Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date: What Will Happen in Masters Tournament?

Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date - Satoshi, Pikachu and Gou
Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date Details

Always work to make your dream a reality, it will become your truth. Let’s talk about Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date. Episode 109 of Pocket Monster anime finally showed us the awaited showdown between Satoshi and Kibana. It was the match that decided who will advance to the Masters tournament. Overall the fight was good and exciting.

We’ll also talk about what challenges would satoshi face in the upcoming Masters tournament. Will satoshi be able to defeat all seven contestants in the masters tournament? Well, let’s find out in the Upcoming Episodes.

Pocket Monster anime also known as Pokémon Journey is adapted from the manga of the same name written and Illustrated by Gomi Machito. The story follows satoshi’s new adventures with his new pal Gou. To whom he met while trying to capture a legendary Pokémon Lugia. Both are fascinated by each other research work and thus work together as research partners to meet new Pokémon by traveling across many regions. So here are all the details regarding the Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date.

Recap of Episode 109 of Pocket Monster Anime

Episode 109 showcased the showdown between Satoshi and Kibana for acquiring the 8th place to advance in the masters tournament. The Episode starts with Kibana and satoshi having a conversation before their match and Dande listening to their conversation in the background as he was excited to see their battle.

Then both of the players are introduced to the audience, Gou is also in the audience along with Hibani watching the match. And the rules are announced for the match by the referee, that it will follow the Masters’ tournament regulations to use three Pokémon. And that there is No limit on match length or to switch out Pokémon.

Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date - Kairyu and Flygon
Kairyu gets defeated by Flygon

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For the first round Satoshi chooses Kairyu and Kibana chooses Flygon, making it a Dragon showdown Match. Kibana attacks first with a dragon claw move and following that Satoshi attacks with a Dragon dance move. Kairyu was able to dodge most of the attacks but was later beaten by Flygon’s sandstorm move.

Satoshi advances to his next Pokémon Gänger, while Kibana still has Flygon in the ring. Gängar is completely helpless while fighting Flygon cause of all the sandstorm near it and hence gets defeated by Flygon. But Gänger gets up and does not give up easily so, Satoshi Kyodaimaxed Gänger and told it to suck up all the sandstorm and beat Flygon.

Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date - Ganger and Flygon
Ganger defeats Flygon

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Gänger defeats Flygon as well as Numelgon, which was Kibana’s Second Pokémon. But doing that he too feels after the match. Now both Kibana and Satoshi were two Pokémon down and one final round will decide their fate. Finally, Kibana chose his most powerful ace, and Duraludon and Satoshi chose Lucario. The battle between them was intense Lucario struggled against Duraludon Kyodaimaxed’s version. But at last, it was able to defeat it due to the heavy training done by Satoshi. And hence Satoshi advances to the Masters Tournament.

Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date - Lucario attack
Lucario’s attack Kyodai Aura Sphere

What Will Happen in Episode 110 of Pocket Monster Anime?

Episode 110 of Pokémon Monster anime is titled, “The Battle Royale of Betrayal”. This Episode 110 will focus on the new mission for Gou and Satoshi where they will encounter new challenges. And among them, only one will emerge as a victor. And to win one must betray others. Who will win? Will Satoshi meet a new foe or a friend from the past? Well, let’s see it in the upcoming episodes.

Pocket Monsters Episode 110 Release Date - Satoshi, Pikachu and Gou
Preview of 110 Episode

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When will Episode 110 of Pocket Monster Anime be Released?

The Pokémon Monster anime started airing in the Fall of 2019, and it’s been more than two years since. Episode 110 of Pokémon Monster Anime will release on 13th May 2022 at 6:55 P.M. (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timing – 13th May 2022 at 3:25 P.M.
  • EST Zone Timing – 13th May 2022 at 5:55 A.M

Where to Watch Episode 110 of Pocket Monster Anime?

You can stream some Episodes of Pocket Monster anime on Netflix in certain regions like the US. But unfortunately for viewers in India, we do not have information about a reliable source for streaming Pocket Monster Episode 110. We’ll Update our Pokémon Fans regarding the same in the near future If a streaming site Updates Pocket Monsters anime in its catalog.

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