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Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Korean dramas are dominating the entertainment world. There are countless brilliant dramas that we have got to witness in all these years. From Boys Over Flowers to Descendents Of The Sun, the list goes on. We are always eager to know about the dramas that our favorite star is into. This article will be about the best movies and TV series of actor Ji Chang-wook. South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook is a popular face in the South Korean Entertainment industry. In this article, you will get a sight of some of his best works in movies and TV series.

We always try to find out the best works that our favorite artists are into. Be it their television series or movies, and we always try to know more about their filmography. Well, now you don’t need to search any further as this article has it all. Ji Chang-wook used to do musical theatres before he came into movies and TV series. He debuted in 2008 with the drama, You Stole My Heart. However, his official debut was through the film Sleeping Beauty. He started in the series Empress Ki. His strong portrayal of the character left the audience in awe, and we can’t disagree. This is just one of the many dramas that he has been a part of. In the future as well we hope to see him acting in many other projects as well.

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Top Dramas And Movies Of Ji Chang-wook:

1. The Empress Ki (2013-2014)

  • Directed by Han Hee and Lee Sung-joon
  • Duration- 58 minutes
  • Where to watch- Netflix, Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Ji Chang-wook, Baek Jin- hee
  • Number Of Episodes- 51
  • Type- TV Series
The Empress Ki

The Empress Ki

Thinking about Ji Chang-wook, this drama will surely strike your mind. The series surrounds around a woman named Ki Seungnyang, born during the Korean dynasty Goryeo. Class system existed during that time, and she ascended the throne despite having the restrictions of the system during that time. Later, she went on to Toghon Temür, who was supposedly the Emperor of the Mongol Empire instead of her Wang Yu, her first love. The series is about how she crossed all political, social, and national barriers to become the empress of China’s Yuan dynasty. The series gave a glimpse of how the Emperor loved her, and it also showed her political ambitions despite the time she was in. Ji Chang-wook played the role of Toghon Temür. He was the last and the remaining Emperor of the Yuan dynasty.

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2. Healer (2014-2015)

  • Directed by Lee Jung-sub, Kim Jin-woo
  • Duration- 1 hour
  • Where to watch- Netflix, Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, Yoo ji-tae
  • Number Of Episodes- 20
  • Type- TV Series


The South Korean Television series revolves around three people, namely Seo Jung-hoo is a night courier also known by the codename “Healer” who will do anything to fulfill his clients’ demands except for killing or kidnapping someone. He gets along with a reporter who supposedly works at a second-rate tabloid news website as well as with a journalist who apparently works at a very famous broadcasting station. These three people try to find out the truth regarding the incident that took place in 1992, and that also involves the present-day murders that are taking place. However, while uncovering the truth, they become honest people who fight against the odds, even if it means going against influential people.

One of the most rated dramas of Ji Chang-wook. Don’t forget to binge-watch it, and it has still hasn’t started watching yet. Go check out this drama.

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3. Lovestruck In The City (2020-2021)

  • Directed by Park Shin-woo
  • Duration- 28- 40 minutes
  • Where to watch- Netflix
  • Starring- Ji Chang-wook, Kim Ji-won, Kim Min-seok, So Joo-yeon, Ryu Kyung-soo, Han Ji-eun
  • Type- TV Series
  • Number Of Episodes- 17
Lovestruck in the city

Kdrama Lovestruck In The City

Lovestruck In The City is one of the most successful dramas of Ji Chang-wook. The South Korean series is divided into an interview format where each set of characters tell their respective story about their love life. Park Jae-won played by Ji Chang-wook is an architect. The 32-year-old architect is very honest and dedicated towards his work. He still couldn’t get over the woman who stole his heart. Nicknamed camera thief, she still remained in Park Jae-won’s heart. On the other hand, Lee Eun-o, a freelancer with an alter ego, Yoon Seon-a, meets Ji Chang-wook. With a fake identity, she meets him, ultimately falling for him.

The drama has been praised by many for it’s storyline and character development.

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4. The K2 (2016)

  • Directed by Kwak Jung Hwan
  • Duration- 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Where to watch- Netflix, Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Ji Chang-wook, Im Yoon-ah, Song Yoon-ah, Jo Sung-ha
  • Number Of Episodes- 16
  • Type- TV Series


Ji Chang-wook plays the role of Kim Je-ha, who went into hiding after he was held into an accusation of murdering his girlfriend while he was in Iraq. Anyhow, after he came back to Korea, he joined as the bodyguard for Choi Yoo Jin. Using his new job as a weapon, he tried to find the killers responsible for murdering his girlfriend. Will he get to find the ones who took the love of his life, or will he encounter something dangerous?

