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Who Is Eric Stonestreet’s Girlfriend In 2022? Net Worth & Earnings (Updated)


Updated 11/09/2022: 

It was in the mid of 2016, more precisely in June, when Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer started dating each other. The duo met during the Big Slick charity event weekend in Kansas City. Since then, both have been enjoying spending time together and appear to be very happy. Moreover, on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show, he praised Lindsay, saying that he is a big baby and she calms him down whenever needed. The actor addressed himself as a high-strung person. 

Last year, on 22 August, the actor made the news of their engagement official on his Instagram account. Even Lindsay flaunted her engagement ring and people could figure out her happiness. He also shared that Lindsay’s twin children also helped him with the proposed plan. It was very evident how friendly he is. 

Eric Stonestreet's Partner

Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer

As far as the rumors of Eric Stonestreet’s sexual orientation is concerned, people suspected him of being inclined toward men. But what led to this? Well, it was him playing the role of a gay person in Modern Family. But, the rumors turned out to be false and baseless. On this note, Eric Stonestreet commented that he is “straight.” This was also got proved after the news of his engagement came out in public. 

Several questions arose about why Eric proposed to Lindsay after five years of dating. That was when he realized that he would not find a better partner than Lindsay. So, it lately made some sense. It was indeed a very “special moment” for both Eric and Lindsay. The actor also shared that his fiancee is very understanding and loving toward him. What else does a person look for in his or her partner? Do you know what the common thing between them is? Both of them appreciate pig farming. Little did you know that Lindsay’s father was also involved with the pig business.

Original Article: Eric Allen Stonestreet is an American Actor and Comedian. He became famous for his role as Cameron Tucker in ABC Mockumentary Modern Family‘. He had three nominations, out of which he won two Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Eric got recognition through his series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Eric was born in Kansas City. Due to his immense fame, fans started looking for his dating whereabouts. In 2016, he was dating Lindsay Schweitzer. Are they still together? Let’s find out.

However, as a child, he always wanted to become a clown. He created a character named Fizbo, and by the age of eleven, he started attending birthday parties of other kids dressed as a clown. He never knew how did he come up with that name. Eric got it printed on his business cards and also has a clown character named Fizbo in Modern Family. Eric was a part of a football commercial campaign as the ‘Purple Pride Guy’. He’s also worked in TV shows like The Mentalist, Dharma and Greg, Party of Five, and many more. Eric also received three Golden Globe Nominations for his acting.

In 2017, Eric was the host for the ABC reality series Toy Box. Later that year, he made an appearance in Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber‘s song ‘Stuck With You’. Eric always believed that his role as an actor played a huge emphasis over his fans if it could make them laugh. Stonestreet is a graduate of Piper high school and Kansas State University. He spent two years in his theatrical work in Chicago and then moved to Los Angeles to continue his acting career. Eric is a constant supporter of the LGBTQ community.

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Eric Stonestreet’s Girlfriend: Is he still together with Lindsay Schweitzer?

Eric Stonestreet is still dating his girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer. Lindsay Schweitzer is a Pediatric Nurse. It was first reported in ‘People Magazine’ in 2017, that the Modern Family actor is in a serious relationship! Their dating story came to light after they met at the Big Slick Charity Event in Kansas City in 2016. He was dating Katherine Tokarz and Charlize Theron in the past. At the Ellen DeGeneres show, he talked about Lindsay stating that she always calms his nerves, as he is a high-strung person, to which Ellen further continued that she met her girlfriend and found her to be a very lovely person.

Who is Eric Stonestreet dating

From the Instagram handle of Eric Stonestreet.

Eric recently shared a piece of exciting news with the fans on his Instagram. The power couple is finally engaged! Their comments were quickly filled with all the former members of the Modern Family giving them best wishes for their engagement. Not even a week, yet people are heavily criticizing him, stating that he’s too old for marriage. But, guess what, the actor will not let this slide without a little bit of fun in there.

On 25th August, Eric reshared his photos, but with a twist. He edited his fiance’s face to look like an old woman and gave a hilarious caption to his post which said, that he can’t help if she looks so good even at the age of 42, so he fixed the problem. People went crazy in his comments because it was the best comeback for haters. As per reports, Lindsay’s exact age has not been released yet. Despite everything, the couple looks extremely happy together!

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Eric Stonestreet’s Net Worth

Eric Stonestreet has an estimated net worth of around $23 million. From 2014-2015 his salary per episode of the Modern Family was $190,000, but as the show became tremendously successful, his income became $500,000. In 2005, Eric worked in the Michael Bay film’ The Island,’ and it crossed over $160 million. He also gave voiceovers for the animated film, The Secret Life Of Pets, followed by its sequel, which also grossed over $875 million and 430 million, respectively.

Who is Eric Stonestreet dating?

Eric Stonestreet.

In April 2020, Eric went on a show called ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and won $125,000 for the Kansas City Charity for Autism. Eric paid $540,000 for a home in Valley Village, California, and also got a 1,635-square-foot house in Studio City for $730,000 and eventually sold it for $1.1 million after a few months. It’s amazing to know that he has given 20 years of his life to this industry and has completed over 40 projects.

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