Luke Evans’ Divorce From Rafael Olarra – Is He Single Now?

Luke Evans
The truth behind Luke Evans' divorce from Rafael Olarra revealed.

What do we know about Luke Evans’ divorce? Why did he break up with Rafael Olarra? Is he single or again in a relationship with someone? Luke Evans is best known for his role as the antagonist Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6 is the talk of the town recently. He proved himself so many times with his acting skills in so many movies such as Immortal, The Raven, Dracula Untold, and many more that he is such a versatile actor.

Moreover, he also got so much popularity he released his debut album titled At Last in 2019. He was also nominated so many times and also won so many such as MTV Movie & TV Awards: Choice Movie: Villian for Beauty and Beast and in 202o he also won Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards, Man of the Year, and many more.

And when we talk about his personal life. There is nothing much to talk about his personal life as he is a little private when it comes to his personal life. Except for his birth information and schooling, nothing is yet revealed. He completed his graduation in 2000. Since then, he started his career as an actor and singer. Now when we talk about his love life, we find that his dating history is quite a long topic to discuss. As he has been in a relationship so many times.

Luke Evans’ Truth About Divorce Revealed

A couple of years ago, in 2019, Luke Evans started dating Rafael Olarra. In their initial dating months, everything was going smoothly. And they were spotted so many times at restaurants and malls as well. At that time, the couple seems deep in love with each other. In November 2019, they even attended a red carpet event together: the European premiere of Frozen 2. They even went on so many holidays together and spent a good quality time together. And as far as we know, there was a time when Luke Evans even talked about having a baby with Rafael Olarra.

Luke Evans taking a selfie with ex-partner Rafael Olarra.

But things didn’t go the way he wanted to. Later after spending around 18 months together, in late 2020, it was found that both of them unfollowed each other on their respective Instagram handles. Moreover, after removing him from his account, Luke even deleted his photos with Rafael. And at that time, Rafael also left Australia. Moreover, the couple even spent the whole summer together in England and Spain. But we can’t ignore the fact that the couple has never been married before. And we are still unsure about the reason why Luke Evans took divorce from Rafael Olarra.

But later, after a few weeks, both of them again started following each other on Instagram, but only for a few times. And currently, we believe that Luke Evans and Rafael Olarra are no more together and have filed for divorce. Let’s talk about his current love life and all his other past relationships.

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Current Relationship Status and All Past Relationships Revealed

As per the records, Luke Evans is currently single, most probably, and we assume that he is not seeing anyone right now. His main focus is on building his career. But we can’t ignore the fact that he wants kids. As he himself mentioned in an interview. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want to grow old without his kids. He wants to raise the kids and experience the feeling of the father. And we are hoping he will soon reveal the good news to the world.

Luke Evans and Victor Turpin
Luke Evans with his ex-partner Victor Turpin.

Besides that, let’s flash some light on Luke’s other past relationships and know how many times he’s been in a relationship. And as per the records, Luke has been in a relationship at least five times. His first relationship, which went viral, was with Indiana Evans. But later, everyone believed that it was a rumor. And later in 2010, everyone started rumoring that he started dating Holly Goodchild.

But later, it was found out he did not see Holly anymore. In 2014, he found out to be in a relationship with Jon Kortajarena, but we are still unsure when he broke up with Jon. After that, he started dating Victor Turpin in 2018, and he dated Victor for around one year. After breaking up with Victor, he finds out he is spending time with Rafael Olarra. Again this time, after dating for months in 2020, Luke Evans took divorce from Rafael Olarra. At last, we wish him good luck in his future. May he find the love of his life and have kids soon.

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