Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Relationship Timeline – All To Know

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Today, we shall discuss Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Relationship Timeline. The duo has made headlines as a couple for several years, more precisely for a decade or so. It was back in 1994 when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss met each other for the very first time at a cafe. Despite having strong chemistry, their relationship was a bit on and off.

Before learning the details of their romantic relationship, let’s learn about some of their famous works. Well, Johnny Depo has gained massive prominence for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean. Also the other hit works are Minamata, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Whereas Kate Moss is a model who gained recognition after she collaborated with Calvin Klein. She is recognized as a fashion icon.

Coming back to their relationship, even if that didn’t work out well, the ‘It couple’ ended up on good terms. This was very much proved at the time of his defamation trial, where Kate defended his past relationship with Johnny. That was enough to speak about their bond. Let’s dive more into this article to learn the details of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Relationship Timeline.

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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Relationship Timeline

Starting off the discussion about Johnny Depo and Kate Moss’ Relationship Timeline, you must know from where things started and how they decided to part ways for their respective betterment. Everything is covered.


As mentioned earlier, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss met each other back in 1994. It was at the Cafe Tabac, which is situated in New York. Since started then, but the year wasn’t good for either of them. Reason? The actor was arrested in charge of smashing several pieces of furniture and glass in a hotel room, more precisely, The Mark Hotel. But Kate was asleep at that time.

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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' Relationship Timeline
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in the early days


The ‘It Couple’ was rumored to have ended up their relationship. However, nothing was confirmed by either of the parties. Like every other relationship, they too had some heated arguments.


In the following year of their rumored breakup, they were spotted together holding hands each other at the Cannes festival.


Johnny Depp confirmed that he had then parted his way with Kate Moss. He also claimed responsibility, saying that he was very much difficult to deal with. He added, saying that he let his work get in between them, and also, he admitted that he didn’t give her much attention that was needed. So, the former pair decided to move on in their respective lives for good.


After several years, Kate Moss, in an interview, shared how badly she was affected mentally after her split with Johnny Depp. However, she said that there had been no one who took care of her, but Johnny did it a bit. She spent ‘years of crying’ for the same. It was more like a nightmare to her.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' Relationship Timeline
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss


During Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, Amber Heard shared that she remembered that he had once pushed one of his ex-girlfriends down the stairs, which is more likely to be Kate Moss. On this note, the model clearly stated that the actor hasn’t harmed her anytime during their relationship. Also, she cleared out the fact the allegation that was made against Johnny Depp was purely vague. She indeed fell, but that was just because of a rainstorm and the actor had nothing to do with it.

Many of you might have gotten sad after learning about Johnny Depp’s breakup with Kate Moss. But, everything happens for a good reason, and both of them are consenting adults. So, we respect their decision. It’s good to see that they are still on good terms and have moved on pretty well. Even though the actor struggled a lot with his separation from Amber Heard, dealing with the legal issues for quite some time. However, now the verdict has been declared. Best Wishes to both Johnny Depp and Kate Moss for the upcoming days of their respective lives.

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