Maverick Carter Net Worth In 2023, Early Life & Career Highlight [Updated]

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Maverick Carter's Net Worth

Sports businessman and media personality Maverick Carter is popular in the world of sports and for some very specific reasons. Known to be friends with the star basketball player LeBron James, Carter played the sport for just one season before moving on to other ventures in life. Let us take a look at Maverick Carter’s life and his net worth.

Maverick Carter might as well be a living example of how you can have an interest in one thing but could end up pursuing and being ridiculously successful in something else. He played basketball and football with LeBron James but quickly decided that playing the game and being on the field was not for him.

Clearly, he wanted to be in space where he could make moves and control the players rather than be the one playing, and it turns out that things turned out pretty well for him. He is a longtime friend of LeBron James, and the two even went to the same high school and shared the same passion for the sport of basketball.

They played for their high school team, graduating from which the two continued to play the sport, though Carter played college basketball for one season, and we all know what happened with LeBron.

The latter went on to become one of the greatest players of the National Basket Association, or as fans would call it, NBA, and Maverick decided to walk down the business pathway. The man has done a lot and has achieved even more. Though he is not directly involved in basketball, it is unlikely for an avid fan to not know his name. 

Maverick Carter for an interview (Credits: Uninterrupted)
Maverick Carter for an interview (Credits: Uninterrupted)

Carter’s Early Life

Born in 1980 to Katherine Powers and Otis Carter, Maverick Carter spent a significant amount of his childhood and youth in two specific places. Part of his childhood was spent in Akron, Ohio, and for most of his youth, he remained in Atlanta, Georgia.

His father’s occupation remained undisclosed, though we know that his mother, Katherine Powers, was active as a social worker. That LeBron James and Maverick Carter were friends from childhood is a known fact, but not just this. The two also went to the same school and even played sports together. 

The two attended the high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and played football and basketball for their school team as well. After graduating from school, the two gave up football and decided to go for a career in basketball.

Carter went to Western Michigan University, a public university in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he picked up basketball and played college basketball for the Western Michigan Broncos men’s basketball team. Sadly, he played with the team for only one season, realizing that playing the game was not where his heart was. 

And so, he dropped out of college, a bold move, and moved back to the town where he spent most of his teenage years, Akron. He got himself enrolled at the University of Akron, wanting to study business in a deeper sense.

To say that he was lost would be wrong. Carter had a vision, and he knew exactly what needed to be done to implement it. While at college, he maintained his friendship with LeBron James, and the two continue to remain close even in the present time. 

Maverick Carter and LeBron James (Credits: Moguldom)
Maverick Carter and LeBron James (Credits: Moguldom)

The first ever gig Carter took up after dropping the idea of playing basketball was with an extremely popular brand called Nike. His internship at the company put him in the position of “field representative.” In the time that Maverick enrolled in a different university and got an internship with Nike, LeBron had established himself as a talent that could be nurtured into something.

The latter got drafted by the NBA in 2003, and only three years later, Maverick joined him to work with him as his business manager. Since 2006, he has not only been together with him as his manager, but the two have turned their friendship into a business relationship as well. 

The two have been together for a long time, and at some point, they were joined by Randy Mims and Rich Paul. This group of four set up LRMR, a company set up specifically for sports marketing, and for Carter to have an agency that he could use to take James forward as a sports person and as a public personality. 

His work profile in no way stops here, but let us quickly move on to discuss his net worth and earnings over the years.

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Maverick Carter’s Career

Apart from being one of the co-founders of the management company, LRMR, one that has handled James’ career with so much grace and effort and even carried it forward to partially make him what he is presently, Maverick Carter is also the Chief Executive Officer, or the CEO, of another firm called SpringHill Entertainment.

This came to be as a collective effort of both James and Carter, and it currently is operating as a well-established entertainment group and content company that puts out documentaries, television series, feature films, and digital content across a variety of streaming platforms. 

Carter deals with the important tasks of expanding the business even further and diversifying it into different fields. He comes up with new strategies and opportunities and deals with signing partnerships for content production. 

The mastermind behind LeBron’s management, Maverick Carter (Credits: NBC News)

Since he has helped in the creation of many different and original content over the years, he has also used his genius to establish another company, once again with his best buddy and partner, LeBron James, called Uninterrupted, of which he is the CEO.

The two launched the effort in 2015 in hopes of uplifting athletes and sports people, empowering them and them to have a multimedia platform where they could tell their stories. They have grown big enough to have partnered with global platforms like Facebook and Warner Bros.

They consistently put out videos of their star athletes and have also made efforts to release series like The Shop and documentaries about athletes like The Carter Effect.

Not only this, but with Carter’s brain working nonstop behind the scenes, the company has also launched a podcast that invites and brings out famous and loved sports stars who take the time to tell interesting stories from their days in the field.

Coming back to the entertainment company SpringHill, where Maverick is also the executive producer, it has grown quite a lot. The company and Maverick have done their best to release a bunch of projects for fans. 

NBC’s The Wall, HBO’s Student Athletes, 2018-released successful docuseries called Warriors of Liberty City, and a YouTube premium content called Best Shot are the names of some of SpringHill’s most successful projects.

Maverick Carter’s Net Worth

Businessman Maverick Carter’s current net worth stands at a whopping $70 million, and it is primarily because of his hard work with the slight leverage of being friends with LeBron James. A significant reason behind his net worth being so high is because of his involvement with the establishment of LRMR.

Maverick Carter and LeBron James together (Credits: Essentially Sports)
Maverick Carter and LeBron James together (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Randy Mims sits as the CEO spot of the company, and it is this company that controls the public relations and management part of player LeBron’s life. LRMR is responsible for the latter’s brand deals, publicity, marketing, and image. With LeBron’s name attached to the firm, there was no way it was going to fail.

Carter’s involvement has been huge, and he has helped the player a lot throughout his career, be it with LeBron announcing that he was switching teams or helping him build his image once again, and even James’ brand deals, Carter has been the mastermind behind it all.

His involvement with the production called The Decision, getting LeBron Nike’s presumed to be a billion-dollar brand deal, and swiftly helping him move from Cleveland to Miami has made him an important figure in the company and must have added a whole lot to his worth and income.

He has been personally responsible for a lot of decisions made throughout James’ career, and as important your position gets, the higher your pay goes. He was the one who negotiated the deal between LRMR and Fenway Sports Group, thus getting LeBron a stake in Liverpool F.C., and he was the brain behind “The LeBron” caricature commercials.

He also has an entertainment company called SpringHill Entertainment, which he built together with James. With hopes of bringing work for minority groups, this company has collaborated with Warner Bros. to release Becoming, The Wall, Survivor’s Remorse, Uninterrupted, and Space Jam: A New Legacy

Not just this, he also has high stakes in the Boston Red Sox, making him a part owner of the team, and he has produced, alongside James and Drake, a documentary series called Black Ice, made by David Hubert. Carter’s involvement with such established people and his ability to manage LeBron’s career so well has brought him immense credibility.

Young James and Carter together (Credits: Shoppe Black)
Young James and Carter together (Credits: Shoppe Black)

He is trusted and knows exactly what his next step is going to be, so it makes sense that his business ventures have turned out to be so successful, making his net worth so high. Carter has kept his private life a bit too private, which means that not a lot is known about his assets and investments.

What we do know is that he is living a comfortable and luxurious life in his $9.3 million home that he bought in 2021 in California. He had been living in a house worth $3.5 million, which he bought in 2015 but ended up selling in 2018 for almost $4.2 million.

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