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How did LeBron James Build His Net Worth?

Lebron James’ net worth is causing so much hype in the tabloids these days and thus, we decided to wrap it all for you. The majority of his income comes from basketball as an NBA Player itself. Although, he has successful business ventures as well that are immensely profitable. LeBron is 37 years of age and Forbes is estimating about his net worth for a few weeks now.

James was born in Ohio to a teenage mother. His father was a criminal and has no role in parenting him. His mother sent him off to live with a Football coach who introduced him to Basketball. This is when the passion for the game was instilled within him. Even though in high school, everyone said he was an NBA prospectus. And it is exactly where life landed him. Now, let us move on to more financial topics such as LeBron James’ Net Worth.

LeBron James’ Net Worth

NBA player LeBron James is now officially worth a billion US dollars. This is officially declared by Forbes. James has established himself as the first active player to make the billionaires list. Michael Jordan is also a billionaire although he became one almost after 10 years of his retiring. In an interview with the GQ magazine back in 2014, James talked about how being a billionaire would be. He said that it will be his biggest milestone. This was the time when fellow iconic NBA player Michael Jordan was declared a billionaire.

How did LeBron James Built His Net Worth?

LeBron James in his Lakers jersey.

James is one of those people who have worked hard for their success. As it is obvious, his mother when he was little, had to shift from apartment to apartment in search of a stable roof and food to eat. Given the fact that he is a billionaire right now, must make his family so proud. He also said in the same interview that if he ever happens to be a billionaire, then it is going to be very exciting for him.

How does LeBron James get the dollars?

We guess that James probably has manifested this achievement for himself. His businesses including the salary from NBA games are more than 1.2 billion dollars before taxes. He is also the highest-paid active player in NBA right now with a combined salary of 385 million dollars. This comes from teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers as well as Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. 900 million of LeBron James’ Net Worth comes from businesses and endorsements.

His first collaboration came in 2003 when James was just 18 years in age. He signed a deal with Nike. He had other offers from established firms such as Reebok and Adidas but he wanted a long-term partnership. After ten years, around 2013, he elongated the contract between them and signed for a lifetime. This deal pays him more than ten million dollars annually. He has other collaborators such as AT&T as well as PepsiCo and Walmart.

His other ventures

The main reason why James is a successful basketball player and a businessman right now is his strategic thinking. He has invested in the equity of the brands that he collabs with. This means that he is gaining from both ways. James has also been a part of the entertainment industry. He starred as himself in the Space Jam franchise.

He is also working on a Netflix documentary about Naomi Osaka. He will even have a cameo in the remake of the film House Party which is set to release this year. The movie will feature two youngsters throwing a wild party at his house and losing their valuables. During his interviews, James accepted that he wants to own an NBA team one day. With more than a billion in his pocket, I don’t think that his dream is far away.

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