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Popular Anime Characters With Oversized Weapons

Nocholas' Punisher Cross
Nocholas' Punisher Cross

When it comes to anime, we have all kinds of weapons, characters, and powers. So the world is so vast that it could even be infinite. I mean, if we even have anime about Human Cells, then what could possibly be the exclusion? Nonetheless, this time we will be looking at anime characters with oversized weapons and how they manage to use them in combat.

We will also look at the largest swords in anime, as long as it is a weapon and it is oversized, then the chances are that they will make this list. But we will have to prioritize based on effectiveness because it would not help at all if a character had a huge weapon that is unusable. What would be more interesting is looking at those guys you think their weapons wont be effective at all because of their massive size.

But as they defy all of the odds and then you see the character wielding a massive weapon as effectively as he would a simple and light one. Then this takes things to the next level and even makes that anime worth a watch. Let’s look at what we have when it comes to anime characters with oversized weapons featuring “Who has the biggest weapon in anime?” which character has the biggest sword and anime weapons that are impossibly big.

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Shinji; Positron Sniper: Neon Genesis Evangelion

In Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 6, Shinji used the positron sniper to defeat the 5th angel Ramiel. This comes as a very huge sniper rifle that uses electron collision to create a beam of energy that can destroy almost anything. The plan to use the positron sniper came with Misato as it was their last resort. The downside to all this is that the Positron sniper required a great deal of energy and required the power from all of Japan to fire just one shot.

Oversized Weapons

Positron Sniper

As the AT Fied approves the plan, Rei will have to shield Shinjiwho will shoot the sniper. But due to the Positron Sniper’s recoil, Ramiel’s beam that will protect Shinji will only last for 17 seconds. After the shot was made, it managed to get the desired results, but the operation had put the whole of Japan into a power outage as the rifle requires about 1 terawatt of power to work.

Seryu Ubiquitous: Judgment of Ten Heavenly Kings

Seryu stores the Judgement of the Ten Heavenly kings inside of her Hekatokeires which are 10 powerful weapons that work as modifications to her body. She would most often swap the weapons as she fights using Koro’s main body, and they appear as very powerful weapons even though they are not Teigu. Dr. Stylish created them, and ever since he passed away, Seryu was unable to modify them even though she knows how to perform general maintenance on them.

Oversized Weapons

Judgment of 10 heavenly kings

Seryu also has a last resort weapon, and when she was defeated, she had an explosive device implanted in her head. It can create an explosion that would be triggered by any suicide attack, and it was more than enough to fill the small valley in which she had fought Mine in their final battle. Its destruction power was intense and laid waste to the surrounding environment.

Asta’s Demon Slayer Sword

Everyone who knows Black Clover knows that Asta has a huge sword that he has mastered over time. In fact, it used to be his go-to weapon as it was the only thing his grimoire had when he got it. At first, we used to think that all that it does is cancel magic and even out the fight. So everything would now come down to physical fights. Asta’s sword is an ancient anti-magic sword, and it also seems to be oversized.

Oversized Weapons

Asta and his swords

It has a lot of functions as Asta has mastered it to a point where he can even communicate with it. At times he would even use it as a transportation device as he could summon it at will and ride on top of it. So in a battle, it proves to be a useful weapon, and he can use it in combination with his attacks to make them even more devastating. Asta’s sword takes the form of an oversized greatsword that is mostly covered in dirt. Its blade is separated from the hilt and connected by a fuller with a normal longsword hilt.

Temari: Naruto

When it comes to oversized weapons, Naruto anime is not so much focused on them, but we have seen a few of them here and there. Temari wields a giant fan while she is in battle, and she can combine it with her wind-based attacks creating even bigger attacks. She can also use her fan to glide or as a club when it is in a closed position. Her fan seems to be made from a tough material as she can even block projectiles such as Kunai without it showing any damage at all.

Oversized Weapons

Temari Giant Fan

She has inscribed there circles on her fan that she refers to as stars and when she uses it. She opens the fan in a sequence revealing the circles, with each circle indicating an increase in the attacker’s power. Some of her fans also wonder what is the name of Temari’s weapon. But what has been revealed throughout the series is that she wields a giant iron fan. So things did not go as deep as the name of a weapon as it is only referred to as just what it literally is.

