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Top 10 Series Similar To Moon Knight: The New Marvel Series!

Series Similar To Moon Knight
Top 10 Series similar to Moon Knight

Moon Knight is the latest one of the Top 10 series releasing this year! A Marvel miniseries that was released on 30th March 2022 & is already well-received. It is an action-adventure, psychological super-hero fantasy drama which is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. Moon Knight was part of Marvel’s Phase 4 releases and has finally come out to the fans’ joy. The most anticipated Marvel series is the talk of the town right now. And deservingly so!

Moon Knight managed to garner great reviews even with its short period of release. Starring ‘X-men Apocalypse’ and ‘Dune’ fame Oscar Issac and the Bahraini actress May Calamawy in lead roles, the trailer looks promising. So, if you have not caught up with the series, you can do it now. Only 3 episodes from the series are streaming right now, but they are a must-watch.

You should watch Moonknight for it is going to take you on a wild ride. It has everything from action and drama to psychological horror and fantasy. If you love some high voltage superhero series, then Moon Knight is a must-watch. And it’s a fresh show, so not a lot of spoilers on the net. And if you’ve already watched it but the wait for the next one is too long. Don’t worry as I’ll be listing some similar shows that you can watch meanwhile.

Top 10 Series Similar To Moon Knight

A lot of series have similar action-packed, fantasy elements, even though each of them is unique on its own. Marvel itself has plenty of other series in its bag that fills these criteria. A lot of upcoming series like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk can be included. Apart from that MCU released a few series last year including Loki, Wanda Vision, Hawkeye, and many others. MCU phase 4 is really serving!

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Moon Knight Poster. Credit: Marvel

Apart from MCU, DC also has some interesting series similar to Moon Knight. The Dark tone of a DC series and Moon Knight are really in sync. Other productions also have super-heroes movies and tv series. And storylines are fresh and unique, unlike MCU stories now. So, there are plenty of options to skim through, and I’ve listed a few!

10. Wanda Vision

Elizabeth Olsen starrer superhero fantasy drama is similar to Moonknight in more ways than one. Apart from being a superhero series ‘Wanda Vision’ is also from the MCU multiverse. However, ‘Wanda Vision’ leans more towards mystery and romance than action. Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision Hawkeye give major couple goals. In a very fresh interesting and one-of-a-kind series, Wanda is a tragic character, and her story is about dealing with loss and trauma. But also how she heals from it in the course of the show.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Wanda Vision poster. Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Paul Bettany as Vision

This series begins in the post-Avengers End Game timeline. And Wanda and Vision are trying to be low-key about their special powers. But some turn of events causes them to be out and about again.

Wanda’s special power is her ability to change reality as well as telepathy and telekinesis. She actually reincarnated Vision in her alternate reality through a mind stone. The human Vision is no more, the Vision we see now is an android created through A.I.
Wanda Vision is a great watch just like Moon Knight, and a must-watch for romantic fantasy fans.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

A romantic scene from WandVision

9. The Boys

This show is underrated, but those who’ve seen it know how amazing this series is. The Amazon Prime Original series ‘The Boys’ is a unique, darker take on superheroes. And with such a refreshing take on the superheroes is never before seen. Moreover, this series humanizes superheroes by saying that nobody is perfect. And that’s a great lesson for children who idolize superheroes.

The story is about a group of superheroes who are hugely popular amongst the general public now. And with popularity comes corruption, and that’s what happens in this series.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

The Boys Poster. Credit: Amazon Prime

It is similar to Moon Knight in the superhero action-fiction genre. But The Boys is on a much lighter note than Moon Knight. Starring Jenson Ackles, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, and many others in the main lead. The unique concept of the show makes it a must-watch. If you are into super-heroes drama in general, give The Boys a try!

8. The Umbrella Academy

This one is all about family! A strict eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts children with special power to make himself more powerful. Greedy for money and power Mr. Reginald raises those kids as mere stocks for his profit. Despite not being blood-related, the children grow closer through their common hatred towards their father.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

The Umbrella Academy. Top 10 series similar to Moon Knight. Photo Credit: Netflix

We see the lives of Luther, Alison, Diego, Vanya, Ben, and Five and their struggle in finding a normal life. However, one can not be low-key with such special powers. So when a threat looms over their heads, the Hangreeves siblings reunite.

Here, they do not want the powers but their normal peaceful lives. Similarly, in Moonknight Marc is chosen with a responsibility that he did not ask for. Moonknight is a darker fantasy and The Umbrella Academy has its funny, breezy moment. So, watching this while waiting for Moonknight’s new episodes will give you the right amount of adrenaline rush.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Younger Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben (deceased), and Vanya

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix series, and it’s a special one! Fans love this show a lot because it’s a whole new world in itself. Moon Knight and The Umbrella Academy are both superhero fantasy fiction and the best ones at that!

