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One Punch Man Chapter 162 Update: Rewritten Chapter Brings Huge Changes

One Punch Man Art
Saitama in Serious Mode

One-Punch Man has always been known for its absurdly insane power scaling, which is backed up by the fact that its main character is one of, if not the, strongest characters in anime history. While the manga was initially famous for these reasons, recent chapters have added another layer to the storyline with the introduction of nigh-unstoppable villains, with the hero killer Garou becoming a threat on a cosmic scale. With the fight between Saitama and Garou seemingly reaching a climax, there had been speculations of a docile conclusion between him and Saitama, but the changes to the new chapter have ensured that a peaceful ending is no longer a possibility.

People were quick to notice the visible changes to the narrative, which are undoubtedly going to push the storyline in a new direction, although still leading to a similar result as before. However, with Garou’s new form being revealed and God himself ‘stepping’ on Earth, the revised arc holds the promise of becoming the best One Punch Man has to offer.

Cosmic Garou (Colorized)

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What went down in the New Chapter?

With the rewritten version comes a noticeable change in Garou’s methods, as well as his perception of his surroundings. While the previous version depicted Garou as a considerate villain who is trying to ensure that innocents are not swept up in his trail of destruction, the revised version depicts a Garou hell-bent on proving to the world that he is not weak, that no hero can stand before him, and thus laying waste to just about everything in his senseless quest to crush Saitama. This shift in the fight’s perspective and Garou’s personality point to a very drastic new possibility: the direct involvement of this entity currently known as “God.”

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GOD from One Punch Man

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The one aspect that stands out throughout the first few shots of the fight sequence is Saitama’s absolute dominance over Garou in both speed and strength. Saitama has casually swatted away almost every move Garou makes, moves that would have been fatal for the entire S-Class roster, except for Blast. While the previous version showed Saitama finally getting through to Garou and trying to help him see reason, the revised version shows this difference in levels only continuing to increase Garou’s sense of inadequacy, which hurts his honor as a self-proclaimed hero killer, and thus leaves the door open for ‘God’ to solidify their grip on the anti-hero, starting to turn him into a monstrosity through and through.

So What Comes Next?

In all honesty, no one can predict where OPM will go, but the upcoming arc will shake the entire community, not just this anime’s fandom, and not just because of manga panels that are works of art, but because of a storyline that could possibly be the most intense piece of lore seen in anime in a long time. While manga readers will have to wait and see how the entire scenario plays out, two revelations should give a better idea of the journey they are in for.

The first and most obvious revelation is the establishment of communication between the yet-to-be-disclosed group of Champions policing the universe against the influence of ‘God’ and the Protectors on Earth via Blast, the highest-ranked S class himself. Such a powerful and significant group of heroes would undoubtedly herald tidal waves of change, and the fact that they have begun to move to prevent the arrival of said God at the same time that this entity’s influence on Earth has increased cannot be a coincidence.

God appearing as Blast

The second, and perhaps more significant, revelation is that God has finally found a champion for them in Garou. Sensing the hero killer’s rage and feelings of incompetence, the faceless entity extends his hand once more, offering infinite power and eternal subservience. Only this time, the person actually grabs on to it. As a result, Saitama’s most formidable foe emerges. Simply put, to rival a being who can make a mockery of gods, Garou himself transforms into “The Fists of God”, a being capable of completely obliterating planets; Cosmic Garou is born. Believe me when I say that this chapter has given everyone who has read it nothing but chills.

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