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5. Backstreet Rookie (2020)

  • Directed by Myoungwoo Lee
  • Duration- 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Where to watch- Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Ji Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung
  • Number Of Episodes- 16
  • Type- TV Series
Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie

Based on Webtoon Convenience Store, Saet-byul, this is one of the first dramas in which Lifetime, a global channel invested. This series is available in the Rakuten Viki app along with various other languages as subtitles.

The 22-year-old Saet Byul is the eldest daughter of Jung Chul-Min, a taekwondo master. While trying to save Saet Byul from falling, the Choi Dae Hyun experiences love at first sight. She shares a kiss with him, and they think of not seeing each other ever again.

Many years have passed, and now Saet Byul took the job offer that was once offered to Dae Hyun. Now, after all these years, will she be able to win over Dae Hyun’s heart? That’s something to find out.

6. Suspicious Partner (2017)

  • Directed by Park Sun-ho
  • Duration – 32 minutes
  • Where to watch – Netflix, Rakuten Viki
  • Starring – Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon
  • Number Of Episodes – 40
  • Type – TV Series
Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner

Noh Ji-wook is an intellectual prosecutor who knows how to turn the complex situation in his own favor. On the other hand, Eun Bong-hee is just a newbie in the justice department who somehow or the other finds herself in every unfavorable predicament. However, once she was accused of killing her ex-boyfriend. Ji-wook got to know this and tried to save her. This situation led to other consequences as he got demoted for the risks he took to save her life. Things turn upside down as their professional and love life get entangled together. In this turmoil, only one positive thing happened, and that is they came close to each other.

However, they still needed to find the real culprit which caused all those crimes and tarnished their images. To catch the criminal, they fell into one of the most difficult situations. Now how they get out, forms the storyline.

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7. Fabricated City (2017)

  • Directed by Park Kwang-hyun
  • Duration-  126 minutes
  • Starring- Ji Chang-wook, Shim Eun-kyung, Ahn Jae-hong.
  • Type- Movie
Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Fabricated City

An unemployed Kwon-Yoo has no job in his real world. However, he rules the virtual world of the game where he is the best game leader. His world turns west when he is wrongfully accused of murder. Yeo-wool, his hacker friend, agrees to help him, and with his help, he tries to find out the real deal behind the suspected murder case.

8. Five Fingers (2012)

  • Directed by Choi Hyeong-hun
  • Where to watch- Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Ju Ji-hoon, Chae Shi-ra, Ji Chang-wook, Jin Se-yeon
  • Number Of Episodes- 30
  • Type- TV series
Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Five Fingers

The series deals with the backstory of 5 people who must overcome their past fears and tragedies to establish their dreams.

In-ha, the son of a very famous pianist, aspires to have his family business. However, one day his father brings home his other son and declares that he will be the next heir of the family business. Ji-ho went up to become a piano prodigy. However, when he comes to know about the kind of hatred his closest people set for him, he vows to take revenge.

9. Your Name (2016)

  • Directed by Makoto Shinkai
  • Duration- 107 minutes
  • Where to watch- Netflix
  • Type- Movie
Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Your Name

The anime movie got dubbed in Korean, and none other than Ji Chang-wook lent his voice for the iconic character of Taki Tachibana. The story revolves around Taki Tachibana, a high school student, and Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl who suddenly began to swap bodies with each other.

Taki is a very talented artist and aspires to become an architect. The movie was so well received not only in Japan but throughout the world. It opened many new doors for anime lovers and apparently those who used to think that anime was just for kids.

10. The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2015-2016)

  • Directed by Zhi Chao
  • Duration- 55 minutes
  • Where to watch- Rakuten Viki
  • Starring- Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Zhao Yuannuan, Bai Jingting, Ji Chang-wook
  • Number Of Episodes- 35
  • Type- TV Series
Top Movies And TV Series Of Ji Chang-wook

Whirlwind Girl 2

The Chinese drama, which is also known as the Tornado Girl, is based on the story of Qi Bai Cao, who faced an unfortunate incident in her childhood. She lost her parents at a very young age when a fire took away their lives. Since then, she has been raised by a taekwondo master. However, fate had its own plans. She was devastated when she lost her one and only mentor, her only family. To top it all, the national competition also didn’t go well at all. She felt helpless—all her motivation, passion for continuing just lost.

Once she came in contact with Chang An, portrayed by Ji Chang-wook. He decided to train her so that she could once again compete at the nationals. He was one of the toughest instructors she had ever come across. However, he was tough towards her only because he knew that she had the potential within her. Will she be able to compete again, keeping aside her past trauma and bringing confidence within herself?

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