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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 14 Release Date: Is Luis’s Step-Sister The Lookalike Of The Dead Jin Ha?

green mothers club episode 14

If you’re getting restless about the release of Green Mothers’ Club Episode 14, then you’re not the only one! This k-drama which started off with low viewership ratings of around 2.5%, has shot up to 4.4% on the Korean nationwide scale. Furthermore, viewers are very acknowledging the scriptwriter Shin Yi Won’s special talent to hurl so many twists at the audience while maintaining a subtlety that separates the drama from going into the makjang territory.

The way Lee Eun Pyo handles her sensitive genius kid Dong Seok can be infuriating, just as it was when we saw Byeon Chun Hui run her tyranny over her kids. But both the mothers sobered up after witnessing the grave psychological damage their actions had hurled on their kids. Furthermore, the friendship of Eun Pyo and Chun Hui is back on track as they often crossed paths while taking their kids to the same Counseling Clinic, “WeChild”.

Viewers are now hopeful that Eun Pyo will help Chun Hui get out of her tense household situation for her own good as well as her children’s. But will police Jung Jae Woong (Eun Pyo’s husband) arrest Chun Hui because of her peddling illegal sedatives? In this article, we will let you know more about the fan theories and the release date of Episode 14 of Green Mothers’ Club, airing on JTBC.

Reconciliation of Eun Pyo & Chun Hui

Eun Pyo finds out that the real reason for her older son Dong Seok’s selective mutism is her burdening him with excessive studying as an excuse for “honing his genius,” and while she feels heartbroken over his sorry state, she can’t seem to stop shouting at him at the top of his lungs whenever he cowers in hiding.

green mothers club episode 14

Dong Seok and Yu Bin.

Meanwhile, Chun Hui takes her daughter Yu Bin to the counselor as soon as she finds her habit of compulsive lying becoming more prominent. Furthermore, we find out that in the past, when Chun Hui worked as a nurse, she had taken the brunt of medical malpractice done by doctor Ju Seok on the condition that he would marry him.

Chun Hui and Eun Pyo went on an impromptu camping trip (which, in reality, was Chun Hui escaping the pimp who supplied her with clients to give sedatives to). There, Dong Ju suffers from a peanut allergy attack, and with no way out, Chun Hui busts out her bag of drugs and gives him the required injection. And this is how Eun Pyo finds out about Chun Hui’s credentials.

green mothers club episode 14

Dong Ju unconscious because of his peanut allergy.

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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 14 Release Date & Preview

Green Mothers’ Club Episode 14 will be released on 19th May 2022, at 10:30 PM KST (Thursday). According to other time-zones, it’s 7 PM IST, 11:30 PM AEST, and 8:30 AM EST. With the shock of Jin Ha appearing back in Green Mothers’ Club not as a flashback but as a living, breathing being, the discussion surrounding the show can’t help but get rabid with fan theories.

One of the most popular ones is by a journalist for Newsen Korea, and it goes like this: the woman who came to South Korea is not Jin Ha, but Luis’s step-sister from France. According to the theory, and from the episode preview where we can see Luis and the woman embracing each other intimately, it is said that Luis has actually been in love with her step-sister all along! And all those years ago, when he was dating Lee Eun Pyo, he got shocked when he first laid eyes on Jin Ha because she looked exactly like his estranged sister. Thus pursuing a romantic relationship with her from then now.

green mothers club episode 14

Eun Pyo and Chun Hui.

But when Luis’s adoptive parents died, the only hurdle keeping Luis and his step-sister Leah Bunuel also vanished. And along with it went away whatever crumb of feelings Luis had left for Jin Ha. According to this theory, the reason for Jin Ha’s mental degeneration was because she knew about all this and also that Luis was trying to run away with her son Henry to be with Leah.

Now this theory is absolutely bonkers, but it also has some ground to stand on because the luggage case of the lookalike of Seo Jin Ha had “Leah Bunuel” written on the name tag. Hence, we can do nothing but wait for Ep 14 of Green Mothers’ Club to find out how much of the speculations will ring true.

Watch Green Mothers’ Club Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

After the episode finishes airing on JTBC, interested viewers can stream The Green Mothers’ Club Ep 14 on Netflix with subtitles in many languages.

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