Sanosuke’s Zanbato: Rurouni Kenshin

The history behind the Zanbato sword speaks for itself, and we have seen it appearing in different animes. For now, we have seen Sanosuke wielding a huge Zanbato that is even bigger than the one referred to in Japanese history. It has a full length that is near as twice his height, and its blade is several times wider than normal. Sanosuke claimed that his sword is an antique from the Onin war, meaning that it is over three hundred years old.



This can be seen from its faded multiple fractures, and due to its lack of an edge, it is no longer sharp enough to cut through, which explains why it can only be used to smash or crush opponents. At one time, it was shown cutting Hiruma’s cheek when it was thrown, and with Sano’s great strength, he can easily wield I with ease, but due to its length, it can only do dimple vertical and lateral attacks that are too easy to read.

Mihawk’s Yoru: One Piece

One Piece has become so popular that it is always the anime to go to if one wants to see what modern-day anime has turned into. There are very few anime fans that do not know of one Piece. and even for those who don’t watch it, they still know that there is one anime that everyone is so hyped about, and it is One Piece. Looking at oversized weapons in One Piece, we have a lot of them as we know that the One Piece world is among the vastest anime world you can ever come across.

Oversized Weapons

Mihawk Yoru

Mihawk wields a huge gigantic sword that takes a cruciform shape. So we will also look at what kind of sword Yoru is. Some fans also wonder if Yoru is the strongest sword or if Zoro will get Yoru in One Piece anime. For now, we know that Yoru is a Supreme Grade sword, and that is the highest rank that a sword can get. So it is amongst the most powerful swords in the One Piece world, of which there are only 12 of them. But so far, the anime has revealed only four of their kind, so there is still more to come.

Sango’s Hiraikotsu: Inuyasha

When it comes to modern-day anime, weapons can come in all sorts and forms, so we should not rule anything out as not a weapon. We managed to see this in Inuyasha and looked at Sango’s weapon in Inuyasha. Sango wields the Hiraikotsu, which is made from parts of a vanquished Yokai. It was specifically made from purified yokai bones, and due to its supernatural materials, it is almost unbreakable and very powerful.

Oversized Weapons


It is said to be stronger than steel and is also heavy, while its quality requires a very rare kind of weapon that would be capable of destroying it. So far, Tokijin has been the only sword to ever cut it in half, and when it was repaired, Yakurodokusen imbued it with the ability to destroy Yoki, making it even more powerful than it was in the past. Sango has demonstrated different ways she can use her weapon, and its leather banda allows for easier grasp and easy handling.

Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga: Inuyasha

Sesshomaru used o own and wield Tenseiga throughout the main story, and he inherited it from his father. The sword was forged by Toga under Sesshomaru’s father’s orders. Toga used a special method to forge Tenseiga by departing the Meido Zangetsuha from the original Tenseiga so that he would be in possession of two swords which he could give to his sons. Tenseiga has a special effect in it, and it could not harm or kill living beings, but it was dangerous to beings that the realm of the dead.

Oversized Weapons


Does Inuyasha get Tenseiga? Since Sesshomaru was unable to touch Tenseiga, Inuyasha was able to wield it and also used it to defeat Sesshomaru. So Inuyasha did get Tenseiga and became its master using it in his several battles. Tenseiga would allow a compassionate wielder to see and slay beings from the underworld, and it can even bring 100 beings back to life in just one swing. While it would not harm humans, it could kill beings from the other world, such as spirits and hell hounds, and the other creatures from the Netherworld. So considering its size, Tenseiga does fit into the world of the oversized weapons in anime.

Ichigo’s Zangetsu: Bleach

Zangetsu sword is simply the manifestation of Ichigo Kurosaki’s sword or Zanpakuto as they are popularly known in Bleach. It is the result of the fusion between the hollow white and the Shinigami powers that Ichigo inherited from his father. In his own words, Zangetsu claims to represent Ichigo’s purest instincts. In its Shikar form. Ichigo’s Zangetsu appears as an oversized Khyber knife with no tsuba and an improper hilt.



