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‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 1 Release Date: Is It The Beginning Of A Nightmare Or A Fairytale-Like Love Story?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1

Finally, Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1 is coming on the screen! The fantasy tale of an extraordinary office woman and a cold-hearted boss will be uncovered soon. Therefore, fans should get ready! Furthermore, we will witness the sensational chemistry between Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye. Yoon Kye Sang has given us various dramas revealing his versatile acting, such as Chocolate, The Greatest Love, The Good Wife, and many more! As for Seo Ji Hye, she has stolen millions of hearts by playing the charismatic but sweetheart character Seo Dam from Crash Landing On You!

Since Kiss Sixth Sense is a mini-kdrama, we will directly dive into the main plotline. Thus, there will be a lot of kiss scenes, and the story may be at a fast pace. After all, the kdrama is adapted from the web novel of the same title by Gatnyeo. It is also a webtoon version. Since the original work is not completed yet, there is a high chance that the drama’s plot may be different. Therefore, fans should buckle up for a crazy romantic ride that will start in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1!

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Meet Kiss Sixth Sense Drama Characters

The fantasy drama Kiss Sixth Sense narrates a tale of an office woman with an extraordinary ability. She can see the future once her lips touch other people. In this romantic supernatural story, we will meet Yoon Hye Sang, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Ji Suk, and Lee Joo Yeon.

Kiss Sixth Sense Drama Cast

Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye and Kim Ji Suk Cr: Disney+

Yoon Kye Sang as Cha Min Hoo- Cha Min Hoo is a perfectionist and Je Woo Planning’s Planning Team 1’s leader. He’s often called the god of advertising. However, he has been carrying a secret that no one knows.

Seo Ji Hye as Ye Sul- Ye Sul is a workaholic and worked for Je Won’s Planning Team. Ye Sul has a special ability where she can see the future when she kisses someone.

Kim Ji Suk as Lee Pil Yo- Lee Pil Yo is Ye Sul’s ex-boyfriend who later joins Ye Sul’s company to win her back.

What To Expect In Ep 1?

Episode 1 of Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama will introduce the main characters, Cha Min Hoo and Ye Sul. The episode will show the workaholic lifestyle and bickering chemistry between the leads that many fans are looking forward to. It will also reveal how strict and professional Cha Min Hoo is while working as the leader of Planning Team 1. Meanwhile, Ye Sul will give us a glimpse of her extraordinary ability. As we mentioned, it’ll be a mini-series. Thus, there is a high possibility that the first kiss scene will happen in Episode 1. After all, that iconic kiss is the beginning of Cha Min Hoo and Ye Sul’s love story!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1

Cha Min Hoo and Ye Sul Cr: Disney+

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However, the most anticipated part is the aftermath! How will Ye Sul react after discovering that she will end up in the same bed with her evil boss? The trailers of Kiss Sixth Sense have already revealed how she retreats after seeing that steamy vision. Therefore, Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1 will be a hilarious ride for viewers! It will unveil Cha Min Hoo’s confusion and Ye Sul’s dilemma to forget that she soon will be in the bed with her boss.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1 Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 1 will be released on 25 May 2022 at midnight on Disney+. Furthermore, it will be a mini-drama with only 12 episodes. Only one episode will release each week. Since it will be a miniseries, the story will mainly focus on the main couple’s progress. With the surprising vision that Ye Sul sees, will it be the beginning of a nightmare or a fairytale-like love story? To know how Ye Sul’s love story unfolds, don’t forget to watch every new episode of Kiss Sixth Sense drama every Wednesday.

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Ep 1 Online – Streaming Details

The kdrama Kiss Sixth Sense will be streaming on Disney+ only. So all South Korean and international viewers can watch the drama on Disney+ with English Subtitles. Ep 1 will be out on the same at 1 am in Australia. Meanwhile, it will release on 24 May 2022 at 8:30 pm in India, 4 pm in the UK, and 11 am in the USA.

Here, check out the Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama trailer-

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