let’s talk about all the details regarding the Episode. Dragon ball anime series is known to be popular among fans for its Crazy battles and extreme character Power-Ups. Everyone loves Goku and the reason for that is his Innocence and the way he treats everyone even his enemies. The Dragon Ball franchise has produced many great anime series and movies throughout the 90s till the present time. One of those series was Dragon Ball GT, in which the fight between Goku and General Rilldo happened.

Dragon Ball GT is an original anime series that was produced by Toei Animation Studios under the direction of Tadayoshi Yamamuro. The story follows the after events of Dragon Ball Z. Emperor Pilaf has now gained the Black star Dragon balls which are twice as powerful as normal Dragon balls found on earth. Goku during his attempt to stop him accidentally turns into a child when Pilaf botches his wish.

Now as all the balls are scattered across the galaxy, Goku in his child form reunites with his Granddaughter Pan and Young Trunks to go on a journey to find the Black Star Balls and save the Planet again from destruction. Here are all the details regarding the episode in which Goku Fight General Rilldo.

Who Is General Rilldo in Dragon Ball?

General Rilldo is the commander of the M-2 Planet. He is one of the dangerous Antagonists in the Dragon Ball GT anime series. Formerly, he was an Alien and was later rebuilt into a Machine Mutant. Known for his arrogant behavior, he is one of the largest Mecha machine Mutants in the Dragon Ball GT series. He commands the Sigma Force, which consists of four machine commanders. And General Rilldo can even combine his power with the sigma force transforming into his Hyper Meta Form.

What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo - General Rilldo
General Rilldo

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What Happened During the Fight Between Goku and General Rilldo?

Trunks and Pan were waiting for Goku to arrive and were preparing for their fight with the enemy. Later when Goku appears he tells them that an entity more powerful than Majin Buu has appeared and all of them should be ready to battle. Just as Goku says this General Rilldo Appears before them. And to his surprise, Pan manages to attack Rilldo and knocks him to the ground. But he quickly manages to get up being completely unharmed and attacks Pan with his Metal Breath. Pan is pushed aside by Trunk in his attempt to save her, and the beam hits him and then the trunks disappear.

What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo - Rilldo vs Goku
Rilldo Overpowers Goku

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After this all happened, Pan and Goku both fight Rilldo and they trick him into revealing the information about Trunk’s Whereabouts. As soon as they got the information, Pan manages to slip through to go where Trunk is being held and Goku battles Rilldo. Goku and Rilldo start throwing Punches at each other but not one punch do damage to either of them. Being Forced by the Sigma Force and Rilldo, Goku decides that he had enough and he goes into his Super Saiyan Mode. This also gives Rilldo the conviction to transform into his Hyper Meta Form. And their real fight begins.

What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo - Goku vs Rilldo
Goku is in his Super Saiyan mode fighting with Rilldo in his Hyper Meta Form.

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What Episode does Goku Fight General Rilldo?

The Episode in which Goku fights General Rildo is Episode 19 of the Dragon Ball GT anime series. Episode 19 is titled, “A General Uprising”.

Where to watch Episode 19 of Dragon Ball GT?

Viewers from the US can watch Episode 19 and all other episodes of the Dragon Ball GT anime series on the Funimation streaming Platform. Unfortunately for viewers in India, we do not have any Information regarding any streaming sites that streams Dragon Ball GT anime. We’ll Update our Dragon Ball Fans If in the future any relevant Streaming site updates the anime in its catalog.

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