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Again My Life Episode 12 Release Date: Kim Seok Hoon’s Reign Is Coming To An End

Release date of Again My Life ep 12

Again My Life Episode 12 will be loaded with the answers that the previous episodes did not cover. Moreover, it is bound to give rise to a million extra questions. However, trust the process and do not doubt Kim Hee Woo’s plan, as he is going to strike when you least expect it! Embark on the journey with Kim Hee Woo as he tries to give his life another shot. Hee Woo is determined not to repeat the same mistakes he once made. That course of action got him killed. However, he has turned the tables around this time with his experience and knowledge.

By uncovering even the tiniest of wrongdoings in the economy, Kim Hee Woo is proving to be every criminal’s nightmare. Dirty tricks and power schemes are soon becoming activities one can only dream of doing. Such is the power a capable and dedicated prosecutor like Kim Hee Woo holds in society. Jo Tae Sub, the most notorious of them all, will soon find out for himself the consequences of messing with the wrong guy. He has enjoyed the sweet scent of undeserved power and success for quite some time now. It is time to give him a taste of his own medicine and pull him down to where he really belongs!

Again My Life Episode 12 Preview

The corrupt and dirty Jung Il Hyun, along with his subordinate Kang Jin, truly deserve their time in prison. Kim Hee Woo will not let any crime and injustice go unnoticed. In fact, he is not far away from serving the most awaited punishment to Jo Tae Sub. There are still a few loose ends that Hee woo must fasten in order to execute a foolproof plan.

One such knot that he has to tie is Han Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun is the grim reaper who provides Hee Woo with a second shot at justice. However, when he learns about her identity in the real world and her unfortunate end, he decides to take her into his protection. Han Ji Hyun is Tae Sub’s victim and seeks vengeance.

Again My Life episode 12 release date

Han Ji Hyun, aka the Grim Reaper

Hee Woo lays down the foundation for this plan by meeting up with Jo Tae Sub and providing him with valuable information. In this way, he tries to gain the confidence of the politician desperately searching for a connection in the prosecution. Having laid this concrete foundation, he starts building his case around it. Thus, he effortlessly sways Ji Hyun onto the other side.

The next pillar he has to break to secure his foundation is Kim Seok Hoon. Hee Woo starts his investigation to demolish the empire built by Kim Seok Hoon on the unfaithful ground and send him to his original place- the prison. However, working on the sidelines is Hee Ah, who decides to dig up information about Hee Woo’s encounter with Tae Sub. What is her motive behind this? Will Hee Woo succeed in bringing down Kim Seok Hoon? Remember to watch Again My Life episode 12 to find out!

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Again My Life Ep 12 Release Date

Fans can definitely expect the monsoon season to begin within their hearts with Again My Life Episode 12. The new episode will release on 14th May 2022. Kim Hee Ah’s father, Kim Gun Young, is in a critical condition as he battles for his life in the hospital. Will he survive the dirty politics played by the cruel Jo Tae Sub? or is this how he will meet his end? These questions definitely point at Again My Life episode 12 to be an absolute tearjerker.

release date of Again My Life epsiode 12

What is the fate of Kim Gun Young?

Online streaming details

Episode 12 of Again My Life will release on the SBS television network at precisely 10:00 pm KST. The corresponding time zones across the world are as follows. 6:30 pm IST, 11:00 pm AEST, and 8:00 am Central time. Be sure to catch the episode on online streaming platforms like Viu and Rakuten Viki as well! Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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