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Moments When Nayeon From Twice Made Us Forget That She Is The Oldest Member Of The Group

Moments When Nayeon From Twice Made Us Forget That She Is The Oldest Of The Group
Moments When Nayeon From Twice Made Us Forget That She Is The Oldest Of The Group

Remember when we were new to knowing Twice and thought that Nayeon from Twice might be the youngest? Even now, if you do not know the members’ ages, you will probably believe that Nayeon might be the youngest of them all. But, the truth is that Nayeon is actually the oldest member of the group. She was born on September 22, 1995. Currently, she is 27 years old in Korean age, and everyone gets highly shocked after knowing her real age. Well, that is the charm of our lovely idol Nayeon. She has the personality that can instantly light up a room and turn the corners of the lips of anyone and everyone. And that is one of the reasons why she is so lovable and has a huge fanbase.

Twice made their debut on October 20, 2015, with the extended play named (EP) The Story Begins. The group was created through the Television Program Sixteen in 2015 and consists of a total of 9 members. These talented members are Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Nayeon is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, center, as well as the face of the group. The idol initially started out as a child model through a contest and was later cast by JYP. But at the time, her mother refused her to join the company as she was so young. But later, in 2010, she passed the open audition of JYP, which she entered secretly, and we are so glad that she did! The popularity of Twice has been reaching far and wide. The world is going head over heels for them as they cannot seem to get over their sheer talent and amazing music and discography. Why does Nayeon from Twice look so young despite her age? Is it her smile? Is it her face? Is it her way of talking? Is it her personality? Is it her aegyo? Or is it her aura that she creates wherever she goes? What is it? If this was a multiple-choice question, then the fans would have definitely chosen the choice that says all of the above.

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1. Nayeon: The Bunny of Twice

There are several reasons to call her the bunny of her group, which definitely include her cute smile. Let us admit that whenever she gives that million-dollar smile, we cannot help but fall for her cuteness. The shape of her teeth is really unique, and on top of that, a cute gummy smile is what we need to melt our hearts. There have been several occasions where the idol has worn bunny ears, and fans could not help but point out how perfectly it suited her. Along with this, her cheeks her eyes also help her give a cute rabbit look which makes her look so innocent.

Nayeon From Twice

Nayeon From Twice

2. When Nayeon Threw Confetti At Jihyo

If you do not know, Nayeon is widely known for her playful behavior, and this can be seen almost everywhere. There was once a time when the group was performing, and the stage was filled with confetti. Nayeon, being the playful queen, collected a lot of them and planned something. Soon she went up to Jihyo, who is the leader of the group, and surprised her by throwing all the confetti at her. This was one of those moments when our Jihyo rethinks why she is the leader of the group. Just kidding, they love each other, and it really feels amazing how they are so comfortable around each other regardless of their age and position. This shows their true friendship.

Nayeon and Jihyo From Twice

3. When Nayeon From Twice Proved That She Can Make Any Place Her Stage

This is one of the cutest and funniest moments where Nayeon turns a simple bottle into her microphone and starts singing her heart out! She pretty much made the whole beach her stage as if she was performing for a concert. She was carrying a beautiful guitar and singing along with her members on the beach. The whole scene can just be described as wholesome, and the members, too, had a lot of fun. You can always count on Nayeon for a good laugh in any situation.

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4. Nayeon From Twice Hugging And Clinging To Other Members

The habit of Nayeon going up to everyone and just simply embracing them or clinging onto them makes everyone go ‘aww’. Whenever someone sees these moments, they cannot help but think that Nayeon must be the maknae who is just embracing her elder sisters. But that is not the case. This is Nayeon’s way of showing her love for all the members, and we can tell that members too love it when she does this! This happens on many different occasions. Once during a performance, Nayeon started giving a warm back hug to members. Another time, she put her head on a member’s shoulder during a Vlive while acting cute. All these instances are so cute that fans start praying that they could get a friend like Nayeon. And that is understandable because who would not love a cute hug from a cute bunny?

Nayeon from Twice hugging and clinging to other members

Nayeon from Twice hugging and clinging to other members

5. When A Fan Asked How Many Flowers Were In The Bouquet And She Did This

Fan meets! The most exciting dream of all the fans is where they can meet the idols that they love in real life. And one of the cutest fan interactions happened when a fan asked Nayeon how many flowers were there in the bouquet that she had. Nayeon went deep into thought for a few seconds and came up with the answer that made everyone’s heart flutter. She pointed at herself and replied ‘one’. By this, she meant that she was the flower. And this made everyone smile and have a good giggle.

6. When Nayeon Told Her ‘Real’ Age

So we know that all the oldest members are often teased for their ages by the younger ones, and Nayeon is no exception. Once a member asked her on camera if she was halfway to fifty this year. Hearing that, Nayeon replied that she was just five years old. And well, with her childish charms, no one can dare to argue with her on that.

7. When Members Kissed Her Cheek And She Turned Into A Baby

So this happens a lot of times, but it can never get old! We all agree that Nayeon is the embodiment of cuteness overload. But we are not the only ones, the members too agree, and so many times, they often go to her to give her a peck on her cheek. Just watching this makes the fans melt right at the spot, but this is not it. The reaction she gives after this makes it ten times more heart-melting. Whenever she gets a kiss on her cheek from her members, she always makes a mesmerizing expression and turns around. The way she gets flustered is so cute, and this also tells how the members too treat her like a baby.

Nayeon From Twice

Twice giving a peck to Nayeon

8. When Nayeon Does Aegyo

Aegyo is super famous, especially among idols. And Nayeon is an idol who excels at it. There are many clips of her where she does aegyo and not just her members, but everyone instantly falls head over heels for her. She has been on many variety shows with the other members and showed the charm of her aegyo there too. Fans have always shown their love and support to the idol for her cute and charming moments, and so, they also ask her to do aegyo in Vlives. And after this, we cannot bring ourselves to believe that Nayeon is actually the oldest of her group.

Nayeon doing aegyo

9. How Can We Forget That Her Members Love To Squish Her

Yes, the idol has such squishy cheeks that members cannot resist but make her cheeks a squish toy. And the lovable part is that even Nayeon finds it amusing and lets them do what they want. All these interactions are so, and fans cannot get enough of them.

Nayeon From Twice

Members squishing Nayeon’s cheeks

Basically, Nayeon is that energetic person who will shine light upon anywhere she goes. Her heart is made of gold, and she is extremely caring and loving towards her members. She always makes everyone comfortable around her and plays with them, teases them or pulls pranks on them. And that is why her warm personality has made everyone fall in love with her.

The fact that people cannot believe she is the oldest of the group has been acknowledged even by the whole group. And so, they even gifted her the nickname “Matnae”. The word describes her so accurately that fans were surprised! “Matnae” was made by the combination of two words – the first word is “Mat-unni” which means the oldest sister, and the second word is “Maknae,” which means the youngest sibling. By this nickname, she can be described as the oldest member who has all the characteristics of the youngest baby or member. And to be honest, we cannot think of a better name to describe Nayeon than this. Her members surely know her very well.

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