Jennifer Aniston Net Worth, Early life, Awards and Earnings in 2021

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Jennifer Aniston’s full name is Jennifer Joanna Aniston. The 1994 released web series named Friends bought a huge turn in Jennifer Aniston’s career. After that show, she rose to fame to an international level. In that show, she played the role of the character named Rachel Green. The series lasted for quite a few years. It ended in the year 2004, and by then, Aniston was recognized worldwide. She was born on the 11th of February in the year 1969. Not only is she a great actress, producer but a great businesswoman as well. She was born in America.

Not only is she the highest-paid actress around the world, but also she is regarded as the most beautiful woman. She made her way to the list of many magazines for her charming beauty. She is the co-founder of the production company Echo Films. This company was inaugurated in April 2008 by Jennifer Aniston and Kristin Hahn, who is her production partner. Their company produces both movies and TV Shows. Their company also has a production deal with universal pictures. With all her achievements so far, her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $220 million, according to 2021.

Childhood and Early Career

From the very childhood, Aniston was fond of acting. Her father used to work as a TV actor, but despite that, she was restricted from watching TV. But as always, when there’s a will, there’s away. She got enrolled in art school and started attending the drama society there.

Despite being a star kid Aniston never directly got any major role in movies. She had to take up a few part-time jobs as a waitress, bike messenger, and Telemarketer. Besides her jobs, she also did many small roles in some movies under the production company named Off-Broadway. She played a small and uncredited part in a movie named Mac and me. It was released in the year 1988, with which she did her debut. In 1989 she appeared as a spokesmodel for Nutrisystem in a show named The Howard Stern Show.

 She got selected for a few TV shows. The firsts one was in 1986, which was made by adapting the story from one of the films named Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Even the TV show was named Ferris Bueller. The second one was a show named Molloy released in 1990. But unfortunately, both of them got canceled. In 1990 she did a movie named Camp Cucamonga. In this movie, she portrayed the role of a teenaged girl going to summer camp. In 1993 she did a horror movie named Leprechaun.  In this movie, she starred as a spoiled teenage daughter. But unfortunately, her role was considered as her worst role by a monthly magazine in 2014. She then acted in two TV shows, namely The Edge(1992-1993), Muddling through(1994),  she was also cast as a guest in few shows, namely Quantum Leap(1989-1993), Herman’s Head(1991-1994), Burke’s Law(1993-1995). But as down on one’s luck, all the shows became a back-to-back failure.

Rising to success

Jennifer Aniston in Friends as Rachel Green

With all the back-to-back failures she faced, she became depressed. She even decided to quit acting. But it was Warren Littlefield, the director of the popular show Friends, who inspires Aniston to start acting again. First, they wanted to cast her for the role of one of the female characters named Monica. E.Geller. But then they found Courteney Cox for the role. Later she got the role of Rachel Green. It suited her the best. The show lasted for quite a few years. It started in the year 1994. She continued playing the role of Rachel Green till the show ended in 2004. During the show, she also got the offer to be a part of another show named Saturday night live. But she turned down the offer for being a part of Friends. 

The show resulted in being a massive hit. Her co-stars even won many awards for the show. According to Guinness Book of World Records, after the show ended in 2004, Aniston and her co-stars became the world’s highest-paid actors with an earning of $1million per episode at the end of the season. After a four-year break from her film career. She returned to the film industry with a romantic comedy movie named She’s the one. But her film career took the pace in 1997, with the movies named Picture Perfect. In that movie, she portrayed an advertising executive who was at that time struggling with her career. She did her role with her co-stars, namely Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr. But the film did not receive huge success in the box-office. It got a mixed reaction from the audience. Nevertheless, Aniston’s role was very warmly received. The movie named The Object of my Reflection, released in the year 1998, made her grow more in the industry. In that movie, she drew the role of a girl who falls in love with a gay man. The role of the gay man was done by none other than Paul Rudd. She also did the role of a waitress in a 1989 released movie named Office Space. 

Robert Ebert, the well know film critic proclaimed that Aniston received the headway in her career after he watched her acting in a comedy cum drama named The Good Girl, released in the year 2000. In that dramedy, she enacted the part of being a not-so-beautiful cashier who later in the show cheats on her husband.

With all these movies and being a character in the famous TV show Friends. She enacted the part of the girlfriend of a guy who by profession was a field journalist but later got an opportunity to become Almighty for a day. This movie was released in the year 2003, named  Bruce Almighty. This movie became a commercial success. In that year, this movie was regarded as the fifth-highest-grossing big-screen production with an earning of $484million worldwide. In the year 2004, she enacted as an old classmate of a newlywed bride. Her co-star was Ben Stiller. The movie was named Along with Come Poly. It was in the genre of romantic comedy. This movie also made a huge success in the box-office of not only in America but worldwide. In North America alone, it earned somewhere around $27.7million in the 1st week itself. Even worldwide, the movie made a huge box-office amount of $172million.

