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Harem Protagonists – Ranked From Best To Worst

Harem anime has made its recognizable impact in the anime world and is now making its way across the ranks of anime you might want to check out. This time we will be looking at individual characters from their show, making them Harem Protagonists. We will be looking at their ranking from best to worst so that we get to see how these guys fare. 

It’s a good thing that we have a lot of anime to look at where we can get to see these guys. Most importantly, most anime have revolved around this genre, as we have seen with anime like How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and even The Rising of The Shield Hero. Even though these are at the softer end of the spectrum, they do present something good to watch. 

There are a lot of shows we can make reference to, but since we are going to list them anyway, we might as well discuss them later on in the post. Besides that, we will take half of the topic as we will also look at the bad side of these guys. So this time, it’s not only about the good guys only but also those that are miserable and did not do so well as a protagonist. 

When it comes to anime, we all know that the main character has to make it and appear as a good guy no matter what happens. All in all, it would not be a good story if the main character messes up or keep on getting things wrong in a world where things revolve around him. This is one of the reasons why guys like Subaru have the power to do things over and over again, so they get them right despite being so miserable.

Tohru Honda: Fruits Basket

Interestingly Tohru is involved in what would seem like a Reverse Harem. Most times, you would find out that the character involved in a Harem is a male. But once in a while, we have characters like Tohru who have to handle their role pretty well.

Harem Protagonists

Tohru Honda Fruits Basket

In Fruits Basket series, Tohru meets and befriends the Sohma family that is said to have the Zodiac curse, including the mysterious family head, Akito Sohma and is resolved to break the family’s curse that has been burdening them for a while. But later on, she ended up that she wanted to free Kyo out of most of them all and ended up marrying him, and they had three kids together with the oldest son, Hajime, acting as the main character in a sequel.

Shidou Itsuka: Date a Live

Shidou had no interest in the opposite sex at all from the beginning. And it was not until his little sister forced him that he became compelled and had to deal with females constantly, which came as something that he was not used to before.

Shidou Itsuka Date a Live

Shidou Itsuka Date a Live

Kotori even described the other part of Shido to be interesting, and it is a result of being abandoned by his birth mother. This had made him become very sensitive to other people’s despair, but ultimately, it is his emphasizing nature that makes him be regarded as the best person to handle the spirits.

Arata Kusuga: Trinity Seven

Being one of the carefree and cheerful harem protagonists, Arata is usually bantering and teasing her even when he is in dangerous situations. His perverted side is one not to be missed, and he is well open-minded about it, and he would simply roll with situations like that and lets himself enjoy the moment without getting worked up about it.

Harem Protagonists

Arata Kusuga Trinity Seven

One interesting side about him is the one where he views relationships in a mature way like we saw when he refused a kiss from Yui as he believed that it was something they should do once they were closer. We also saw from one OVA that he would not take advantage of girls who seem vulnerable to physical needs as he has some respect for women.

Koyomi Aragi: Monogatari Series

Interestingly, that would remind you of the events from the Tokyo Ghoul premiere. Koyomi survived a vampire attack that happened during his spring break, and he bared regained his human life afterward. Ever since, he became affiliated with Shinobu Oshino, the vampire that once attacked him, and he continues to feed her his blood.

Harem Protagonists

Koyomi Aragi Monogatari Series

This made them develop a dependent relationship with Koyomin retaining other vampire traits such as regeneration. He appears as a laid-back character, and during his spring break, where he met Tsubasa, he seemed to be asocial as he thought having friends would lower his integrity as a human.

Issei Hyoudou: High School DxD

High school DxD takes things from a different perspective, with the main characters mostly based on pieces from a chess game. Issei is one of Rias’ pawns and was later promoted to a high-class devil and became the king of his own peerage. So this sets him one step closer to fulfilling his dream and owning a harem and becoming the Harem King.

Harem Protagonists

Issei Hyoudou High School DxD

Being one of the intelligent yet good characters, he was instantly labeled as a pervert amongst the forces of the Kuoh academy, and this earned him notoriety and being one of the members of Kuoh’s academy perverted trio. Despite all this, he is courageous and selfless and is willing to protect those who are important to him. Even though he almost died at the hands of his enemies, he still retains great kindness and is caring enough to put his nose into other people’s business trying to help them.

Now on the flip side of the coin, we have guys that are the worst at being the Harem protagonists. They do try what they can, but in the end, they just turn out at the worst. The list is as follows.

Makoto Itou: School Days

Makoto’s life got more complicated when his seatmate Saionji helped him with his romantic life and set him up with Katsura. Generally, he would come across as a gentle and nice guy and would get along with girls without much trouble. But he is somewhat a loner who is not as outgoing and can be described as troublesome and depressive. 

Harem Protagonists

Makoto Itou School Days

Kurusu Kimihito: Monster Musume

Kurusu has an interesting background as a volunteer for the cultural exchange between species bills. He was assigned as a host to a Lamia named Mia, and he would then take care of her. Mia would then fall in love with him after they had been spending some time together. Later on, he was then assigned a Harpy named Papi and was also chosen by a Centaur named Centorea. 

Kurusu Kimihito Monster Musume 

Kurusu Kimihito Monster Musume

Both Papi and Centorea also proclaimed their love for him, adding to his harem, and he would also go ahead and gain two more girls who kept his harem growing. Still, this would not stop, and he would soon see Arachnea and Lala, who also moved in with him, thus completing his harem.

Kazuma Satou: Konosuba

Kazuma used to be a student from Japan who would always skip school and laze around at home playing video games. When he died in an accident, he was reincarnated into the fantasy world to defeat the demon king alongside the goddess of water, Aqua. Throughout the series, his personality becomes sarcastic and blunter. He also becomes more pessimistic about his new life as he discovers the harsh reality of being an adventurer as he used to do low-paying but life-threatening work.


Kazuma Satou: Konosuba

Fuutarou Uesugi: The Quintessential Quintuplets

Appearing as a serious and hardworking high school student and a prodigy at the top of his grade. Futuro took on the offer to tutor the Nakano quintuplets because of his family’s perpetual poverty. At some point in the series, he would then marry one of the quintuplets but with a mysterious identity as the quintuplets are all identical except to the reader.

Fuutarou Uesugi The Quintessential Quintuplets

Fuutarou Uesugi The Quintessential Quintuplets

Tsukune Aono: Rosario + Vampire

When Tsukune became a member of the school’s newspaper club, he would then later befriend several monster girls like Kurono, Sendo, and Tojo, who would later have all of them become infatuated with him and end up forming an unwanted harem. He also made friends with several male monsters, and they supported his belief that monsters and humans can live together and be more than just enemies.

Tsukune Aono Rosario + Vampire

Tsukune Aono Rosario + Vampire

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