‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Kdrama Releases New Poster And Main Trailer Featuring Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye And Kim Ji Suk

Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Trailer
Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Trailer

Disney+ has released a new poster of their upcoming kdrama Kiss Sixth Sense and its main trailer! Finally, Yoon Kye Sung and Seo Ji Hye will be making a comeback to the small screen with a rom-com storyline. Therefore, fans are thrilled to witness how the two will showcase their dazzling chemistry on the camera. Besides Yoon Kye Sung and Seo Ji Hye, we will meet Kim Ji Suk and Lee Joo Yeon as the main leading cast of Kiss Sixth Sense. It seems love rivals will be making the whole story more entertaining!

Kiss Sixth Sense drama is adapted from the web novel of the same title by Gatnyeo. It narrates the tale of Ye Sul, who possessed a special ability to see the future of the person her lips touch. One day, she accidentally ends up kissing her evil boss Cha Min Hoo, and her vision reveals that they are together in bed in the future. How can they be together when they can’t even stand each? Therefore, Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama will be a supernatural romance comedy ride for viewers to enjoy this May 2022!

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New Poster Featuring Kiss Sixth Sense Cast

Finally, a new poster of Kiss Sixth Sense is out! Previously, Disney+ had released main character posters featuring Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye. Both leads showed sensual chemistry as the two were pretty close to kissing each other. However, this time, we have one more person on the poster, Kim Ji Suk! Seeing the second male lead in the picture, we can already predict his role. Kim Ji Suk will be playing the love-rival role of Lee Pil Yo, who is also Ye Sul’s ex-boyfriend!

Kiss Sixth Sense Kdrama Poster
Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye and Kim Ji Suk Cr: Disney+

The new Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama poster shows a glimpse of the relationship between Yoon Kye Sang (Cha Min Hoo), Seo Ji Hye (Ye Sul), and Kim Ji Suk (Lee Pil Yo). The picture reveals that Ye Sul has dropped one arm on Cha Min Hoo’s shoulder, pulling him toward her with a beautiful dazzling smile dancing on her face. Meanwhile, she uses her elbow to gently push Lee Pil Yo aside, denoting who will be in the endgame! Besides the poster, Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama has also dropped its main trailer!

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Kiss Sixth Sense Kdrama Main Trailer Is Out

A few days ago, Disney+ had dropped Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama’s two trailers. Both teasers present a short picture of the plotline. The first teaser narrates Ye Sul’s life journey revealing that she has a special ability. Thus, with her ability, Ye Sul sees the future when her lips touch that person. However, this brings her a mess of troubles! Unfortunately, she accidentally kisses her evil boss, witnessing a horrible future where she sees them in bed together in the future!

Meanwhile, the second teaser of Kiss Sixth Sense Korean drama talks about Ye Sul and Cha Min Hoo’s business relationship. It shows how both can’t even stand each other, especially Ye Sul. Due to his strict nature, Cha Min Hoo and Ye Sul have a strained work relationship. Therefore, fans will be seeing a lot of bickering moments on the screen! The second trailer also introduces a new love rival and Ye Sul’s ex-boyfriend, Lee Pil Yo. He returns to win her back and will be working at the same company along with her.

Main Teaser Narrates Ye Sul And Cha Min Hoo’s Fantasy Love Tale

Finally, Disney+ has released Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama’s main trailer! It narrates little parts of Ye Sul and Cha Min Hoo’s fantasy love story. The teaser shows strictly business but bickering chemistry between Ye Sul and Cha Min Hoo. Due to their different perspectives, the two often clash with each other. The duo even openly shows they are displeased. Nevertheless, Ye Sul and Cha Min Hoo admire each other’s work.

Everything goes smoothly until Ye Sul accidentally kisses her evil boss Cha Min Hoo! The future vision of seeing them in bed together changes their present relationship little by little. However, things turn more messed up when Ye Sul’s former boyfriend, Lee Pil Yo, enters her life to get back with her. Lee Pil Yo asks for three chances to amend their relationship. Amid the chaos, who will Ye Sul choose? The evil boss or her ex-boyfriend? Thus to find out where this supernatural love ride will take us, don’t forget to watch Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama on 25 May 2022 on Disney+.

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