How To Watch ‘Between Us’ (2022) Thai Series Online?

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Between Us 2022 The Serie Where To Watch
Where To Watch Between Us (2022)?

Fans are excited to watch Win and Team’s Between Us (2022) series online! How can they not when the two had shown wonderful chemistry in the 2019 BL Until We Meet Again? Since both of them have already appeared in the parent story, there is no doubt we will get to witness their lovely chemistry once again in Between Us. Previously, Boun Noppanut and Prem Warut portrayed their characters excellently. Hence, it is exciting that they are getting a separate series that will narrate Win and Team’s love story!

Besides its parent story, Between Us (2022) has a compilation, Between Us Special, released in November 2021. The drama is directed by New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, whose previous projects include Star and Sky: Star in My Mind, Until We Meet Again Special, Make It Right both seasons, etc. Since the plot focuses on how Win and Team fall in love and become each other’s supporting pillars, fans should look forward to their heart-thumping on-screen chemistry. However, there have been no updates on when the series will premiere. Therefore, fans should keep their eyes on the news to know the latest updates of Between Us (2022) Thai BL series!

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Cast Of Between Us 

The Thai BL series Between Us (2022) is a parallel story to Until We Meet Again (2019), which has become a hot topic among online BL fans! The series stars Boun Noppanut Guntachai as Win and Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong as Team as the main leads. Meanwhile, the supporting cast members include Yacht Patsit Permpoonsavat, Oreo Puwanai Sangwan, Samantha Melanie Coates, Art Pakpoon Juanchainat, Fluke Natouch Siripongthon, and many more.

Between Us 2022 The Serie Where To Watch
Team and Win

Between Us Plot- Win And Team’s Love Story

Between Us is a romantic tale of two boys. The story narrates how Win and Team get to know each other through the swimming club. In Until We Meet Again (2019) series, Team was Pharm’s best friend as well as a member of the swimming club. Since he was often teased by Win, unknowingly, Team soon began to grow feelings for Win. Meanwhile, Win was Dean’s best friend in the same series. Like Team, Win was also a member of the swimming club and enjoyed playing with Team, whom he had a crush on.

Therefore, 2022 Between Us Thai series show how the two fall for each other and eventually develop a relationship. Furthermore, the story also reveals as their relationship grows, Win helps Team deal with his childhood trauma. Meanwhile, Team also helps Win feel wanted. Therefore, Between Us tells the heartwarming romantic story of two souls who fall for one another while healing each other’s wounds.

Between Us 2022 The Serie Where To Watch
Team and Win

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How To Watch Between Us (2022) Thai Series Online?

Finally, the Thai BL series Between Us (2022) is coming soon, and many fans want to find a way to watch it online! Although the series is not out, there are various online streaming platforms where it will be available later. Since Between Us (2022) is an iQIYi original, the series will be available on the website as well as the mobile application of iQIYI with an English Subtitle. Therefore, international fans don’t have to worry about streaming options. However, whether the series will be free of cost or will need to buy an iQIYI subscription is not mentioned yet. Furthermore, there is a possibility that iQIYI streaming may be accessible only in selected regions. Since the Thai BL series is not out yet, fans will have to wait for further updates regarding this matter.

Besides iQIYI, Between Us (2022) will also be streaming on the online platform Rakuten Viki with an English Subtitle. Furthermore, whether the series will be on a subscription plan or free of cost, only time will tell. Since many fans are excited about this Thai BL, it is predictable that the series will also be available on YouTube. Even the poster of Between Us mentioned that the series will be streaming on the official YouTube channel of Wabi Sabi with English Subtitles. Therefore, fans can watch Between Us (2022) Thai series on various online streaming platforms once it releases!

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