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Vinland Saga Chapter 193 Release Date: Are We Heading Towards Another War?

Vinland Saga Chapter 193
Thorfinn may go back to his dark days in Vinland Saga 193

Chapter 192 of Vinland Saga proved that no matter how much Thorfinn tries to resort to non-violence, peace isn’t a luxury that he can afford. Varger returns from his voyage with the profits and informs him that there’s something very wrong with Markland. As they were passing by, two Lnu arrows were directed toward them. It was a warning from the tribesmen to flee away from their land. Does that mean that a battle between Thorfinn’s crew and the Lnu is inevitable? Can Thorfinn talk things out this time? We will find that out in Vinland Safga Chapter 193.

Thorfinn arrives in Markland to find out that things have happened just as Eyvar feared. The Lnu tribe has turned against the Norsemen and has either killed or kidnapped the Norse civilians staying in Markland. As a sign of hostility, they have left behind loads of arrows on the barren grounds. It seems that things have just got out of their hands, and none but Thorfinn is to be blamed. We bring you the latest chapter updates of Vinland Saga manga.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193 Spoilers and Raw Scans

In Vinland Saga Ch 193, Thorfinn and his crew will survey the area for a bit longer and will go back to Vinland the next morning. He fears that his experiment with Markland has gone terribly wrong. Either the Lnu tribe has left the land taking the Norsemen as their prisoner, or simply they are ignoring Thorfinn’s signal to avoid an all-out war. Well, there’s no way Thorfinn can devote one of his heavy ships to set on a hopeless search, so heading back is the only option.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193

Thorfinn’s character development

Meanwhile, Eyvar blames Thorfinn for their loss of 13 people and one shipless. He believes that if the leader hadn’t left them defenseless without weapons on an island full of tribes, the catastrophe could have been avoided. Evyar further reminds Thorfinn that Vinland doesn’t belong to him alone, and he must take measures to ensure the security of the people.

After such a heavy loss, Thorfinn will finally consider buying weapons from Halfdan. Moreover, the fact that his wife is pregnant gives him more reason to go back to violence if required. Raw scans and drafts of Vinland Saga manga are pretty rare. They generally surface once in a blue moon. We will keep the section updated if we get any.

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Recap of Chapter 192

Chapter 192 starts with Thorfinn setting up a Cenotaph in the memories of the people who sacrificed their life for Vinland. The peace they enjoy today would have been possible without them. A little later, Vargar comes back from his voyage with loads of cargo. He is amazed to see fields covered with golden wheat, and he expects that his profits will be doubled in their next sail.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193

Thorfinn has given up on violence.

However, he stammeringly reveals bad news too. He says that there’s something terribly wrong with Markland. About 18 days ago, when they were passing by Markland, two Lnu arrows were directed towards him as a warning. Thorfinn immediately sets out to check on his people, and Eyvar joins him in the voyage. Eyvar believes that a war is about to break out between them, so he carries his sword with him.

When they arrive in Markland, there isn’t any trace of human life anywhere. All that was left were hundreds of Lnu arrows scattered in the barren lands. Thorfinn keeps banging the metal pot as a signal, but he doesn’t get any reply. After scouting the area, Thorfinn is convinced that either everyone has left or they are purposely ignoring him. Meanwhile, Eyvar gets furious at Thorfinn’s idea of talking things out. He directly blames his leader for this tragedy and asks him to arm their men for safety.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193 Release Date

Chapter 193 of Vinland Saga will be released on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. New Chapters of Vinland Saga are dropped every 25th of a month unless there’s a break.

Where to Read Vinland Saga Officially?

Well, there aren’t many ways of reading Vinland Saga officially online. You can either buy the digital copies of the latest volume from Kodansha’s official website or order the volumes physically from Amazon.

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