Top 5 Most Iconic Tsukishima Kei Moments That Everyone Loved

Tsukishima Moments
Tsukishima getting annoyed

Haikyuu is currently one of the most successful shounen anime. It has a very large female fan despite being a shounen series. Characters like Tsukishima Kei play a huge role in this. The series captures the hearts of the fans. This series gives great insight into the volleyball game. It also captures great emotional moments amongst the characters. Each character goes through several ups and downs. While Tsukishima Kei is not the main character, he also gets his due attention. Everyone gets their individual time to shine in the series. All of this attention to detail makes the series so memorable. So, here we are about to discuss some of the best moments of Tsukishima.

Tsukishima Kei is a first-year middle blocker at the Karasuo High School. He is the tallest player on the team despite being the first year. The character was cocky and blunt character towards the beginning. He initially treated volleyball as just a pastime and got annoyed by overpassionate people. But this characteristic of his makes him so endearing to watch. This character creates the much-needed balance in the show. And while being cold to everyone, our Tsukki¬†always treats Yamaguchi kindly. Tsukki later also shows how he can give his best if he wants to. We are now going to recollect Tsukki’s top 5 moments.

5. First interaction with Hinata and Kageyama

Tsukki meets Hinata and Kageyama for the first time when they are suspended from the volleyball club. They are supposed to defeat Tsukishima’s team in order to join back the team. But Tsukishima does not care much about this match. As he is still under the belief that passionate people often harm themselves, he does not want to follow the same path. He offers to lose the game willingly to the other two. He says, “We’re not hung up on winning or losing, so it’ll be troublesome for you guys to lose”. This is the perfect introduction for this character.

Tsukishima with Yamaguchi; mocking Hinata and Kageyama

4. Psychological Intimidation During First Match

We see more of Tsukki’s cocky side during his first match. He keeps taunting Tanaka and Hinata that he’ll crush or block them. Hinata and Tanaka were riled up and ended making mistakes. As he can’t give the same threats to Kageyama, he instead mocks Kageyama’s past. And this initially seemed like a low blow to most people. But Yamaguchi’s interference gives this moment comic relief. Yamaguchi tries to tell him that other people might hear him. Then Tsukishima got annoyed that Yamaguchi wasn’t getting his smartass sense of humor.

3. Complaint against the King

Kageyama was known as the “King of the court” due to his disregard for his teammates. Since the beginning of the show, Tsukishima often taunted Kageyama with this. Tanaka often broke up their arguments. As he says, “Your opponents are on the other side of the net!”. And as the series went forward, Kageyama worked hard to improve his setter skills. But Kageyama’s accuracy creeps out Tsukki. He felt that Kageyama was treating the spikers like beggars. He suggested that the rest of the players could be talented as well. When he finally gets a chance to prove himself, as Tsukki does a feint attack to prove his point.

2. Training with Bokuto and Kuroo

During season 2, Nekoma Highschool invites Karasuno to Tokyo. Here the players trained with various high schools. Tsukki does not care much about training here as well. Bokuto and Kuroo invite him to practice with them during after-hours. Tsukki himself generally intimidated his opponents, but here he is on the receiving side. He realizes that he feels inferior to Hinata. But this interaction serves as a great development for him. In later practice sessions, he works hard to improve himself. As viewers, it gets interesting to watch the character show so many emotions during the arc.

Tsukishima Moments
Bokuto giving Tsukishima advice

1. Block against Ushijima

This scene easily tops all the iconic moments of Tsukishima in the anime. Karasuno had a match against Shiratorizawa. This was a very difficult and important match because of the opponent’s ace. Ushijima was the ace of Shiratorizawa and one of the top players in the entire country. Everyone thought that it was impossible to block Ushijima’s spikes. Karasuno kept struggling against his fierce attacks. But Tsukki was determined to block at least one of his spikes. And when he finally does, he screams his heart out in excitement.

Tsukishima Moments
Tsukishima blocking Ushijima’s spike

This scene gave everyone goosebumps. As Tsukki’s will to finally express his emotions feels more exciting than his score. His teammates also celebrate his point score in exhilaration.

These were our favorite picks of the most iconic moments of Tsukishima Kei. The great character development of Tsukishima makes all of his moments iconic and unforgettable.

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