‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8 Release Date: The Epik High Band Gives Memorable Performance

Knowing Bros Netflix (1)
Knowing Bros Netflix (1)

After successfully launching six seasons, ‘Knowing Bros’ is back with its Season 7 in 2022. The MOAM school students will be expecting an appearance by ‘The Red Sleeve’ majesty. The Real-life beauty, Lee Seo-Young in ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8. However, the upcoming episode will have to be very special to match up with the standards that the Epik High band has set.

The Epik High band members Tablo, Tukutz, and Mithra, make the episode very special. They bring out the best in everyone in the classroom with their performances and funny jokes. Moreover, there are hilarious moments in the ‘Knowing Bros’ ep that are worth capturing.

What Happened In ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 7 Recap?

In ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 7, the Epik High students are back at MOAM school. The ‘Knowing Bros’ guests for the episode are said to be the godfather of hip-hop. The three guests make a funky entry and introduce themselves in a fun way. The first guest is Tablo. He is more than just a singer. Tablo is a Canadian hip-hop artist who is also a lyricist and producer. The second guest to introduce himself is Tukutz. His real name is Kim Jung Sik, and he is forty years old. As for the third and final guest, the introduction was even more special. Before saying his name, he says that his name is not Choiza but Mithra. When he said this, the whole class burst into laughter as the name has a weird meaning.

Epik High is an impressive group that has been around for more than twenty years. Also, other than their existing fame, the boy group was invited to Coachella. It is very big news as the Kpop genre is getting recognized around the world. Moreover, another thing that the conversation at MOAM class is focused on is Tablo losing his lyrics. Furthermore, Epik High announces that they are releasing the second season of their reality show. In this, they will recruit some new talent for the band.

Epik High 'Knowing Bros'
Epik High ‘Knowing Bros’ season 7

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Epik High’s Performance On ‘Knowing Bros’

In this ‘Knowing Bros’ ep, the Epik High members Tablo, Tukutz, and Mithra give memorable performances, starting with their song ‘Fly’. However, the fun does not end here. The second song that the group performed is ‘Born Hater’. For the first song, Tukutz stayed on the music system, but soon he joined his friends for the second song. Also, a capture-worthy funny moment in the ‘Knowing Bros’ ep is when Tablo climbs over the desk and, while getting down, rolls on the floor. Even though it is a mishap, the singer makes it look cool and natural. Finally, the last song Epik High performs is ‘Fan’ by the band.

‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Upcoming Episode Preview

A surprising fact that we learn about the Epik High group is that Mithra lists himself as the youngest child of the band, On this, a MOAM student comments that it is surprising as he looks like a beekeeper. After having a lot of fun with Tablo, Tukutz, and Mithra, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast is getting ready to invite their new guests. In ‘Knowing Bros’ season 7 episode 8, ‘The Red Sleeve’ actress Lee Se-Young will appear on the show.

Lee Se-Young
Lee Se-Young ‘Knowing Bros’ episode 8

What Is ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8 Release Date?

The ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8 release date is 10th May 2022. Her majesty from ‘The Red Sleeve’ is going to make our nights funnier with all her traditional values. The MOAM students will be dedicated actors playing the role of the court ladies. Also, in the ‘Knowing Bros’ upcoming episode, the cast members will enact the scenes from the historical drama, and it will be hilarious. They will get appreciated, punished, and rewarded by Lee Se-Young herself.

Watch ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8 Online- Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Knowing Bros’ is a television series broadcast by the jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Knowing Bros’ on the official network, and international fans can watch the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 8 on the international-streaming website Netflix. 

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