7. Arrow

Although Moon Knight is a Marvel character, it shares similarities with this DC series. Arrow is The CW-produced series that was released long back in 2012. It ended in 2020 after 8 long seasons, but it was a fan favorite. A Knight and an Archer with a purpose to protect the innocent, it couldn’t get any more similar. Arrow is one of the favorites of DC fans, so if you haven’t already jumped in on the dark world of DC, with this series you will.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Arrow TV Series. Top 10 Series Similar to Moon Knight. Credit: The CW

Stephen Amell essaying the role of Oliver Queen along with other amazing actors like Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey. Arrow is an amazing series with all the must-watch genres. It has action, mystery drama, and of course DC’s famous superhero. Moon Knight also has a similar tone in the series, and that’s why Arrow is on the list

6. Watchmen

Another DC Comic series on the list! Also, another Vigilante story like The Boys and Legion. In the comics, these Vigilantes were an outcast, But the series embodies a community. Watchmen does a brilliant job in forming a community of the outcasts and also sends a great message. The story is about these Vigilantes who embrace themselves and fight for their people. However, things get rough when one of their members is killed possibly by Dr. Manhattan, who is the most powerful social figure. Now, watchmen must decide between risking their lives and avenging their friend.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Watchmen TV Series. Starring Regina King. Credit: HBO

Starring Regina King, and Jean Smart, among others, this series is an underdog. Yet another fantasy, action drama similar to Moon Knight. But it is also a dystopian drama. Watchmen is available on Netflix.

5. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is another Marvel Phase 4 series coming this year! Another Marvel comic adaptation but this time the superhero is a Muslim American girl. Kamala Khan is a lesser-known comic book character. But now with this series, the story and the character are going to draw a lot of attention. So buckle up for some representation on the big screen after Marvel’s Eternals.

Ms. Marvel is an action-fiction drama, and the character has many powers, including shape-shift, healing powers, etc. And she gains these powers after being exposed to the Terrigen Bomb. Although she has special powers in her genes, still she wasn’t aware of them. So one accident changes Kamala’s whole life, similar to how Marc’s life changes after being reincarnated as Moonknight.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel Series 2022.

Ms. Marvel is set to release on 8th June 2022 and stars Iman Vellani and Bollywood’s biggest star Amir Khan. Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is also part of the movie, along with Aramis Knight, Matt Lintz, and more.

4. Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are starring in Marvel’s Hawkeye. A miniseries that was released on 24th November 2021, which is not too long ago. This show is greatly enjoyed and loved by Marvel fans. Renner’s Hawkeye is not very unknown since he’s been in most of the Avengers movies.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Hawkeye Series. Top 10 Series similar to Moon Knight

Hawkeye or Clint Barton is an Archer and also a part of the Avengers. With Kate Bishop on his side, he is fighting all the atrocities coming his way. In this series, all Barton wants is to be with his family for Christmas, fighting villains along the way. It is also an action fiction, super-hero drama, similar to Moon Knight. So do watch it if you haven’t!B

3. Loki

The one and only God of Mischief! Loki is the greedy grey character of the MCU who can do anything for power. But his love for his city and his brother makes him more of a good character with flaws rather than a bad character. A controversial but real hero who can do anything to protect his city as well. The fact that Loki was ready to sacrifice in the Avengers end game to protect Thor and Asgard. He is aΒ  true hero of Asgard indeed.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

Marvel’s Loki TV Series.

Loki is in fact alive after the endgame! In the new series, fans will see Loki stepping outside of his brother’s shadow. He is the brother of Demigod Thor and has always felt overpowered by him. However, this series is following the Avengers End Game, so Loki can be seen on a different adventure altogether.

The series had released on 9th June last year and has already been renewed for another season. It has everything from action and drama to mystery and suspense. If you are a Marvel fan, go for this one without a doubt. And if you loved Moon Knight, this show will give you a similar vibe.

2. Gotham

Well, we all know the tragedy of Gotham, and if you don’t, I’ve got you. Gotham is Batman’s city, and this is where his parents were killed right in front of him. So, the dark city of the dark knight indeed has some dark secrets.

Series Similar To Moon Knight

DC Comic’s Gotham TV Series.

In the TV show Gotham, Detective James Gordon is investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. So it is actually set in the same timeline as Batman and is continuing parallelly. And sure enough, their paths cross multiple times. The first time they meet, Bruce is just a kid, and the officer consoling him is Gordon himself. Their dynamic is intriguing to watch for sure!

The dark theme of Gotham really aligns with that of Moon Knight. Even though both are from a different universe, they still have some things in common.

1. Legion

Another schizophrenic superhero series after Moonknight. Legion is not much heard of but its crazy storyline and picturization will blow your minds. David Haller is the hero who has a dissociative identity disorder and has multiple personalities. Similar to Moon Knight, the different personalities exude different powers. He also believed his mental issue to be a liability. Until one day when he is introduced to a group of mutants and released, it’s his greatest strength. And that is the beginning of David Haller’s new life as an anti-hero.

Psychological thriller superhero film: Legion

It is an intense psychological thriller along with the superhero action. But Leigon is more of an anti-hero. Struggling with his mental illnesses and mutant power brings a dark side to him and it is not very hero-ish. He has multiple personalities similar to Moon Knight and has powers like telepathy, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. And these powers are performed by his many alters. So I guess this series is the closest to Moon Knight.

These are top 10 series similar to the latest Marvel series Moon Knight. And if you a fan of such dark genres, do give a watch to all of the series on the list. Hope you enjoyed my picks!

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