The sword is as tall as Ichigo himself, with a silver blade and a black edge. It also has a cloth that seems to react to its wielder’s will and would vary in length during a battle. Zangetsu in its manifested form demonstrated the ability to wield its sword and swing it around like a flail tossing it at opponents for mid-range attacks. Zangetsu is always in its Shikai form when not in use due to Ichigo’s vat and uncontrollable Reiryoku upon its generation.

Yoh’s Spirit of Sword: Shaman King

Yoh usually carries around an ordinary sword, but after he studied the Cho Senjiryaketsu from Anna. He managed to forge his most revolutionary OS into the Seirei class Amidamau OS through using the Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi and created the gigantic double medium over soul known as a Spirit of Sword. This is simply the manifestation of his OS into a sword as it hardens his Furyoku into the shape of a growing blade and explosively increases its lethality.

Oversized Weapons

Spirit of Sword

This enables the sword to cut through any form of Furyoku, and Yoh can use it to shoot the blade of the OS in accelerated length as he pumps more Furyoku into it. His movements also improve thanks to all of the human feelings and fighting experiences that Futsu no Miama no Tsurug has accumulated over thousands of years. The one known weakness it has is that it consumes a lot of Furyoku since its great size and power are draining.

Mami’s Derringer: Puella Magi Magica

Mami is a versatile fighter, and her choice of weapons is usually a gun and two ribbons. She ties them around her neck, and they can cut things or tie them up like a trap. She can also transform her ribbons into a giant gun, and she can even style them after different weapons of her choice, like the lines of guns from the 1600s that she mostly prefers.

Oversized Weapons


The rifles that she summons and the larger guns follow the same mechanism, and she would do the final blow in most of her fights with her signatures attack that she dubs ‘Tiro Finale.’ We can see her Derringer gun most times as she likes using it in combination with her final blow, and she has proved her skill several times as she managed to have an even fight with Homura Akemi.

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Bui’s Axe: Yu Yu Hakusho

When it comes to the oversized weapons in anime. Bui’s axe is among those that stand out in terms of its size. Bui has proved to be a worthy adversary when fighting against Hei within the dark tournament’s finals. His most notable ability is his inhuman strengths because he was able to clad himself in body armor constantly, and it was said to be so heavy that it could easily break the ground underneath it if it was dropped or thrown.

Oversized Weapons

Bui’s Axe

He also has great speed being able to fight Hei while in his armor and managed to surprise him. He would normally fight melee style using his enormous battle-ax, which is about the same size as his body. It is created from his own demon energy, which materializes in a form of an ax at his will. It is so heavy such that when he threw it on his shoulder once caused his feet to sink into the dark tournament’s fighting stone ring. The true power of his ax was shown when he battled against Kirenjya as he easily decapitated his opponent with just one slash into two parts.

Panther Lilly’s Bustermarm: Fairy Tail

Overall in Fairy Tail anime, we haven’t seen much of the oversized weapons as the anime revolved around magic and its usage. But there were times when we would witness one of the oversized swords during Panther Lily’s confrontation with Gajeel. Bustermarm is a huge sword of characteristics and is about four times larger than its owner’s size. It has a straight, double-edged blade with its cutting edges lighter than the dark flat and oversized parts between them.

Oversized Weapons


It is a bit smaller near its hilt, and it grows as it extends outwards in a large protrusions pair. The most notable aspect of this sword is its handguard which takes the form of a large monstrous feline head and has round eyes, and its long ears act as added protection with a line of massive teeth on its lower end. The child is covered in leather strips and is thin compared to the blade, but it still keeps up with the blade in length. It has a pommel at its end, and it is supposed to complement its handguard taking the form of a round lower jaw of a feline.

Galaxy Shuriken: Gurren Lagann

When it comes to mecha anime, the fighting is all about the oversized weapons as different opponents try to upgrade their mecha to get the best results out of them. The galaxy shuriken, or simply known as Granzeboma, is a mecha piloted by the Anit Spiral in the final battles against Team Dai Guren. It is a mirror of the newly formed Tenge Toppa for their goal of inflicting absolute despair, and it is intended to be used by the anti spiral in their fight against the spinal foes so they can fight on equal grounds making their defeat even more crushing.

