Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters

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Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters

Who are the Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters? So many fans have this question. Here, we will learn about the Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters. But first, let’s know about the Dragon Ball. The first Dragon Ball manga, written and illustrated by Toriyama, was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump and collected by Shueisha into 42 tankōbon volumes. A classic 16th-century Chinese novel called Journey to the West, combined with Hong Kong martial arts films inspired the first Dragon Ball. The series follows the adventures of Son Goku, the greatest warrior in the world, as he battles evil with the help of his friends.

If you’re a fan of the original Dragon Ball anime series, you’ll have some idea of the top 10 most hated Dragon Ball characters. In the Dragon Ball series, the villains are usually the most interesting and complex characters, and these ten characters have pushed the envelope in that respect. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most hated Dragon Ball characters. It’s tough to say what exactly makes a character a “hated” character. But if we look at the Dragon Ball characters that have been hated so much, it comes down to one or more of the following: One, they are generally disliked for some reason. Two, they have been disliked for a very long time. Three, they don’t fit the character of the original Dragon Ball.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 most hated Dragon Ball characters:

10. Bacterian

How many of you remember this man was a participant in the original Dragon Ball 21st World Martial Arts Tournament where Krillin, Goku, and Master Roshi (disguised as Jackie Chun) competed. The only thing that Krillin will be remembered for is his stinking stench. His only power and quality were that he was too stinky to approach even if you wanted to fight him. Krillin abandoned him when Goku pointed out that he did not have a nose!

Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
His one characteristic is a gruesome smell, and that is why he is disliked so greatly. He is later killed by one of King Piccolo’s minions and awakened in a garbage dump. Aside from that, he is mostly forgotten.
In the eyes of many Shonen fans, Jiren is one of the biggest problems of Shonen anime: he is extremely powerful for no particular reason. Without a compelling enough backstory, this appears forced, and Jiren’s backstory is, at best, very brief. Jiren even appeared on a different level during Episodes 108 and 109 than he was in subsequent episodes, giving many fans the impression he was “nerfed.”
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
Dragon Ball Super gave us some stunning moments, but for what it’s worth, his inconsistencies and poor backstory make him seem like a less useful addition to the Dragon Ball roster than he could’ve been. True, Jiren is stronger than Goku, but there are several reasons for this. Goku isn’t good enough for Jiren in his original Super Saiyan form, and he can’t use Ultra Instinct at the moment.

8. Gohan

The fans have never been shy about their displeasure with Gohan’s current lifestyle. Vegeta, in the Buu Saga, said what we’d all been noticing: Gohan had neglected his training, and his technique had suffered because of it. Dragon Ball Super showed him losing muscle mass, his gi, and his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan.
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
He started wearing glasses, further demonstrating that he’d quietly surrendered to being a scholar instead of a warrior. He has yet to prove whether he has succumbed to regressing into the spineless, ice cream-sucking wimp he once was.

7. Ribrianne

Given the backlash Ribrianne received, we are confident that fans will want to boycott any episodes set in Universe 2. Ribrianne led the Kamikaze Fireballs, a trio of female superheroes with echoes of Sailor Moon and other magical girl franchises.
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
It didn’t take long for fans to feel like she overstayed her welcome, even though she made the Tournament of Power more interesting. Some thought that her power was inconsistent, and some thought her monologues were irritating. The fans (and Tournament of Power participants everywhere) admired Android 18 so much after she defeated her.

6. Super Android 17

Super Android 17 is notorious for being the only Dragon Ball GT villain who fails to make an appearance in the storyline, who is as strong as SS4 Goku, and who has an unexplained origin. It’s a fusion of both Android 17s made and born from hell. He is the evil version of Android 17.
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
Super android 17

While GT has a similar fighting style to that of other androids, he lacks personality, and to top it all off. He spends far too much time interacting with other villains in his arc. Let’s see how did Android 17 become Super 17? The androids attempt to attack Android 17, who blocks an attack aimed at her daughter Marron while he overwhelms her. Upon meeting his copy, Android 17 merges with his copy to form Super 17, which defeats the heroes and kills Dr. Gero once more on orders from Dr. Myuu.

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5. Hercule

Mr. Satan, Hercule, the martial arts prodigy, rose to prominence in martial arts because there were no ki-wielding humans strong enough to defeat him while the Z-Fighters were preoccupied with the Saiyans and Namek. Cell’s defeat is largely attributed to this liar, whom many fans refuse to forgive.
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
When Trunks punched Hercule during the World Tournament, he did what many fans wish they could have done, a reminder that Earth’s greatest fighters are perfectly content with Trunks’ life. It’s all over for him the moment they decide they’re not.

4. Tien

As a fighter during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Tien used to be one of the strongest in the world. He defeated both Goku and Master Roshi. In the wake of his defeat by Nappa, he has lost all of his reputation when other Z-Fighters have started leaving him behind.
Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
Tien From Dragon Ball

As the fans watched Gohan and Piccolo in their practice match before the Tournament of Power, they were amazed at how useless Yurin was, as well as how easily Master Roshi defeated him after becoming possessed by Yurin’s power. I honestly can’t decide which of Tien and Yamcha has become more of a joke.

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3. Broly

While Broly may have had a swaggering presence, that was the only thing he had going for him when he first appeared in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan. The backstory of this guy was stupid, he spoke with the subteltly of a sledgehammer, but he was popular nonetheless. From the games to reborn and even a sequel, Broly made an appearance in everything.

Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
Broly from dragon ball

However, audiences soon realized that Broly was a shadow of his former self apart from screaming Goku’s name and his large muscles. Before Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Kale in the Tournament of Power, and Broly himself in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, audiences didn’t get a well-written version of the character.

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2. Goten

Goten could have done a lot more than what he is now. To be clear, both Goten and Trunks are enjoyable characters, but Trunks received more screentime, character development, and actual things to do in Z and Super.

Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters

Goten, as Goku’s son, should be able to do something rather than just exist. He and Trunks indeed form Gotenks, an awesome team, but there’s not much else we know about him besides being kidnapped by Vegeta once.

1. Zamasu

Even though Zamasu may seem controversial to be on a list like this, it has more to do with his ending. His attacks are pretty cool, and his motivation for killing Goku, and all mortals in general, is surprisingly compell

Top 10 Most Hated Dragon Ball Characters
Eventually, the fatigue sets in, whereby the Future Trunks arc could’ve ended in several ways. However, when it does end, it ends on the worst note in Dragon Ball history. Zamasu swallows Trunk’s universe and requires Zeno to destroy him to create a new one.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball?

Fans can watch Dragon Ball on AnimeLab, Funimation, and Hulu.

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