Get To Know The Nmixx Members! Who Are The Members Of JYP’s Newest Girl Group?

Get To Know The Nmixx Members
Nmixx cr: Otakukart

Kpop is an ever-growing industry, with new Kpop boy groups and girl groups debuting nearly every second. In order to become famous the competition is very high. However, the Kpop girl group Nmixx stole our hearts with their debut itself. The fact that they debuted under SQU4D, which is a part of JYP that has given us phenomenal Kpop groups such as Miss A and Wonder Girls, was definitely an asset. On the 9th of July in 2021, JYP announced that it would be debuting a girl group with seven members named Nmixx.

Furthermore, Nmixx had huge shoes to fill because the last girl group that JYP debuted was Itzy in 2019, and they are known as the monster rookies. The members of Nmixx were introduced through dance videos and song covers, and each time fans fell in love. With their debut album titled Ad Mare, Nmixx members have proven their talent and vocals, and fans are dying to get to know more about them. In this article, we will be telling you all about the members of JYP’s new girl group, Nmixx.

Get To Know The Nmixx Members:

1. Haewon

Oh Hae Won, more popularly known as Haewon, is the leader of the Nmixx members. Additionally, Haewon has vocals and visuals that will blow you away. She was born in Incheon on the 25th of February in 2003. Moreover, Haewon has been singing ever since she was a young girl and trained for four years before debuting as a Nmixx member. Haewon is also good at speaking in English.

Nmixx members
Haewon cr: JYP

2. Lily

Lily is a Korean American, and her full name is Lily Morrow. Furthermore, she was born on the 17th of October in 2002 in Marysville, Australia. Lily was a contestant in Kpop Star Season 4 and won 4th place, which earned her a contract with JYP. Moreover, Lily was actually going to debut as a member of ITZY in 2019. Her position in the group is a vocalist. Lily has revealed that she is a fan of the former JYP boy group GOT7 and identifies Taylor Swift as her inspiration. This talented girl can also speak Japanese along with Korean and English.

who are the Nmixx members
Lily cr: JYP

3. Sullyoon

Seol Yoon A is more popularly known by her stage name Sullyoon. This beautiful girl was born in Daejeon on the 26th of January in 2004. Sullyoon has one of the most interesting portfolios among the Nmixx members. She slayed her auditions for major companies such as YG Entertainment, Fantagio, and TS. Moreover, Sullyoon has also trained under Woolim Entertainment. Not only is she talented and good-looking, but Sullyoon is also very smart. She is majoring in Broadcasting and Entertainment from Hanlim Multi Arts High School. Sullyoon was going to debut as a member of Rocket Punch. She describes herself as a hamster and would like to have a puppy as a pet.

Sullyoon cr: JYP

4. Jinni

A triple threat among the Nmixx members! Choi Yun Jin is more popularly known by her stage name Jinni. She was born in Busan on the 16th of April in 2004. Jinni is exceptional at dancing, singing, AND rapping. She joined JYP Entertainment in 2016. Moreover, you may also recognize her as the beautiful girl in 2 PM NIchkhun’s Lucky Charm music video. Jinni is also good friends with ITZY’s Yeji. She wants to raise a puppy with fellow bandmate Sullyoon.

Jinni cr: JYP

5. Bae

Bae Jin Soon is not just known as Bae but has also become all our bae with her killer dance moves and vocals. Additionally, she was born on the 28th of December in 2004. Just like Sullyoon, Bae Jin Soon is also studying at Hanlim Multi Arts High School. Ba Jin Soon made an appearance on the JYP Trainee Homecoming showcase in 2019. She is the tallest among Nmixx members. Bae has stated Dua Lipa and ITZY as her favorite artists.

Bae cr: JYP

6. Jiwoo

Kim Ji Woo was born on the 13th of April in 2005. Furthermore, Jiwoo is a rapper, vocalist, and dancer. Jiwoo was a student in DASTREET DANCE which explains her amazing dance moves. She is an only child.

Nmixx members
Jiwoo cr: JYP

7. Kyujin

The maknae among Nmixx members is Jang Kyu Jin. She was born on the 26th of May in 2006. Although she is the maknae, other members describe her as the mom of the group due to her caring nature. Kyujin is good at speaking in English. She has an unusual talent for dividing her tongue into two parts.

Kyujin cr: JYP

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