Jamie Foxx’s Dating History: Who is Day Shift Star Dating Currently?

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Jamie Foxx's dating history
Jamie Foxx

Here we will know about Jamie Foxx’s dating history? How many relationships have the Day Shift star had before? Was he ever married before? How many kids does he have? Most of you know Jamie as Jamie Foxx, but his real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. Jamie is an American actor, comedian, and singer. He is best known for his biographical movie titled Ray.

For the success of the film, he even won so many awards as well, including the Academy Award, British Academy Film Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, and Critics’ Choice Movie Award. After winning all these awards in 2004, he became the second actor to win all big titled awards for his best acting. Since he revealed his upcoming project, Day Shift which will release in August 2022, everyone is eagerly waiting for another bang.

Besides that, people are most curious to know what’s going on in his personal life, especially in his love life. Recently he was spotted with a mystery woman in France. Since he was spotted with the unknown woman, everyone is curious to know who that woman is and is there any love angle between them. We will also reveal Jamie Foxx’s dating history and know how many women he dated before.

Jamie Foxx’s dating history revealed

It’s finally time to reveal frequently asked questions about Jamie Foxx. That is about Jamie Foxx’s dating history. So come, let’s dig into it and know all his past relationships.

Kristin Grannis

Jamie’s first public relationship was with Kristin Grannis. Kristin Grannis is an actor who is best known as Jamie Foxx’s ex. Well, we are still not sure exactly when Kristin Grannis started dating Jamie Foxx. But their relationship at the initial stage went very well. They were madly in love with each other and spotted so many times together at movie theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and even on so many trips. Kristin even gave birth to a baby girl Anelise in 2009 with Jamie.

Jamie Foxx and Kristin Grannis
Jamie Foxx was spotted with his ex Kristin Grannis and daughter.

Later after spending a decade with each other, they both secretly started their affair with someone else. And after trying so hard to keep their relationship, they both give up. Finally, in 2013, they announced their breakup. And the major reason for their split up was Jamie’s relationship with Katie Holmes. But years later, Kristin was again spotted with Jamie in 2018. And they seemed very close to each other. But after a couple of months, they again part their ways, and as far as we know, they are no more dating each other.

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Katie Holmes

The love story of Katie and Jamie began back in 2014. The couple was first time spotted at Ron Perelman’s Apollo in the Hamptons gala in August 2014. Since then, the couple has become the talk of the town. Everyone got curious to know whether there was some love angle between them or not. Because when at the event, they seemed so close to each other and were also dancing together, holding each other hands. But when they were asked about their relationship, initially, Jamie totally denied it. He added this it is quite funny that if you are dancing with a woman, that doesn’t mean you start thinking that there is some angle between us.

Jamie Foxx dating history revealed
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted together at an award show.

But no one was ready to believe it. Especially fans didn’t stop from finding the truth. And as far as we know, the couple also spent New Year’s holiday in Miami. Surprisingly, after a couple of years, the couple itself revealed their relationship to the world. And after dating for 6 years, the couple finally called off their relationship in July 2019. Again this time, Jamie’s other relationship didn’t last forever. And the reason for their break up was later found out that, according to Katie, Jamie was disrespectful towards her.

Moreover, she also mentioned that she never liked Jamie spending time with other women. That’s why the couple started having differences, and they decided to split up for their own good. That is it all about the famous Jamie Foxx’s dating history. Moving further, let’s flash some light on his current relationship status.

Jamie Foxx’s current dating life

Now when we talk about Jamie Foxx’s current love life. There are 50-50 chances that he is again committed and why we are saying this is because recently Jamie was spotted with a mystery woman on a Yacht in the South of France. They both were very close to each other. But the name of the woman has yet to be revealed. Since then, everyone has been doubting that maybe he is again seeing someone. We wish the best for him! May he achieve heights in his career and personal life as well.

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