Oversized Weapons

Galaxy Shiruken

At a glance, it looks like the Tenge Toppa Gurren Lagann, but it has no faces on its limbs and has dark-colored skeletal designs. It is easily identified by its extra pair of arms that are located on its shoulders, and it can be used in battle as sen when it tries to overwhelm Team Dai Gurren. Its attack was intended to completely annihilate team Dai Gurren, but it backfired when Lordgenome used the Lzengann to take its blast and converts it together with himself into a spiral power for the Tengen Toppa.

Seras’ Harkonen: Hellsing Ultimate

Harkonen is an anti-tank cannon and is the preferred weapon for Seras Victoria throughout the Hellsing series. She is the only person who has been shown using it, and this is mostly because of its weight it also requires individuals with a great deal of precision and superhuman strength. It was stated by Walter to have enough firepower to destroy nearly anything other than the main battle tank, and it is also superior to the majority of military weapons.

Oversized Weapons


When it is unloaded, it is said to weigh around 60kg, and it uses a single-shot breech-loader with various types of shells. It can also load on depleted Uranium with silver to effectively pierce armored targets and incendiary napalm rounds used for destroying large groups of opponents on land and in the air. As one carries this weapon, it serves as long-range fire support, and due to Seras’ immense strength, she can also use it while moving around with ease, and she can even fire it over her shoulder.

Diane’s War Hammer Gideon: The Seven Deadly Sins

The War Hamme Gideon is Diane’s main weapon, and she uses it in combination with her heart magic. It is her sacred treasure that she holds dear. Gideon appears in the anime as a gigantic war hammer designed for giants. It is as tall as Diane herself, and its head is double-sided, where one side is a typical hammer while the other is a war pick; it also has a pommel on its other end.

Oversized Weapons

Diane War Hammer

It is an oversized weapon in terms of comparison o human sizes but being a giant, Diane swings it with ease. The weapon draws out Diane’s full powers had she had the ability to amplify her earth magic. When she used it for the first time, Diane went to obliterate the surrounding landscape sending a mountain-sized boulder very high in the air.

Nocholas’ Punisher Cross: Trigun

Punisher Cross is a huge cross-shaped gun that is mostly wielded by the best members of the Eye of Michael. It is mostly used by Nicholas D Wolfwood, and at the moment, they are at least ten of them in existence.

Punisher Trigun

Punisher Trigun

Being a weirdly shaped gun and an oversize weapon, the way it works also comes as strange. We saw this on Wolfwood’s punisher, which has one machine gun in the front while its back boasts a rocket launcher. On its sidearms, it can open up to reveal a storage bin of eight-grader pistols on each side. So as far as oversized weapons are concerned, this could be the weirdest of them all.

Guts’ Dragon Slayer: Berserk

Guts has been known as the wielder of oversized swords since he was six years old. This culminated in his incredible strength and master swordsmanship, and despite his Herculean stature, Guts is notably dexterous and agile in the middle of the battle. He is capable of dodging and countering most of the rapid strikes as he is a combat pragmatist and is also versatile and always capitalizes on any opportunity that would be available to surmount her opponents.



Most people would also wonder what is the dragon slayer berserk and how long is dragon slayer berserk, and this also poses the question of how heavy is dragon slayer berserk. Dragon Slayer is made with the ultimate steel, and Guts uses this huge sword to cleave through his opponents. He can use it in conjunction with Berserker Armor, and this would increase its cutting powers significantly.

Saijin’s Tenken: Bleach

When we look at how Bleach weapons manifest, we can say without a doubt that Tenken would easily be one of the best-oversized weapons in the anime because it also takes the appearance of a giant humanoid.

Oversized Weapons


Saijin’s Zanpakuto is known as Tenken, and in its Shikai, it creates various phantom body parts of a fearsome armored giant that copies whatever moves that Saijin makes. So this should settle the question “Who is Zanpakuto Tenken” as most fans wonder how these powers work.

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