Most Hated Pokemon Characters of All Time

Most Hated Pokemon Characters of all time
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We are going to talk about the Most Hated Pokemon Characters of all time. Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters in Japanese, and now known in English as Pokemon the Series, is a Japanese anime television program that first aired on TV Tokyo on April 1, 1997. It is part of The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon media empire.

Because of its exceptional plots and characters, this anime is considered a G.O.A.T, the greatest of all time. Over the years, everyone has been addicted to it. Even though fans like Pokemon, there are some characters from the show who they wish had never been created in the first place. Sure, they add to the tale, but in actuality, they are a major flaw in the show.

Most Hated Pokemon Characters of All Time

The Pokémon franchise has lasted long enough to have spawned almost 20 seasons of anime across eight generations. Although Ash has always been at the core of the Pokémon universe, hundreds of other characters have been presented over the years.

Fans have mixed feelings about some of these characters. Some characters are given unlikable characteristics on purpose to incite hatred and improve their reputation as a villain or serious opponents with a bad attitude.

There are, however, folks who were meant to be “nice guys” yet had questionable character qualities that rubbed people the wrong way. These Pokémon characters were either antagonists designed to be despised or allies with unpleasant personality quirks.

The Most Hated Pokemon Characters of All Time are listed below.

10. Magikarp Salesman

On the surface, this guy appears to be comedic relief, yet he’s a problem. From a Magikarp dressed as a Febas to a Hoppip disguised as a Chimecho, he’s always trying to sell knockoffs. While James is his finest “client,” he also tries to sell his phonies to children. He has a nasty habit that won’t go away, and let’s admit it, his drug of a face is difficult to look at, which is made worse by the fact that his “family” appears to have the same problem. He’s a convincing thief, to say the least.

9. Paul

People who have seen Paul agree that he is a jerk who has no appreciation for Pokemon from the start. He rarely grins, which fans may see as a reflection of his character’s cold and calculated demeanor. At first, all he wanted was the Pokemon’s genuine potential, thus he let go of those who didn’t match the bill. Sure, Brandon gave him a good kick in the buttocks, and he started to show some respect, but he still sneered at Ash for his Pokemon zeal. He’ll be remembered, however, for treating the majority of people like garbage.

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
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8. Koji

When the segment “Good ‘Quil Hunting” was dubbed, he was never given a name. He’ll be known for his insatiable desire to catch a Cyndaquil. He aimed to capture a Cyndaquil throughout the show, and he didn’t want any of the heroes to acquire it. Even though Ash has captured the target, he still wants the Pokemon! Even though he is aware of this, there are still other Cyndaquil in the cavern. What makes the one Ash took so significant? And he still wants it after Ash defeats him with his newly acquired Cyndaquil against his Sandslash.

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
Pokemon – Cr: Crunchyroll

7. Iris

Iris, unlike Misty, May, and Dawn, has no true reason to be with Ash. After Misty’s bike was destroyed, she traveled with Ash, as did May’s and Dawn’s bikes. At their parents’ request, May and Dawn joined Ash. Why did Iris feel compelled to accompany Ash? There was no broken bike, and there were no parents to give Ash permission to be with Iris. She also continuously taunts Ash by referring to him as “a small baby.” Even when she commits mistakes, she never blames herself. Iris, who’s the real kid? Who?

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
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6. Trovitopolis Mayor

Speak about someone who wishes to put his past behind him. This person never bothered to look into who or what was lurking in his own city’s sewers. He only wanted to reassure the public that he’d take care of the matter to secure votes for re-election. If only they had checked the sewers before locking them off. The beast ravaging the city was revealed to be the Mayor’s Bulbasaur, which was twice the size of an average lonely Bulbasaur. The Mayor used to be disappointed that Bulbasaur didn’t evolve when he was a youngster. He was lazy then, and he is still lazy now. He even attempted to reject the Bulbasaur that wished to be his friend. He’s no longer the Mayor, and he’s sitting at home. He didn’t deserve the position in the first place.

We’ve seen five of the most disliked Pokemon characters this far, with five more to go.

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5. Burgundy

This is one girl who, no matter what her role, will not accept it. Burgundy is a Connaisseuse who is continually convinced that she is superior to Cilan. Yes, she’s a demanding trainer, but she’s also a story killer. When Cilan’s Pansage defeated her Oshawott, she declared that the coupling was the worst a Connoisseur had ever seen, which was not the case. Her Connoisseur ranking is C-Class, which indicates that she should work as an assistant to an A or S-Class Connoisseur, but she believes she belongs in the A-Class and believes she knows more than her dedicated competition. Her butchering of the French language is the icing on the cake.

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
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4. Jessie

She isn’t sure when she should give up the Grotesque. She is bossy to her male teammates, annoys the crap out of them, and has possibly the very worst case of tunnel vision in the entire series, given Ash’s Pikachu as their target. Why do fans just refer to her instead of James or Meowth? Even though they are on opposite sides, James has been respectful to Ash, and he and Meowth frequently undertake the labor job despite Jessie’s continual abuse, and that is why she made it to the list of Most Hated Pokemon Characters of All times.

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
Pokemon – Cr: Crunchyroll

3. The Unstoppable Pokemon Bros.

Kim, Kai, and Kali are three friends. Brothers who are unstoppable They are significantly more fashionable than the poachers, with more wardrobes than Fantina’s and Elesa’s combined. They’re not only liars, but they’re also cheaters in combat since they band together against their opponents. What does this imply? To obtain an advantage, they’ll employ a variety of shady approaches. The good news is that their Trainers’ Licenses have been revoked, meaning they can no longer fight. Cheaters are never victorious.

2. Barry

If a rival can beat Team Rocket members, they must have been doing something right…or wrong in this case. Barry is a complete annoyance, and I’m not just referring to his dubbed voice. He slams Ash in various ways and accuses him of his mishaps. He also demands “fines” and prompt payment.

On top of that…and I’m sure I’ll be chastised for saying this…a he’s a moron. The big case comes when he asks Ash how many badges he has between the two of them, and Ash says he has seven. Barry boasted about having six, and he’s pleased with the fact that he’s only one badge behind. This guy might as well have stayed in the game longer.

Pokemon Most Hated Characters
Pokemon – Cr: Crunchyroll

1. Damian, The Most Hated Character Among All!

Although he only featured in one episode, one is still too many. Damian is shown with a large number of Pokeballs in “Charmander-the Stray Pokemon” when Ash and his companions find a Charmander on a rock, waiting for its trainer. When people wonder whether Damian had a Charmander, he says he left it on the rock, and he couldn’t have abandoned it at a worse time: a thunderstorm was approaching, and Charmander should never get his fiery tail drenched. Brock demanded that Damian return Charmander, but Damian ignored him, Ash, and Misty.

Apart from the fact that Damian has no feelings for Charmander, he also demonstrates his boldness by claiming that the most boring part of being a Pokemon Trainer is teaching Pokemon. He wants powerful Pokemon, not Pokemon that he has to train to be powerful, and he isn’t scared to leave his Charmander for dead.

This loser is undoubtedly the most despised character in the Pokemon series, being worse than Paul, Jessie, and even the two sets of brothers. One who deserves to be burned in…oh, he is already burned? Content.

These were the Most Hated Pokemon Characters of All Time. Stay tuned on Otakukart for further updates regarding Pokemon.