Will There Be A ‘My Boy’ Episode 13 Or Season 2?

my boy episode 13

The 2021 Thai BL ‘My Boy’ became the guilty pleasure of many viewers. Despite having a complicated story that had several problems of its own, it managed to draw the fans back in for every episode. Ending in September 2021, it also left the fans asking if there was going to be ‘My Boy’ Episode 13 or ‘My Boy’ Season 2. While the fans loved the actors and the characters, they found it too hard to keep up with them. Given the story’s mixed reactions, the fans still have questions about what happens after the end. The story follows Nut and Satha, two college students whose love lives have been a mess.

‘Love The Thirteen’ fame Pakoo Athiwat plays the role of Nut. While making his debut, Tawan Kanachot Worachottrakul plays the role of Satha. Along with them, ‘I’m Your King’ fame Thanachar Paosung aka Net, and Preme Supakorn, Puth Supamongko, Earth Warit Jumpanoi, Ing Tanathon Trairongvijit, and Sun Thanapon play supporting roles as the friend groups. They play Ball, Latte, Boy, Chet, Jedi, Techin, Nanon, and Home, respectively. ‘My Boy’ has been the debut drama for all the cast that might or might not make the biggest difference in the acting career of the cast.

'My Boy' episode 13
‘My Boy’ Episode 13 or Season 2: The Cast of My Boy.

What Is The Plot of ‘My Boy’?

The story of ‘My Boy’ follows a university student named Nut and his quest to fall in love again during his college life. After being cheated on by his boyfriend, who claimed to love him, Nut has built his walls high. And while Nut thought he’ll stay that way in college, life had other plans for him. As he meets his junior Satha first day back in college, things begin to change as Satha finds Nut in college and gets lost in his eyes. Snapping back to reality as his friends called him, Satha went on to be his usual self. But whatever he did, his eyes were on Nut only.

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Nut, on the other side, was thinking about his Satha also. But he was also interrupted by his friends in the middle of it. Soon he was joined by Ball whining about his usual life. The routine became usual for the two as the other characters got introduced in the show too. While Nut was still determined to spend his time alone, Satha wouldn’t leave him alone. Joining the same school club, the two ended up getting closer and thought to give it a try. But things weren’t easy as ex-boyfriends and unresolved issues made a comeback in their lives. With all the chaos, Nut and Satha try to find their way out of the past and hope to make a wonderful future.

'My Boy' episode 13
Will There Be a ‘My Boy’ Episode 13 or Season 2?

Is There Going To Be A ‘My Boy’ Episode 13 or a Season 2?

After the finale of ‘My Boy’, the viewers were hinged to the Thai BL as their guilty pleaser. Not knowing about the finale, the fans went on to search for the ‘My Boy’ Episode 13 but were left disappointed. Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a ‘My Boy’ Season 2 or Episode 13 as the story has wrapped up. ‘My Boy’ has a total of 12 episodes, with each episode having a runtime of 30 minutes. According to the viewers, the plotline of ‘My Boy’ is messy, and there’s no way that the show can manage another season.

Watch The Thai BL ‘My Boy’ Online – Streaming Details

The Thai BL ‘My Boy’ is available to watch on the streaming service ‘Line TV’ in selected regions. Despite having an average rating of 6.3 globally, the BL has gotten mixed reactions from fans. While some gave it a 3, some gave it a full 10/10. The BL has many missed opportunities with the plot and characters. Even though ‘My Boy’ is kind of a mess according to the views, the BL still manages to draw the fans back in with its charm and characters. While the actors being the rookies, tried their best to do the job, the viewers blamed the production team for all the mess in the show.

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