‘OMEGA X’ Will Make A Comeback In June 2022 With A New Concept

OMEGA X comeback
OMEGA X comeback

After showcasing its wild and sexy side to the world, ‘OMEGA X’ is ready for a comeback with a new concept. The Korean boy band ‘OMEGA X’ comeback is scheduled for June. No details on the new song track have been given. However, Spire entertainment agency announced on 9th May 2022 that the June album would be surprisingly delightful for the fans. Moreover, the ‘OMEGA X’ group also made a comeback in January 2022 with the single album ‘Love Me Like’. Other than this, the Kpop boy group has been active in the industry since 2021 and has released amazing music albums like ‘What’s Goin On’ and ‘Vamos’.

Since its debut in 2021, ‘OMEGA X’ has been nominated for many awards. Finally, in 2022, the famous boy group won the rookie of The Year award at the ‘Seoul Music Awards.’ Furthermore, the ‘OMEGA X’ consists of eleven members, and each member has a special feature that makes their band even stronger. The names of the members are Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, Yechan, Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, and Xen. An interesting fact about ‘OMEGA X’ is that the band does not have a defined group leader. Even so, harmony and compatibility among the members can be seen through their performances.

‘OMEGA X’ Comeback In June

The ‘OMEGA X’ boy group is signed under the Spire entertainment agency. The boy group made their first comeback in January. It was with their second mini-album, ‘Love Me Like’. After this, the Spire agency confirmed that the second ‘OMEGA X’ comeback would be in June 2022 with a new concept. Based on the announcement, it is suspected that the group will dwell on new ideas. Also, in the upcoming song tracks, the members will show something new other than their wild charms. However, the date of the release and title of the music album is not confirmed by the agency.


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‘OMEGA X’ Music Release Timeline

All the members of ‘OMEGA X’ started their journey by auditioning for different variety shows. Before becoming a part of the boy group, many members of ‘OMEGA X’ were part of other groups.


Before becoming part of ‘OMEGA X,’ Hangyeom was a member of the ‘Seven O’ Clock’ group. This South Korean boy group was formed by Staro entertainment, and it originally consisted of nine members. As for Jaehan, he was a member of the ‘Spectrum.’ Also, he was a contestant on season 2 of ‘Produce 101. ‘Hwichan was a member of the boy band ‘Limitless.’ Moreover, these three members also participated in the same reality show ‘Mix Up’.

Talking about other members of ‘OMEGA X,’ Sebin is a former member of ‘Snuper’. Before joining the ‘OMEGA X’ group, he participated in ‘The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project’. Moreover, Taedong is the only one who participated in two reality shows. ‘Produce 101’ and ‘Boys24’. Furthermore, the two members of the group, Xen and Jehyun, formally belonged to the same boy band ‘1Team’. Whereas Kevin, Junghoon, and Hyuk were associated with the ‘ENOi’ boy group in the past. Lastly, Yechan is a former member of the ‘1the9’ group, and in the past, he participated in the ‘Under Nineteen’ reality show. After knowing about the ‘OMEGA X’ comeback announcement, fans are looking forward to witnessing the new side of the Kpop boy group.

Love Me Like
Love Me Like

‘Vamos,’ ‘What’s Goin On,’ And ‘Love Me Like’

The ‘OMEGA X’ boy group debuted on 30th June 2021 with their first EP, ‘Vamos’. After a successful debut, the group released its first single album. It was titled ‘What’s Goin On’. The album was released on 6th September 2021. For both of the albums, ‘OMEGA X’ received many award nominations like ‘Rookie Award,’ ‘New Artist of The Year Award’ etc. However, their 2022 album, ‘Love Me Like’ scored them a ‘Rookie of The Year’ award. ‘OMEGA X’ released the ‘Love Me Like’ album on 5th January 2022, and their agency has announced ‘OMEGA X’ comeback with a new album in June. Do you think the upcoming album will be as good as ‘OMEGA X’ group’s work till now?

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