Box-office success

Not just was her successful movies till 2004. She did a movie in 2005 portraying the role of an alluring woman who has an affair with an advertising executive. The movie was named Derailed. She did another movie in 2005 named Rumor Has it? Both her movies were not much but moderate. In 2006 she did a movie named The Break-up. Though it got mixed reviews from the audience then also it earned a huge amount of $39.17million in the opening week. Even worldwide, it earned somewhere around $204million. Both of them made two back-to-back box-office hit movies.

The first one was in 2008 Christmas. The movie named Marley and Me huge box-office success. The movie was based on a romantic comedy genre. The movie earned a huge amount of $51.7million in the first four days. Even the movie was a great hit worldwide and earned somewhere around $242.7million. Again in the year 2009, she played a role in another box-office hit movie named  He’s Not Just Into You, with Ben Affleck as her co-star. This movie was also under the romantic comedy genre. The movie was positively remarked by a popular film critic. In the Box-office, the movie made somewhere around $242.7million worldwide. This movie was also regarded as the first rank hole in the US box office.

In 2010 she again did two movies, namely The Bounty Hunter, The Switch. Though the first one that is made a huge box office success of $130million worldwide but the latter did not perform well in the box-office as compared to the first. The Switch made somewhere around $8.4million. She also played a role of a psychiatrist in one of ABC’s sitcoms named Cougar Town in the year 2010. Again in 2011, she did another box-office hit named Just go With It portraying the role of the wife of a plastic surgeon in which she is also an office manager. The other one is Horrible Bosses drawing the part of a lady dentist who is very sexually aggressive. Both of her 2011 releases made a huge box-office success of around $100million each in the States itself. These movies made a huge box-office amount of $200million worldwide as well. The list of her box office success is never-ending.

But some of them are; We Are Millers (2013) made $269million, Mother’s Day(2016) made $183.4million, Office Christmas Party (2016) made $114.5million worldwide. The movie We are Millers received mixed reacting from the viewers. In that movie, Aniston’s co-star was Jason Sudeikis. Her movie is regarded as one of her most commercially successful movies among many. Then in the movie Mother’s Day, she acted with Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson. Though this movie got mixed reviews then also the box office amount of this movie is huge. Another famous box-office success, as mentioned, is the Office Christmas Party was directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speak. In this movie Aniston Jason Bateman and Kate McKinnon as her co-stars.

In 2014 Aniston drew the role of a styptic woman who suffers from Chronic Pain named Claire Simmons. The movie was named The Cake. Though this movie received mixed reviews from the audience but still, when critics examined the movie, they praised Aniston and told her acting deserves an Oscar. Her performance was so good that even at the famous International film festival in Toronto, her acting was described to be “heartbreakingly good”.


She started her first relationship and got romantically involved with the popular actor and director Tate Donovan in 1995. The relationship lasted for quite a few years and ended in 1998. Soon, she was in a relationship with Brad Pitt. While together their relationship got huge media and public attention. After dating for 2years or so, they decide on getting married. They finally got married in 2000 on the 29th of July. But due to some problems or the other, they announced on getting separated in the year 2005. But till then, their relationship was considered as one of the very few successful relationships in Hollywood. Some people believed that Brand Pitt failed to keep Aniston’s trust because he was in a relationship with Angelina Jolie. But Aniston, in one of her interviews told that the divorce was because of some of their reasons. But after their divorce, Aniston refused to accept Brad Pitt’s children.

In 2008 she started dating the famous singer, songwriter, guitarist, and song producer John Mayer. In the 81st Academy Awards, she appeared with her boyfriend, John Mayer. But then their relationship ended in 2009. She fell for the famous producer, director-actor, and screenwriter in 2011 named Justin Theroux. After being in a relationship for one 1year or so, they decided to get engaged in 2012. Finally, after 3years of their engagement, they got married in 2015. But unfortunately, due to some reason or the other, they got separated in 2017.


Not only did the success of Friends made Aniston rose to fame and became the highest-paid actress, but she also won many awards for the same. She got nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards five times. She also got nominated for the Golden Globe Award twice. She received the nominations for the SAG awards not once or twice but nine times. All these nominations she got only for her awesome acting in Friends. She also won all the mentioned awards for the same. For her small but awesome role in the movie 30 Rock, she received the nomination for the Primetime Emmy Awards. Her performance in the movie The Cake was just outstanding. For that, she also got nominated for the Golden Globe award as well as SAG awards. She again got nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards. She also received two nominations for the Golden Globe Awards and also won a SAG award. All these three are for her awesome acting in the drama series named The Morning Show.

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Her movies, namely Office Space(1999), The Good girl (2002), Bruce Almighty(2003), Friends With Money(2006), The Break-up(2006), Marley and Me(2008), Just Go With It(2011)  Horrible Bosses(2011), We’re the Millers(2013), Dumplin'(2018) was claimed to very commercially successful by the Box-office and few critics and reviewers.

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