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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 13 Release Date: Is Seo Jin Ha Back From The Dead?

green mothers club episode 13

As we head closer to the release of Green Mothers’ Club Episode 13, viewers can’t help but wonder what more of the nauseating secrets of the inhabitants of Sanghwi Dong remain to be disclosed. Of course, after a week of Eun Pyo and Chun Hui trying to navigate their children’s psychological distresses fooled the viewers into thinking we are in for a smooth ride from now on. But again, the writer of Green Mothers’ Club comes up with ways to shock us, all the while maintaining a realistic portrayal of the characters she has sketched out.

The scriptwriter of the show is receiving endless praise for the careful fleshing out of characters like Young Mi, who is a “woke” mother who, as a hypocrite, keeps on defending her husband who is abusive to his step-kids, all the while maintaining an image of trying to do activism work for the betterment of the future of those very children. Meanwhile, Eun Pyo’s fallacies as a parent have come into the spotlight as her kid’s selective mutism turns out to be a result of her pushing his limits of studying. Let’s find out in this article all about the preview of episode 13 of Green Mothers’ Club.

Young Mi, Her Husband, And His Muse

So, Young Mi uses her spying skills to find out her husband’s computer password and finds out Seo Jin Ha’s nudes that seemed to have been photographed by him in a folder titled “Muse”. She confronts him about it and also about the numerous instances of abuse he has had been hurling at her kids.

green mothers club episode 13

Young Mi is reduced to tears by Gun Woo.

Gun Woo shamelessly says that Jin Ha was his muse and the subject of his articles, while Young Mi is his companion and support system. Furthermore, he says that he slept with her and that a woman like her deserved to die anyway. Gun Woo concludes the fight by saying that the most important thing for Young Mi is only her perceived reputation anyway.

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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 13 Release Date & Episode Preview

Green Mothers’ Club Episode 13 will release on 18th May 2022, at 10:30 PM KST (Wednesday). The time according to other zones, is 7 PM IST, 11:30 PM AEST, and 8:30 AM EST. Fans were hit with a double whammy by the end of this week’s Green Mothers’ Club episode as first. We find out that a nude of Seo Jin Ha is getting circulated by a person she apparently had an affair with. Then we see a mysterious woman with short hair coming out of Incheon Airport, and then as she turns out is revealed to be Seo Jin Ha herself!

In the preview for Episode 13 of Green Mothers’ Club, we see all the mothers find out about Seo Jin Ha’s nudes spread all over the internet. Meanwhile, Lee Eun Pyo is furiously telling somewhere whether they know how big of a crime this is and that it falls under the criminal offense of defamation of the deceased. Eun Pyo demands to know where they got the photo from the person she is talking to.

green mothers club episode 13

Gun Woo reveals his relation with Jin Ha to Young Mi.

We see Gun Woo being distressed over a phone call, and we hear people wondering whether he was Jin Ha’s lover or not. Everybody is spreading rumors about Jin Ha having an affair. Then, we see Gun Woo and Jin Ha’s husband, Luis Bunuel, meeting each other – Luis tells Gun Woo to handle matters as soon as possible since he doesn’t want his wife’s personal life to be disclosed or discussed any further.

Meanwhile, Gun Woo asks his wife, Young Mi, whether she knows Lee Eun Pyo. Young Mi is frustrated because Gun Woo said he would take care of matters as fast as possible. Eun Pyo is furious at Young Mi because of what she is doing to the reputation of a deceased woman, as we see her confront Young Mi in a hall full of people.

green mothers club episode 13

Supposedly dead Seo Jin Ha rocking a breathing body and a new haircut!

On the other hand, Chun Hui advises Eun Pyo not to get involved in the case any further. Luis also begs Eun Pyo to stop making things more complicated than they already are as they sit together in a car. Finally, we see Luis meeting the short-haired Seo Jin Ha as she runs to his embrace.

Watch Green Mothers’ Club Episode 13 Online – Streaming Details

After airing on JTBC, viewers can stream Ep 13 of The Green Mothers’ Club on the online platform Netflix with subtitles in a language of their choice.

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