One Piece Episode 1016 Review and Recap: Two Emperors Vs Three Worst Generation Pirates

One Piece Episode 1016 review and recap
One Piece Episode 1016; the trio

After more than 2 years since the Wano arc began, it is finally in its last installment, even in the anime. Whereas manga is way ahead, fans are going crazy over how beautifully the visuals are done and the story is executed in the anime. One Piece Episode 1016 is one of the most hyped episodes of One Piece. The long-awaited battle between the emperors and our worst generations has begun. This battle will be one of the longest battles and will amaze the fans with every single episode that is about to come. There is also going to be one of the biggest reveals in the later arc of wano.

The last episode hyped all the One Piece watchers when Luffy made an entrance to the battle stage. What was even cooler was the way he walked right between the two emperors to assist the Akazaya nine. Luffy is finally using the haki that damages the opponent from the inside. His punch made a difference and finally affected the strongest beast on the planet. One Piece Episode 1016 pleased the fans with the action. On top of Luffy, Kid, and Law’s trio, even Zoro and Killer had a chance to shine. Furthermore, Sanji had his fun on his own, something he called “heaven”.

One Piece Episode 1016 Recap

The episode began where it left off two weeks ago, with Kaido struggling to get up and even coughing up blood. Big Mom is surprised by Luffy’s attack and is pissed at Luffy for saying that he will become king of pirates. Kaido is surprised that at first Luffy was a mere fly to him but now is he someone who is capable of fighting him? Kaido wonders what happened to Luffy in the past few weeks and is he on the same level as people like God D. Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, Rocks, and Shanks.

Screenshot of One Piece Episode 1016
From the One Piece Episode 1016

Big Mom interferes with the fight between Luffy and Kaido with the intention to burn Luffy. However, Zoro defends Luffy by using one of Kinemon’s techniques. As soon as Luffy lets his guard down a little, Kaido’s heavy attack comes down on him. Meanwhile, we have Sanji trapped in the enemy’s chambers, but he calls it “heaven” since he is surrounded by women. He considers himself lucky to be around women and has a conflict with himself on whether he should leave this place or not? Black Maria tries her best to get information regarding Robin’s whereabouts from Sanji, but he says he’d rather die before he would give up his friends and hurt a woman.

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The Idiot Trio

This is the main highlight of episode 1016 of One Piece. Law saves Luffy from Kaido’s blow. Law then tells Luffy that he is pissed at him because when he moved the Akazaya nine away from the battlefield, it seemed like he followed Luffy’s order. Kid also teases both of them and calls them losers. Meanwhile, Zoro and Killer use their best attacks to hurt Kaido, and they are successful in doing so.

Big Mom yet launches another attack on the trio, but Luffy suggests that the one to dodge her attack will be the loser one. Kid and Law decline to follow Luffy’s suggestion yet stand still, and the attacks hit the three of them. Zoro calls them an idiot. Kaido tells Big Mom that he wants to fight the trio, and the trio unleashes their full potential.

Trio from the One Piece Episode 1016
Kid, Luffy, and Law not trying to dodge Big Mom’s attack

One Piece Episode 1016 Review

One Piece Episode 1016 is doing the best that it always does. There was a serious fight, yet there was comedy. The best thing about watching One Piece anime is that we get to see the animation that we always wanted since reading the manga. While there are a lot of great things about episode 1016 of One Piece, a few scenes seemed like they were stretched. Toei Animation has been doing this for years, but still, One Piece fans complain about this.

There is always an unnecessary stretch for the scene that doesn’t require and also way too many flashbacks. They are supposedly fillers for the episodes. However, One Piece Episode 1016 did its best to please the viewers. With an exciting ending, fans are eager to watch the new episodes and how the fight will turn out.

If you still haven’t watched the One Piece Episode 1016, you can do it on Crunchyroll here.

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