Rebel Wilson starrer iconic musical comedy franchise is a fan favorite. Pitch Perfect is famous for its soundtracks, punchlines, and characters! Despite being so iconic, the second sequel did not hit the same notes as the first. Fans still watch and love the movie, but not many people know about its filming locations. Where is Pitch Perfect 2 filmed? Let’s find out!

Pitch Perfect 2 picks up from where it left. The Barden Bellas girls are loving their success post the big win at the championship. Until a big scandal disrupts everything! Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) accidentally rips her pants in the middle of an aerial act. But not just that, it happens in front of the entire college and the president of the USA.

So, the only way their reputation could be out of the woods was by winning the Acapella championship. But they have obstacles like a German musical group that’s much more classy or new commitments and of course, love life!

Pitch Perfect 2 Filming Locations

Where is the sequel musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 filmed? According to the movie, the girls go to Copenhagen for their final championship. But they did not really film there, they instead went to New Orlean’s French Quarter for the scene.

Where is Pitch Perfect 2 Filmed
Pitch Perfect 2 was filmed in New Orleans’s French Quarter.

Some of the scenes also took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The most remarkable one is the finale of the movie. Rebel Wilson shared her experience in filming in Baton Rouge in 100-degree heat. She says, “I lost ten pounds in sweat because we did the routine about 100 times. I was sweating like a bush pig those days.”

Where is Pitch Perfect 2 Filmed
The finale performance of Pitch Perfect 2

But the finale performance was epic and so worth the stress. People even flew from as far as New Zealand to witness the Barden Bella’s live performance. It was the grand finale of Pitch Perfect 2 indeed!

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What Happens In The Pitch Perfect Sequel?

After the major mishap, Barden Bellas’s reputation bites the dust. Beca (Ana Kendrick) is now the leader of the group, but the accident leads to her suspension. At this point, everyone is on their own. On one hand, Beca is busy in her internship on the other, she tries to find ways to get back in the game.

Where is Pitch Perfect 2 Filmed
Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2

Although the only way is to win the world championship, it’s tough as hell. More so with a new High-tech group called Das Sound Machine (DSM) as their opponent. Chloe (Britney Snow) takes the Bellas on a retreat to reconnect. But it turns out to be an even bigger mess. However, the girls somehow work things out but with a pact. The pact is that they go separate ways after their graduation.

Where is Pitch Perfect 2 Filmed
The girls of Pitch Perfect having fun

And if you have seen Pitch Perfect 3, you know how that goes! So, the competition is near, and the girls are set to give their best. This leads up to the iconic performance with all the Bellas together as one. The girls win the championship and repair their dragged reputation. Apart from this, some romances also bud throughout the movie – Amy & Bumper, Emily & Benji.

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The Cast and Guest Appearances

The Pitch Perfect movies are famous for their cast and special appearances. And this one also has some epic cameos, including Jimmy Kimmel, Brooklyn 99 fame Jo Lo Truglio, Robin Roberts, and many others. But the most unexpected cameo is by Barack and Michelle Obama when they see Fat Amy’s aerial malfunction. So, you can see cameos in Pitch Perfect never disappoints, and the list goes on.

Where is Pitch Perfect 2 Filmed
Snoop Dog makes a Cameo in Pitch Perfect 2

Snoop Dog, whose daughter is a fan of the movies, insisted on his cameo. And he does show up in the movie. Since this movie shows an Acapella faceoff, a real Acapella group called Pentatonix joins the cast. Apart from them, a special appearance by the Voice coaches also steals the show.

But of course, I didn’t forget the OG cast of Pitch Perfect! Anna Kendrick as Beca, Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Britney as Chloe, and the new addition, Hailey Steinfield as Emily. The other senior Bellas – Hana Mae Lee as Lily, Alexis Knapp as Stacie, and Esther Dean as Cynthia. Also, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner as Florence, Jessica, Ashley respectively.

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