Seo Hyun Jin has us geared up for an amazing comeback with her upcoming K-drama ‘Why Her?’. The actress had started her career as a K-pop idol, aka the main vocalist of SM Entertainment’s girl group, in 2001 named M.I.L.K. She stayed as a member of the girl group till the year they disbanded and decided to attend Dongduk Women’s University to major in applied musicology. Seo Hyun Jin continued to pursue her career as a singer for a while, contributing to songs under SM Entertainment and also a few solo songs until the year 2006, when she fully transitioned into her acting career.

Since then, the K-pop idol turned actress has gifted us K-drama fans some of our favorite characters. She has worked in Another Miss Oh as Oh Hae Young, Dr. Romantic as Yoon Seo Jung, Temperature of love as Lee Hyun Soo, The Beauty Inside as Han Se Gye, and You Are My Spring as Kang Da Jung.

Not only that, Seo Hyun Jin has a room full of gleaming trophies under her name. She had won the Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries at the 2016 APAN Star Awards, the Best Actress- television award at the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards, Made in tvN, the Actress in Drama award, and the Romantic-Comedy Queen Award at the 2016 tvN10 Awards all just for the K-drama Another Miss Oh. Evidently, you can see why people are looking forward to her upcoming K-drama with Hwang In Yeop ‘Why Her?’.

No One Can Beat Lawyer Seo Hyun Jin In ‘Why Her’?

Seo Hyun Jin’s character Oh Soo Jae is a top-notch lawyer in ‘Why Her?’. It is quite rare that she finds a worthy opponent, aka someone who is at the same level as her. Her charismatic eyes and stern gaze will give you the impression that she is a force to be reckoned with. Seo Hyun Hin’s character in ‘Why Her?’ works hard day and night to make a clear stand in the male-dominated law world. The actress pointed out that she focused on the outfit, hair, and makeup concepts to perfectly bring Oh Soo Jae’s personality to life. In addition to that, Seo Hyun Jin said that it was really interesting that this power-driven woman is standing between good and evil and delivering justice.

Seo Hyun Jin 'Why Her?'
Oh Soo Jae cr: SBS

From her gaze, you might have guessed that Seo Hyun Jin’s character Oh Soo Jae does not have the softest of hearts. She is a cold-hearted woman who has been blindingly running after success. Even when she is not inside a courtroom, she does not lose her confident and intimidating demeanor as she keeps competing with the other lawyers at TK Law Firm. All this frigidness just goes to show that Oh Soo Jae has worked hard to get where she is and obviously does not want to lose it.

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Meet Oh Soo Jae

Oh Soo Jae is the youngest lawyer at one of the most prestigious law offices in Korea, TK Law firm. She had been upgrading her status minute by minute until a controversy stirred up by one of her recent cases leads her to become a professor at a local law school. Even when she saw all her hard work crumble down before her, she did not back up from the challenge of regaining her position as an elite lawyer. Oh Soo Jae does her best to fit in as a local law professor, but the scar of the controversy left on her image still lingers. At this particular law school,  Oh Soo Jae meets a student named Gong Chan.

Seo Hyun Jin Why Her?
Oh Soo Jae cr: SBS

Crossing paths with Gong Chan surprisingly lessened this scar, and Gong Chan started to develop evident feelings for her. Gong Chan, who had a harsh past, strives to protect Oh Soo Jae at all costs. These two might be up against the chairman of TK Law Firm, Choi Tae Gook himself. Choi Tae Gook, like Oh Soo Jae, would do anything to achieve what he wants. Don’t forget to check out ‘Why Her?’ in Rakuten Viki.

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