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Essex Serpent Filming Locations Revealed

Essex Serpent Filming Locations
Essex Serpent

Essex Serpent premiered on May 13, 2022, and now the movie is becoming popular for its storyline and concept. Moreover, this period drama was released on Apple TV+. Well, the drama is all about the Victorian era. The best part of this show would be its plot. And guess what? The whole drama is based on Sarah Perry’s novel. On the other hand, the filming locations of Essex Serpent garnered more attention and prominence through this drama. Well, as of now, only three episode are released. Since it is a mini-series, the drama will premiere around six episodes in total.

The final episode will premiere on June 10, 2022. Viewers of Essex Serpent are desperately waiting for the arrival of all the episodes. Since everyone wants to know what’s going to happen next? Well, Essex Serpent and its filming locations grabbed a lot of interest since the novel highlighted several inquisitive sights. Even though it is a love story, the drama puts more emphasis on the scientific and supernatural parts of the book. But to know the actual context, you must watch the whole drama first! As of now, viewers need to wait for the final episodes to release.

Plot Summary

When it comes to the plot summary of Essex Serpent, very unusual and complex. But if you watch it carefully, you’ll understand that the story is pretty interesting. Well, the whole show surrounds the life of a widow, Cora Seaborne, and Pastor Will Ransome. These roles are portrayed by Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston. On the other hand, Cora just lost her husband, but she is saved from an abusive man. So to make more from her life, she sets out on an adventure.

Essex Serpent Filming Locations

Essex Serpent: Claire Danes as Cora Seaborne and Tom Hiddleston as Will Ransome

Wherein the mystical details of Essex attract her. Being an archaeologist, she was always interested in discovering fossils of various creatures. But Essex had several things in store for her. As she was mainly looking forward to knowing more about the whereabouts of the Serpent that people have been talking about these days. While many people were dead serious about the Serpent’s existence, Will wasn’t. But Cora’s arrival provides the villagers with more reasons to believe in the superstitious phenomena. To be more precise, the drama was all set to release in the year 2020.

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But Covid restrictions made it very difficult for the creators to come up with the series soon. Well, when it comes to Cora, no one is happy with her thoughts about the mysterious sea dragon. But still, she wants to get more information from this news. Even though Cora is trying to dig all information for scientific purposes, the villagers are not on the same page. They instantly began connecting her with the incident. Well, the ending of the first episode creates more doubts in the minds of the villagers. Since they all discover the rotting body of a little girl.

Essex Serpent Filming Locations

Speaking of the filming locations of Essex Serpent, it attracted many fans because of its authenticity. Well, to maintain it, the creators of this period drama took the majority of the filming locations to London’s Gunnersbury Park Museum. To be more precise, the creators revealed many details about the filming of this drama as well.

As per them, the shooting began in 2021. They’ve made sure that every location has a historic connection to it. Since the entire era was different. Well, it was difficult for them to bring out the effects of that period.

Essex Serpent premiered in the year 2022

The filming locations of Essex Serpent – North Fambridge, England

But still, this didn’t stop the creators from achieving the best result. Apart from the museum, it is filmed in several other locations like Maldon – wherein they made sure that the black water marshes were filmed in the Promenade Park. Moreover, several villages were taken in as well. Scenes of cottages from North Fambridge became a part of this show. And guess what? The characters of this show were changed at the last moment. Since Keira Knightley left the show abruptly. Claire Danes replaced her, and then Tom Hiddleston became a part of this show as well. As of now, viewers are waiting to know more about the mystical creature.

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